28 Best Websites To Learn Korean

Websites To Learn Korean

Have you been trying to learn more about the Korean language but still need more resources to fill in the gaps? It’s not surprising that you’re tremendously interested in South Korea right now. South Korea is a powerful country with a robust global economy, so the Korean language also has tremendous importance worldwide.

This article will solve all the problems of Korean language learners while providing them with the best websites to help them on their language learning journey. So if you’re up to searching for the best websites to learn Korean, let’s get to it!

The Best Websites To Learn Korean

Here is a list of all the websites that we are going to talk about in this article that can help you learn the Korean language effectively.

  1. Ling
  2. Annyeong Korean
  3. Rosetta Stone
  4. Learn A Language
  5. Loecsen
  6. Digital Dialects Korean
  7. Lingo
  8. Memrise
  9. Ilanguages
  10. Book2
  11. Wespeke
  12. Learn With Oliver
  13. Hangul Forest
  14. My languages
  15. Linguanaut
  16. Korean 101
  17. Learn Korean net
  18. Naver
  19. Langintro
  20. Zkorean
  21. Talk To Me In Korean
  22. How To Study Korean
  23. Genki Korean
  24. Learn Korean
  25. LP’s Learn Korean
  26. Busy Atom
  27. Let’s Learn Korean
  28. 90 Day Korean

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Websites To Learn Korean Ling


The best website to check out right now is Ling. There are lessons personally crafted by native speakers of Korean for you to check out. The Korean grammar rules and the Korean grammar list can act as a perfect guide for you to start learning the Korean language. You can get a detailed account of information about the key elements of the Korean language, i.e., Korean verbs, Korean nouns, Korean pronounsKorean adverbsKorean adjectivesKorean ConjunctionsKorean tenses, etc.

If you are learning Korean, then you might come across several issues regarding the alphabet and grammar, which are a pain in the neck for a new learner.

The Ling app is considered the best app that promotes language learning. It is for beginners as it has lessons that use simple and easy language, which is quick to understand for all people, whether at the primary level or an intermediate level.

The Ling App Provides Lessons About TOPIK

Everyone loves watching Korean dramas, and thus, they get curious about Korean actors and Korean actresses. The Ling app makes sure to provide its learners with information not just about the Korean language but also about the things that might entertain them.

If you are planning to go to South Korea for studies, then you need to learn how to take proficiency tests. Our blog has proper lessons about the TOPIK test, which is a Korean proficiency test, along with proper vocabulary about TOPIK I and TOPIK II.

And if you are only fond of Korea because of its minimalist and chic fashion, then here’s the good news the Ling app also has proper guides about South Korean cosmetics and the Korean Makeup Vocabulary, which can help you get to all the best beauty products such as for skincare, etc. Knowing about Korean Beauty Standards will help you follow Korean fashion more accurately.

The Ling App Is Easy To Access  

The Ling app is easy to access as you can open the Google portion and search it by name. You would be able to reach then and there.

Ling spends a lot of time carefully choosing the most useful topic for the learners, designing an outline of the content, and thus providing the learners with an app of the finest quality.

Websites To Learn Korean Annyeong Korean

Annyeong Korean

Annyeong Korean delivers online lectures to learn Korean for free. Its lectures are so simple that they can easily be understood by beginners and people who have the basics of the language and are now at an intermediate level, i.e., for intermediate learners.

It gives guides for travelers by delivering lectures on the Korean vocabulary used during traveling. Its lectures include Korean grammar and words necessary for daily conversations. Korean grammar lessons include the Korean grammar rules for advanced Korean grammar.

Popular Lessons Of Annyeong Korean

Following are some popular lessons on their website

  • Lectures on Korean consonants
  • Instructions regarding vowels
  • Phrases for greetings
  • Introductory vocabulary
  • Social Etiquette
  • Furthermore, consonant clusters are also covered in their lectures.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone includes a language course on Korean learning. This course is exciting and interactive for learners and gives them audio and video support. The learners can quickly get the concept while they see the topics’ videos and listen to audio.

Two Levels For This Course

There are two levels revealed for the language course offered by this website. 

  • Level one is for beginners, and the lessons in this level include the Korean alphabet, vocabulary words, and Korean numbers.
  • Level two is marked by lessons, including how to form sentences and phrases. Furthermore, it also instructs about grammatical rules for Korean learning.

Learn A Language

Learn A Language is one of the best free websites that give online lessons to teach the Korean language.

All About Their Lessons

  • This website provides a long list of Korean words with their translations in the Korean language.
  • It also gives their pronunciations.
  • Korean verbs are also taught there.
  • This website has provided a blog on Korean culture, which instructs all about Korean culture and its history.


This language acquisition course from Loecsen is quite beneficial for many language learners. It focuses on Korean phrases used during conversations. One of the best things about these phrases is that they focus on the specific situations you might encounter while visiting or traveling to Korea.

This language learning website adds audio files while translating the phrases used during conversations. This is one of the best Korean courses; one can have to learn a new language entirely for free.

Digital Dialects Korean

Digital Dialects help to learn the language efficiently. The lessons that the website offers are divided into different sections. These sections teach the numbers, months, vocabulary, days of the week, etc., of this new language, i.e., Korean.

Audio files support some modules of the lectures. The best part of this free website for learning Korean is that it offers some games that strengthen the language-learning process. It not only prevents boredom in attending the lessons, but it also is beneficial for learning skills.


Lingo is a free website that is handy for learning advanced Korean. It is a good platform for an advanced learner as well as for one who is at the beginner level.

This course has lessons regarding the translation of Korean words or phrases. It is supported by audio playbacks, which keep the lectures interactive and exciting.

Websites To Learn Korean Memrise


Memrise is also a free Korean course in language learning. A wide variety of lectures are offered on this website to facilitate the learners of the Korean writing system, Korean script, conversational phrases, Korean vowels, and many other aspects of the Korean language.

Furthermore, the lessons also include the alphabet, number system, grammar, pronunciation, etc. There is a sound rating system on this website that the users give under every lecture, allowing the student to choose which lesson to take first.

Another thing that makes this website unique is that the lecturer is not one specific person. Different lecturers can upload their lectures anytime, and there is an option for the users to click the upload button and upload their lectures whenever they want.


Ilanguages is a language learning website that also has a wide variety of lessons that includes phrases and vocabulary of the Korean language.

The users also learn Korean grammatical rules to form a sentence.

They have exciting teaching techniques as they teach through flashcards and take quizzes etc., to enhance and refine your dialect abilities.  


Book2 from Goethe-Verlog offers lots of lessons on learning Korean. It focuses on specific daily conversational phrases and is relevant to date, numbers, time, days, etc.

This Korean language learning course also offers lessons on grammatical rules necessary for carrying out daily life conversations. These are supported by audio files in which all the phrases are pronounced and translated, giving power back to the learner.


WeSpeke is a platform where you can learn Korean from native speakers. When you approach this website, you will be provided with a long list of instructors who will give you lessons.

You can make a choice and choose one person and start having the lessons. This website also provides a platform for you to share your language knowledge with others.

Learn With Oliver

Learn With Oliver is a free website that you can use to learn the Korean language. On this website, you will be provided with a long list of topics, and you can choose one on which you want to have a lecture.

This website has an exciting mode of teaching. It teaches through games, quizzes, flashcards, etc., to prevent boredom. The Korean alphabet and Korean words, along with their pronunciation, are given to the learners to facilitate their learning process.

Hangul Forest

Hangul Forest is an effective website that provides you with a Korean language learning course. This circuit is halved into two categories. One of the two categories provides lessons on Korean words and phrases, while the other focuses on educational videos.

The words and phrases section will give lessons on Korean vocabulary relevant to numbers, months, animals, bodies, and other topics. 

The other portion instructs about Korean phrases and their pronunciations to further clarify the concept for the learners.

Websites To Learn Korean My Languages

My languages

My Languages has more than 20 lessons where you can easily choose the topic on which you want to take a lecture.

All these lessons cover topics like Korean phrases, the Korean alphabet, grammar, and all the basic information about the language. Some audio and learning videos are available on the website.


Linguanaut is a functional website that offers one of the most influential Korean courses. It not only offers lessons on numbers, phrases, sentence structure, and the Korean alphabet but also on adjectives used in the Korean language and also provides their explanation with examples.

It also offers a Korean keyboard to help you type in Korean. This website is liked by users a tremendous amount.

Korean 101

Korean 101 has lessons supported by audio playback, which enhances language learning.

All the lessons include vocabulary, the Korean alphabet, grammar, and phrases used in daily life conversations. Korean vocabulary is also divided into some different categories, which help the learners to memorize quickly.

This website also provides some other tools for the Korean language, like the Korean keyboard, which will help you type in Korean. Korean radio and translators. Etc.

Learn Korean net

Learn Korean focuses on the basics of the language. These basics include Korean vowels, grammar, phrases, numbers, etc. There are 15 lessons on essential Korean on this website.

Websites To Learn Korean Language


Did you know that South Korea has a separate search engine? If you’ve seen this website in K-dramas, you can also access it as your language platform to learn Korean on your own! Naver is the best place to search for Korean news, practice your Korean listening skills, and even search for the best recipe for your favorite Korean food like 김치 찌개 (Kimchi jjigae)!

Naver also has a Korean dictionary that you can download on your phone. You can choose between Korean to English or English to Korean and start learning more vocabulary on your own!


Langintro is an excellent platform to learn online Korean at home. They offer a list of topics that are provided on their homepage.

Their material is relatively easy and quick to understand for every primary learner. The contents provided on the website are the Korean alphabet, grammar, phrases to speak Korean and pronunciation.


ZKorean has lessons divided into sections on their homepage into different categories.

Those categories include vowels, grammar, consonants, pronunciation rules, etc. Specific tools are provided on the website to study Korean, like flashcards, romanization, etc.

Talk To Me In Korean

Talk To Me In Korean is an interactive website that teaches the learner about the phrases used in daily conversations. It is a free website that teaches the phrases used in greetings, etc., with some examples

It also provides offline studying, like the option of downloading a PDF.

Websites To Learn Korean How To Study Korean

How To Study Korean

How To Study Korean offers a very valuable excursion on language learning. The lessons start at the novice level, where they propose studying vocabulary, phrases, and pronunciations. These lessons extend to grammatical statutes, sentence structure, etc. 

This is considered one of the best free websites to learn Korean, like native Korean.

Genki Korean

Genki Korean is a free website for language exchange. They have made lists of the basics of the Korean language like Korean grammar, vocabulary, phrases, and everything needed to speak and write Korean. 

All these lessons are supported by audio files in which the learners can quickly learn the pronunciations of the phrases relevant to them.

Learn Korean

LearnKorean.com has good passages related to learning Korean. There are 30 lessons found on their websites in the Korean language.

All these lessons cover the topics of Korean grammar, Korean alphabets, numbers, their articulations, etc. It is an excellent platform to learn online Korean.

LP’s Learn Korean

LP’s Learn Korean focuses on teaching Korean grammar. This course starts with the Korean alphabet. As you go further, you can learn verbs, nouns, and other parts of the grammatical portion.

At the end of the course, they also teach sentence instruction, phrases, etc. All the lessons are detailed to facilitate the learners’ language learning voyage.

Busy Atom

Busy Atom is a language learning platform that offers Korean courses to help new learners of this language. It covers a video tutorial in which the tutor teaches you how to speak Korean effortlessly. 

This course starts with basic Korean vocabulary, alphabet, grammar, etc. As you become successful in learning those, you get advanced lectures on sentence making, phrases used during daily life conversions, etc. This is also a free website that many like as it has video lessons, and it keeps the learners engaged in the lesson.

Let’s Learn Korean

Let’s Learn Korean is a Facebook page that works almost the same as a website for teaching the Korean language. It has a different taste for the learners as it has lessons for beginners and the intermediate level. This language course is divided into two portions, and each is further divided into different sections.

The primary lessons comprise vowels, grammatical rules, conversational phrases, etc. At the same time, the other portion includes advanced lessons on sentence formation and phrase lessons.

With this website, you can learn Korean from a base of 9 languages other than English

Websites To Learn Korean 90 Day Korean

90 Day Korean

90 Day Korean is a language learning program offering free and paid online Korean language lessons. They use the 80/20 principle, mnemonics, and associations to make language learning fun and easy.

You can get their free online Korean lessons from their blog, emails, and YouTube channel. They have lessons on things such as the Korean alphabet, words and phrases, and grammar.

Through 90 Day Korean’s paid membership, you can access their structured online Korean language course and full support inside an exclusive members-only area. The course content goes from absolute beginner to high intermediate level.

Inside the membership, you’ll get a structured course that will teach you how to have a 3-minute conversation in Korean in the first 90 days. In addition to the step-by-step lessons, you’ll also get access to member forums, topic-specific short courses, personal coaching, and live speaking classes.

If you want step-by-step lessons, handpicked content, full support, and live speaking classes, check out 90 Day Korean.

Important Of Language Learning Websites To Learn Korean

Importance Of Language Learning Websites

These are the websites that would help you to learn Korean and other languages quickly, but along with these websites, there are lots of other platforms that can help you to learn the language. You can also access Korean vloggers who have the YouTube channel and have content regarding studying Korean or Korean courses. 

Furthermore, if you are in Korea, for studies or business or whatever reason, you will need the language to communicate with native speakers. You can take a degree in the Korean language at some Korean universities like Yonsei University, Cyber University, etc., to rupture the language barrier.

Don’t Wait. Download The Ling App Now!

The Ling app is down to take you on the journey of the language in which you are interested. If you are interested in learning the Korean language, then check out our features to get a wholesome experience.

Download the Ling app now on the Play Store or App Store and start learning the Korean language like a pro!

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