The 5 Best Apps For Learning Lithuanian In 2023

Best Apps For Learning Lithuanian

Eager to learn Lithuanian? You came to the perfect place! In this article, I’m going to tell you the five best apps for learning Lithuanian in 2022! Read until the end and choose the best one for you!

Congratulations! If you reached this blog post, you just made the first step to becoming a polyglot. Today, you probably decided that you wanted to learn a new language and chose Lithuanian nonetheless! This beautiful language is spoken by around 5 million people worldwide, so it’s not a shocker why many want to master this language both for personal and professional reasons.

But where should you start? What choices are there where you can learn Lithuanian at your own pace? The Ling app, by far, is the best one we’ve seen. There are tons of options for apps where you can learn a new language, but it may be a bit overwhelming to choose one. Thus I decided to make this article and tell you the five best apps where you can invest in learning Lithuanian and many other languages worldwide.

Ready to know which one? Eime! (Let’s go in Lithuanian, your first new word!)

Why Learn The Lithuanian Language?

There are many good reasons why you should learn Lithuanian. First of all, this is one of the oldest languages in the world, so if you’re interested in linguistics, Lithuanian is a language filled with unique particularities and exciting facts that will keep you interested.

Second, by learning this language, you at least get the chance to speak with around 5 million more people. You’ll be able to make many more friends and explore Lithuania’s incredible country more comfortably.

Lithuanian is a baltic language very similar to several others in the region, such as Latvian from Sanskrit. Additionally, Polish is also somewhat similar. However, there are many more differences with the Latvian language. So if you’re also planning on learning other languages, you’ll have an excellent head-start!

Conversation in Lithuanian

Lastly, Lithuania has the highest economy among the Baltic states, so if you want to expand your business to this country, it is also helpful to learn the local language!

Let’s be fair. Lithuanian is not an easy language, but even if you’re punishing yourself for something terrible you did by learning a complex language, this will not be a very good punishment as you’ll quickly love it and do it for pleasure.

Generally speaking, learning a new language, whichever you want, has many benefits: it can boost problem-solving, critical-thinking, and listening skills, as well as help you improve your concentration and ability to multitask when you change between two languages constantly.

As you can see, learning a new language is a great way to stimulate yourself and become more social and available at the same time. So what are you waiting for?

Where Is Lithuania Located?

Lithuania is a small country located in the Baltic area of Europe and is the southernmost and largest of the three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania). With Vilnius as its capital, it neighbors Latvia to the North, Belarus to the East and South,  Poland and the detached Russian oblast of Kaliningrad to the southwest, and the Baltic Sea to the west.

The language spoken in Lithuania is Lithuanian, one of the most ancient languages in the Indo-European language family. It is also one of the few surviving Baltic languages to be used and spoken worldwide.

Lithuania is a beautiful country with much to offer visitors, so if this country was never on your list, you should definitely add it to your following trip itinerary!

Photo of Lithuania

5 Best Apps For Learning Lithuanian

But where is the best place to learn Lithuanian? Here is a list of the best apps where you can learn to speak Lithuanian online.

1. Ling – Learn Lithuanian Like A Pro

If you’re looking for a place with all-in-one learning opportunities, then you’re in luck. I have the best place for you! The Ling app is the best application to learn the Lithuanian language in 2022, with many resources that will help you master this language faster than you can say the word “Lithuanian!”

Just kidding, one would hope that would be that fast. However, the Ling app is the best option if you’re interested in learning Lithuanian and becoming fluent in this Baltic language.

Available for every fluency level, we at Ling focus on making our lessons light, fun, and, most importantly, engaging. Forget about long and boring textbooks and learn with word games, flashcards, quizzes, and an interactive chatbot—learning Lithuanian and putting your learning into practice has never been easier!

2. Mondly: Best For Beginners

Buy it once and have lifetime access to a language-learning app that will enable you to learn as many as 41 languages. Mondly is an excellent place for beginners to start their journey; it is filled with games and puzzles for easy learning!

Want to see if it’ll work for your learning style? Check out our complete review now.

Reasons to try

  • Once-a-lifetime payment
  • Small and interactive lessons

Available on

iOS and Google Play


9,99$/month (one language), 47,99$/year (one language), 89.99$ lifetime access for all 41 languages

3. Pimsleur: Best For Improving Conversational Skills

Maybe you’re looking for a more hands-on approach to language learning. Then Pimsleur is perfect for you! With this app, you can learn vocabulary, grammar, and speech in the context of real-world situations. Want to test it out yourself? Check our Pimsleur review first to manage your expectations.

Reasons to try

  • 30-minute audio lessons are convenient
  • As many as 51 languages

Available on

PC, iOS, Android, Mac, and Amazon Echo


20.95$/month (All Access subscription)

4. Memrise: Best For Recalling Vocabulary

Although not offering an official Lithuanian language course, Memrise has a whole range of grammar that you can learn and practice, along with pronunciation guides to complement. A very light and easy approach to teaching Lithuanian. Ready to give this one a spin? Check out our review here before you sign up for an account!

Reasons to try

  • User-driven content (both general and specific courses) 
  • Wide coverage of Lithuanian vocabulary, grammar, reading, and speech.

Available on

iOS and Google Play



5. iTalki: Best For Private Lessons

iTalki is a very easy-to-use and straightforward application where you can learn Lithuanian in no time. With great native speakers teaching, Italki will make learning fun and easy. Ready to take your chances with this app? Trust me when I say that you gotta check our comprehensive iTalki review first.

Reasons to try

  • Easy-to-use
  • Native speaker teachers

Available on

iOS and Google Play


Depending on the teacher

Why Not Give Ling A Try?

Unlike other resources, the Ling app sits perfectly on your smartphone, allowing you to learn Lithuanian grammar, vocabulary, and much more anytime and anywhere! To ensure that our information is correct and relevant, all our lessons and content have been proofread by native speakers and educators who truly understand what it takes to master a language from scratch.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t waste more time. Download Ling from the App Store or Play Store, and let’s have fun learning!

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