Lithuanian Sports Vocab: #1 Best Guide To Sports Culture

Want to learn some interesting facts about the top-end sportas in Lithuania? Then this blog is right at your service. With multiple Lithuanian sports vocab and points, get ready to explore the fantastic Lithuanian world and its fascinating realities in today’s post!

Sportas, or sports in Lithuanian, is quite an interesting subject to talk about. The exquisite Baltic country is among the popular countries with a great affinity for well-known sports like basketball and football. However, the active sports people of Lithuania do not just deliver exceptional athletic skills in those two sports. The locals also duly anticipated other competitive sports, such as athletics, swimming, and cycling. Ready to get to know the basic Lithuanian vocabulary as well as the sports culture in the country?

If you are eager to consume more information about the Lithuanian language, let’s get started!

Lithuanian sports vocab

Lithuanian Sports Vocab And Facts

Other than Lithuanian regions with landscapes, water views, flatlands, and forests, Lithuanians also speak Sportas in the most enthusiastic way possible. So, let us get in touch with some sports vocabulary in Lithuanian and explore some of the amusing sports facts.


Without any doubt, Krepšinis is the first word you should learn by heart. Krepšinis is the translation of the word basketball in the Lithuanian language, and it is one of the most popular buzzwords you will hear once you visit the Lithuanian playground. Basically, basketball is “life” for the young sportspersons throughout the city. 

Despite the petite size of the population in the Lithuanian territory, the devotion to basketball has made the players one of the most important forces of sport in the entire European region. The Lithuanian basketball Team usually are credited with one of the notable titles such as “Great Power,” in the top 10 of the FIBA national team ranking.


Apart from Krepšinis enthusiasts, Futbolas is the locals’ second most favored and loved game. Once you behold the players’ skills, you cannot deny but have to accept the true sign of sportsmanship that shines bright in the eyes and muscles of the players. The Lithuanian National Football team represents Lithuania in international games and is provided with the Lithuanian Football Federation services.

Such intended production of party interested facilities to the groups present the zeal of sports in the talented place. However, it is still far behind what we see in Basketball related to facilities and services.

Lengvoji atletika

Athletics rank up next on the gaming and sporting ladder in Lithuania. No matter where you search on the internet, you will encounter the hype about athletics. lengvoji atletika is the word for athletic in the Lithuanian language, and it is one vocabulary you should know!

The officials of the sports commission of Lithuania accept The Athletic Federation of Lithuania as the sporting commission that enables services and compensates the activities related to lengvoji atletika. One prime example of athletics being a pure tradition of the locals is vibrant in the Lithuanian Indoor Championships. It is an annual indoor track and field competition, with the Federation having the upper hand in giving consent to decide on its system laws and security.


Folks that love swimming, put your cool swimsuits on as Lithuania has a lot of places to inspire you to go bask in the local pools. Swimming is given equal attention and love in Lithuania as basketball and athletics. Plaukimas, the word for swimming in the local language, is more of a fun activity than a championship task for most learners. It is especially proven with the Aukštaitija National Park activities.

Preferences are given to activities such as a challenge to swim across the Tauragnas, the deepest lake located in the Aukštaitija National Park, and even the Baltic Sea of Lithuania stands as a perfect example of fun activities as tourists indulge in many swimming and beach activities. In fact, once you land in Lithuania, the beach of the Baltic Sea filled with sports and food should be a place marked on your bucket list.

Dviračiu Sportas

It goes without saying if you love cycling, you will fall in love with Lithuania. Lithuania is famous for its most beautiful cycling routes from Curonian Lagoon to the capital, Vilnius. Dviračiu Sportas, the Lithuanian vocabulary for cycling, is a complete wonder in Lithuania, primarily because of its beautiful landscapes and flat countryside, making the entire place a mesmerizing and attractive site for cyclists.

So, if you love the two wheels of a bike, do not miss out on the quality bike trails and forget to create memories that will last forever.

Ledo Ritulys

To amaze you more with some fascinating news, Ledo Ritulys, known as ice hockey, is also a pretty popular sport in Lithuania. Locals love to watch and give company to ice hockey players and cheer for them.

Although basketball stands as the second religion of the locals, it is pretty acceptable to deviate from one sport and enjoy the diversity of sports in Lithuania. However, most teams are weak at sports like ice hockey and rugby, and people usually prefer watching foreign matches.


Rankinis, the Lithuanian vocabulary for Handball, is another most anticipated game in the talented state. The Lithuanian national Handball team competes in international tournaments and has gained quite a name in many matches against other influential players.

Such sports engagements speak a ton regarding Lithuania’s passion and love for games and sports. So, if you are a true sportsman, too, you will love the vibe out there.

Lithuanian sports vocab

Other Sports In The Lithuanian Language

ArcheryŠaudymas iš lanko

Sports In Lithuania

Lithuania is one of the Baltic countries out of the three states standing, located in the Nothern part of Europe. While it was a part of the Russian Empire until 1918, it got its freedom soon after to become a part of the Soviet Union in 1940. Given its long history, the country’s culture on sports reflects the interest of the other countries bordering Lithuania, too. 

Ever since, Lithuania has been caught up with what it does best: sports. Lithuanian basketball players have been buzzing since the 1930s and have participated in international tournaments, World Championships, and even the Olympics. Professional athletes and players are trained and provided educational services by the Lithuanian Academy of Physical Education. There are almost 80 Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations that look after and take account of the conditions of the Lithuanian athletes.

Basketball is unofficially, yet believed to be, the national sport of Lithuania. There are actually tons of sports clinics and schools that specialize in training students for basketball. More often than not, these schools give scholarship opportunities to students with the potential to play professionally. In fact, most of the money concerning sports contributed by the sport’s government goes directly to basketball, and even the official investments try to protect and enhance the basketball culture. 

Therefore, if you visit Lithuania, you will witness a sports culture that mainly revolves around basketball.  And for you to show your genuine appreciation and love for their activity, what can be better than uttering some native words along with the locals? In fact, some facts would definitely help you ease up your Lithuanian tour.

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