30 Easy Cantonese Words For Economics You Need To Know

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Knowing your way around economics is a bonus in today’s globalized world! But why Cantonese specifically? Cantonese is the language of financial giants like Hong Kong and Macau. These are places where transactions and deals are a part of everyday life. That’s why learning these Cantonese words for economics will lead to more opportunities.

Learning these economic words is a big step towards better communication for business, travel, or just impressing your friends. So, join us, and let’s make your language skills work wonders for your financial success!

What Is Economics?

Economics is the “how” and “why” of money, goods, and services. It studies how we make, use, and share resources. You can think of it as a big, interesting puzzle where we figure out how to improve things for everyone.

Economics is all about money, jobs, businesses, and even your daily decisions, like spending or saving. So, in a nutshell, economics helps us understand and make sense of how our world revolves around money and everything connected to it!

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Cantonese Economics Vocabulary

This table provides a comprehensive list of economic terms, their Cantonese translations, and pronunciation. It will help you enhance your knowledge and language skills in economics!

EnglishCantonesePronunciation Guide (Jyutping)
Economics經濟學Ging2 zai3 hok6
Global economy全球經濟Cyun4 keoi4 ging2 zai3
Tax details稅務詳情Seoi3 mou6 coeng4 cing4
Liquidation清算Cing1 syun3
Deficit赤字Cik3 zi6
Surplus盈餘Jing4 jyu4
Export details導出詳細信息Dou1 ceot1 coeng4 sai6 gei1
Import進口Zeon3 hau2
International business國際商務Gwok3 zai3 soeng1 mou6
Shareholder details股東詳情Gu2 dung1 coeng4 cing4
Business Soeng1
Market economy市場經濟Si5 coeng4 ging2 zai3
Economic growth經濟增長Ging2 zai3 zeng1 coeng4
Financial capital金融資本Gam1 jung4 zi1 bun2
Supply供應Gung1 jing1
Demand需求Seoi1 kau1
Services服務業Fuk6 mou6 jip6
Investment portfolio投資組合Tau4 zi1 zou2 hap6
Income details收入詳情Sau1 jap6 coeng4 cing4
Exchange rate匯率Wai6 leot6
Payment付款Fu6 fun2
Debt details債務詳情Zaai3 mou6 coeng4 cing4
Prices價格Gaa3 gok3
Market enterprise市場企業Si5 coeng4 kei2 jip6
Trade貿易Maau6 jik6
Recession衰退Seoi1 teoi3
Gross Domestic Product國內生產總值Gwok3 noi6 sang1 caan2 zung2 zi3
Macroeconomics宏觀經濟學Wong4 gun1 ging2 zai3 hok6
Microeconomics微觀經濟學Mei4 gun1 ging2 zai3 hok6

Sharpen Your Skills With Sample Cantonese Sentences

Want to improve your language skills? These common terms and sample sentences regarding the economy are here to help you with your business or studies. Ready to give them a try?

English CantonesePronunciation Guide (Jyutping)
I want to learn economics.我想學經濟學。Ngo5 soeng2 hok6 ging2 zai3 hok6.
The state of the global economy is quite uncertain right now.目前全球經濟狀況相當唔肯定。Muk6 cin4 cyun4 keoi4 ging2 zai3 zong6 fong2 soeng1 dong2 m4 hang2 ding6.
Have you sorted out your tax details?你是否整理了您的稅務詳細信息?Nei5 se4 fo2 zing2 lei5 liu5 gei2 dik1 seoi3 mou6 coeng4 cing4 gei1.
The company has a deficit in its budget.該公司的預算存在赤字。Goi1 gung1 si1 dik1 jyu6 cyun3 zoi6 zik6 zi6.
A surplus in trade can lead to economic prosperity.貿易順差可以帶來經濟繁榮。Maau6 jik6 seon6 caa1 ho2 ji5 daai3 loi4 ging2 zai3 faan4 jung6.
I’m researching export details for our new product launch.我正在研究我哋新產品發佈的出口細節。Ngo5 zing6 zoi6 jin4 gau3 ngo5 dei6 san1 caan2 faat3 bou3 dik1 ceot1 hau1 sai3 zit3.
I work in business and focus on market economy trends.我從事商業工作,專注於市場經濟趨勢。Ngo5 cung4 si6 soeng1 jip6 gung1 zok3, zyun1 zyu3 jyu1 si5 coeng4 keoi4 ceoi1 si6.
Can I comment on your trade and investment details?我可以評論您的貿易和投資細節啊?Ngo5 ho2 ji5 ping4 leon6 neo5 dik1 maau6 jik6 wo4 tau4 zi2 sai3 zit3 aa3?
Did you see the sign for the new enterprise on the economic page?你喺經濟頁面上看到新企業嘅標誌咗呀?Nei5 hai2 ging1 zai3 jip6 min6 soeng6 hon3 dou3 san1 kei5 jip6 ge3 biu1 zi3 jo2 aa3? 

Integrating Cantonese Economics Vocabulary Into Your Daily Life

Let’s look at how you can make this Cantonese economics vocabulary a part of your everyday life, both at work and in your personal world. Trust me, it’s easier than you think!

Work Conversations

At the office, these words are a big step to spicing up your conversations when discussing projects at a meeting. For example, when brainstorming, use the word “經濟” (ging2 zai3), which means economy. This adds a professional edge when you want to comment on your discussions.


When mingling with colleagues or clients, dropping a Cantonese economic term can be impressive. It shows you’re engaged and interested. Use the word “貿易” (maau6 jik6) instead of the word “trade” when discussing international business affairs.

Emails And Reports

In your written communication, be it emails or reports, sprinkle in some of these common terms. It demonstrates your understanding of this economy. Opt for Cantonese words to make your content more impactful.

Benefits Of Using Cantonese Economics Vocabulary

So, why should you bother integrating these Cantonese economics words into your life? Well, here are some very practical advantages:

Professional Growth

Using specialized vocabulary demonstrates your expertise in economics, which can open up new career opportunities. Employers appreciate employees who can speak the language of the economic industry.

International Relations

Understanding economics in different languages can be a game-changer in our modern globalized world. You’ll be able to talk and connect with people from diverse backgrounds, and it can improve your international business relationships.

Cultural Respect

If you work with Cantonese-speaking clients or colleagues, speaking their language, even just a bit, shows respect for their culture and language. It can help build stronger relationships.

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Making Meaningful Connections Using Cantonese Words For Economics

Now that you’ve learned these valuable terms, it’s time to put them into practice to elevate your understanding and achievements in economics. Remember, building your vocabulary is just the first step. Applying these words in real-life scenarios and conversations is where the true power of your knowledge lies.

So, engage in discussions, analyze data, and make informed decisions using these newfound linguistic tools. Your success in economics is just around the corner, and these words will be your trusty companions on the journey. Happy learning, and best of luck in your economic endeavors!

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