#1 Amazing Guide To Lithuanian Vocabulary

Lithuanian Vocabulary

Get ready for a linguistic adventure that’ll make your journey to Lithuania even more epic! Imagine having the magical key to unlock not just doors but genuine local connections and authentic experiences. That’s the power of learning Lithuanian vocabulary—the heart and soul of the Baltic nation’s language scene.

Sure, it’s super handy for everyday stuff like ordering delicious Lithuanian dishes or finding your way around the charming streets of Vilnius.

But wait!

Learning the Lithuanian language is also like waving a cultural wand that shows how much you dig Lithuania’s amazing heritage. Plus, using Lithuanian phrases isn’t just about smoother convos; it’s about embracing Lithuania’s language history and their traditions in a whole new way.

Whether you’re savoring street food or exploring the serene landscapes of Trakai, rocking some Lithuanian vocab opens doors to a deeper, richer adventure in this mesmerizing land. So let’s turn those unfamiliar sounds into your personal passport to the heart of Lithuania’s awesomeness!

Lithuanian Common Phrases And Expressions

Basic Greetings In Lithuanian

These friendly phrases aren’t just words – they’re your passport to cultural adventures and awesome connections. No language barrier can stand in your way when you’re armed with these simple greetings.

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Good morningGeros dienos
Good afternoonGeros popietės
Good eveningGeros vakaro
How are you?Kaip jums sekasi?
I’m fine, thank you.Aš gerai, ačiū.
What’s your name?Koks jūsų vardas?
My name is…Mano vardas…
GoodbyeViso gero
Thank youAčiū
Excuse meAtsiprašau
Friends meeting and greeting in the street

Shopping Vocabulary In Lithuanian

Step beyond transactions and dive into the heart of Lithuania’s markets, where these phrases become your golden tickets to engaging with vendors and fellow shoppers in Lithuania!

Where is the nearest store?Kur artimiausia parduotuvė?
How much does this cost?Kiek tai kainuoja?
Can I get a discount?Ar galiu gauti nuolaidą?
Do you have this in a different color?Ar turite tai kitokia spalva?
Could you help me find…?Gal galėtumėte man padėti rasti…?
I’m just browsing, thank you.Aš tik žiūrinėju, ačiū.
Can I try this on?Ar galiu išbandyti šį?
I’ll take it.Aš paimsčiau tai.
Is this on sale?Ar tai yra išpardavime?
Can you wrap this as a gift, please?Ar galite supakuoti tai kaip dovaną, prašau?
Do you accept credit cards?Ar priimate kreditines korteles?
Is there a fitting room?Ar yra išbandymo kabina?
Can I get a receipt, please?Ar galėčiau gauti kvitą, prašau?
Woman with shopping bags

Ordering Food In Lithuanian

From savoring local dishes to bonding over bites of food, you’re embracing Lithuania’s food culture and weaving connections that go beyond the plate with these words! Learn how to order food in Lithuanian, and you’ll even catch the pattern of how Lithuanians grab a bite each day.

Don’t forget to say thank you in Lithuanian every aftermeal!

I would like to order, please.Norėčiau užsakyti, prašau.
Can I have the menu, please?Ar galėčiau gauti meniu, prašau?
I’ll have… [dish name].Aš pasirinksiu… [patiekalo pavadinimas].
Is this dish spicy?Ar šis patiekalas aštrus?
Can I get that to go, please?Ar galėčiau gauti tai pakuotėje, prašau?
I’m allergic to [ingredient]. Does this dish contain it?Aš alergiškas [ingredientui]. Ar šis patiekalas jį turi?
Could I have some water, please?Ar galėčiau gauti vandens, prašau?
Could we get the check/bill, please?Ar galėtume gauti sąskaitą, prašau?
Restaurant in Vilnius city, Lithuanian

Directions In Lithuanian

Embrace the language of directions, and you’re not just finding your way; you’re becoming a geography guru and a part of Lithuania’s friendly vibe. So, gear up, dive into city escapades, and let words be your adventure compass! After learning these direction phrases, you can even try and go on board by knowing some transport vocabulary in Lithuanian, too.

English PhraseLithuanian Phrase
Excuse me, can you help me find…?Atsiprašau, ar galite man padėti rasti…?
How do I get to…?Kaip nueiti į…?
Is it far from here?Ar tai toli nuo čia?
Which way should I go?Kuriuo keliu man eiti?
Is there a [place] near here?Ar yra [vieta] netoli čia?
Can you give me directions?Ar galite man duoti nurodymus?
Is this the right road to…?Ar tai teisingas kelias į…?
I’m lost.Aš pasiklydau.
Lost tourist asking for help from a pedestrian

Other Common Lithuanian Vocabulary

Numbers In Lithuanian

Get ready to count the Lithuanian way – it’s like a numerical adventure! Grab those digits, bridge the talk gap, and step into a world where numbers are your passport to the heart of Lithuania!

1 – onevienas
2 – twodu
3 – threetrys
4 – fourketuri
5 – fivepenki
6 – sixšeši
7 – sevenseptyni
8 – eightaštuoni
9 – ninedevyni
10 – tendešimt

Family Vocabulary In Lithuanian

Chatting with locals about family using these gems creates connections that zoom past language barriers. It’s not just about words; it’s about embracing their traditions with a high-five to respect. Go on and blend into the Lithuanian tapestry, and watch friendships bloom in the language of laughter, stories, and shared moments! Here are some of the few Lithuanian vocabulary for family that you should try to remember!


Colors In Lithuanian

Nailing colors lets you talk about the world in a way that high-fives locals, bridging gaps without words. So whether you’re gazing at Vilnius’s stunning sights or chatting about art, knowing colors in Lithuanian adds a splash of adventure!


Shapes In Lithuanian

Get ready to shape-shift your Lithuanian journey into a whole new level of fun! From crafty traditions to swanky designs, knowing shapes in Lithuanian adds a pop of culture to your chats.


Words For Compliments In Lithuanian

Compliments aren’t just words; they’re connection boosters. They work like a charm, no matter where you’re from. Cheer up a buddy or admire epic views using these compliments in Lithuanian to bring smiles and warmth to your chats.


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