5+ Best Lithuanian Emergency Phrases For Tourists

Whether you are traveling to another country or simply taking a quick trip locally, safety should always be a priority. Basically, we do not know when life can strike us in the wrong direction. So, help yourself with important Lithuanian emergency phrases like kur jūs mane vedate (Where are you taking me?) and Ar aš areštuojamas? (Am I under arrest?) to face any unwanted situation. Although Lithuania is known for being a peaceful country, getting used to some of the essential words and expressions will undoubtedly help you out of any sticky situation. Ready to learn more? Let’s get started!

Why Learn Lithuanian Phrases

If you are unsure about learning some basic phrases related to emergencies in the Lithuanian language, below are some reasons that will clear all your doubts.

  1. Emergencies can happen at any time! Even if you make different plans, life has a way of getting in between and surprising us. In the case of Lithuania, the country is generally safe but be aware that the crime rates are at a moderate level. For this reason, we highly advise female travelers to refrain from staying out very late at night and avoiding areas where they might come across intoxicated people. If ever you happen to meet a suspicious person, having knowledge of the Lithuanian expressions for emergencies will come in handy. 
  2. Are you planning to migrate to Lithuania? The first problem for many immigrants is that there might be a language barrier. But with some knowledge of basic Lithuanian phrases and words, you will surely overcome that within months.
  3. While many can speak English, you must remember that only 30% of the adult population is proficient in this language. Realistically speaking, you cannot choose who you can ask for help if ever you run into trouble. So if the only adult near you does not speak English, it will be tough for them to understand what you mean and how they can help you. 

Now that we know how essential it is to learn Lithuanian before we start our journey let’s dive right into the words and expressions in this language in the next section.

Lithuanian Emergency Phrases

Lithuanian emergency phrases

General Emergency-Related Phrases

1. Padėk man! (Help me!)

The phrase Padėk man! can be used whenever you need something. It is one of the common Lithuanian expressions that will help signal the locals that you are in an urgent situation, avoiding delay in any necessary help due to language barriers. In an utterly critical condition, you can scream Padėk man! to grab immediate attention.

2. Ar galite man padėti? (Can you help me!)

Another way to seek help politely is Ar kas nors gali man padėti. The only difference between the previous line and “Ar galite man padėti” is in the form of using the words. Here, we are asking or requesting instead of demanding. It can be used when the situation is a bit under control.

3. Man reikia pagalbos (I need some assistance)

In emergencies where it concerns technical problems more, you can use the expression, Man reikia pagalbos. This one can be used when the situation does not require medical help or physical attention.

Phrases For Medical Emergencies

Here we will look at sentences you can use for medical cry. It includes situations like sickness, fever, accidents, or any regular health checkup.

1. Paskambinkite gydytojui (Call the doctor)

If you fall sick or need a doctor man to review your health, you can alarm the locals by saying Paskambinkite gydytojui. It will bring immediate medical attention or alert the nearest doctor man available for you.

2. Kur greitoji (Where is the ambulance?)

Another important phrase you’ll need while dealing with a health emergency is regarding the ambulance. So, to keep updated on the arrival of the ambulance and doctor man, you can use the phrase Kur greitoji.

3. Nuvesk mane į artimiausią vaistinę (Take me to the closest pharmacy)

When in need of medicines and you are unaware of the location of the closest pharmacy, you can use the phrase Kur yra artimiausia vaistinė or Nuvesk mane į artimiausią vaistinę. It will allow a local to understand your needs and guide you to the closest pharmacy. 

Transport Emergency Phrases

In this section, we will talk about phrases that come in handy during transport emergencies such as theft, lost items, accidents, arrests, and other situations like engine failure.

1. Kur yra degalinė? (Where is the gas station?)

If you run out of petrol in the middle of the road in Lithuania, the best way to ask for the nearest gas station is by asking Kur yra degalinė? It will help you receive the correct information without having to depend too much on Google Maps, which may lead to faulty lane suggestions sometimes.

2. Skambink policijai (Call the police)

In case of theft, robbery, or any crime scene, you can do nothing but call the police for help. Thus, to gain attention immediately and call the police, you have to speak aloud and say, Skambink policijai. Being in a new country, you might not know the phone numbers or emergency contacts. So, Skambink policijai is the best way to get the locals to help you contact them.

3. Ar pažįsti mechaniką? (Do you know a mechanic?)

You never know when your car may break down, or the engine failure may take its toll on you. To keep calm and seek the right help, you can go to a local person and ask Ar pažįsti mechaniką?. It will allow you to get some information regarding the contact details of some mechanics.

Other Lithuanian Phrases For Emergencies

Now that we know some essential phrases, here is a list of other sentences that will come in handy in everyday situations.

English Lithuanian
It’s urgent Tai skubu
It was a misunderstanding Tai buvo nesusipratimas
Where is the toilet Kur yra tualetas
Please give me a ride Prašau pavežti
I am lost aš pasiklydau
Leave me alone Palik mane ramybėje
I have lost my bag Aš pamečiau savo krepšį
I can’t find my child Nerandu savo vaiko
I am worried aš susirūpinęs
Can I make a call? Ar galiu paskambinti?
Can I borrow some money? Ar galiu pasiskolinti pinigų?
Where are the police? Kur policija?
Please take me to the hospital. Prašau nuvežti mane į ligoninę
Are you a doctor? Ar tu gydytojas?
Am I under arrest? Ar aš suimtas?
I haven’t done anything wrong Aš nieko blogo nepadariau
I want to talk to a lawyer Noriu kalbėtis su advokatu
Are you okay? ar jums viskas gerai?
Do you have available rooms ar turite laisvų kambarių
How much is this? Kiek tai kainuoja?
I am in danger Man gresia pavojus

Emergency-Related Vocabulary In The Lithuanian Language

Lithuanian bah sah dah

English Lithuanian
Ambulance Greitoji pagalba
Arrest Areštas
Accident Nelaimingas atsitikimas
Crisis Krizė
Doctor Daktaras
Danger Pavojus
Emergency Skubus atvėjis
Hospital Ligoninė
Heart attack Širdies smūgis
Health sveikata
Problem Problema
Police station policijos nuovada
Pharmacy Vaistinė
Plight Nelaimė
Urgent Skubiai
Unforeseen Nenumatytas


Emergency Numbers In Lithuania

To double-check that your trip to Lithuania is filled with only fun and zero stress, here is a list of emergency dial numbers that will bring in immediate help when needed. 

  • 112- This is the general number that locals use for general problems. 
  • 103- In case of urgent medical assistance, you can dial this number. 
  • 101- This is the number of the fire department. If you see a fire or end up in a similar situation, do not hesitate to dial 101.
  • 102- Lastly, this is the police emergency number. In case of theft, roadside problems, and other crimes, call the police by dialing this number.

Have A Safe Journey!

Lithuanian can be difficult for people who usually speak English. However, it is not entirely impossible to master this unique language. In fact, lessons on vocabulary and expressions such as Ar pažįsti mechaniką?, ar jums viskas gerai, tai skubu, Kur yra artimiausia vaistinė, etc. are stepping stones towards becoming a more fluent and professional speaker. So, if you wish to hang tight with more such Lithuanian phrases related to various topics, the Ling App is here to help you!

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