10+ Funny Phrases In Korean For Casual Conversations

Funny Phrases In Korean

Introducing some of the funny phrases in Korean commonly used in casual conversation as you read this blog. I know you are interested in discovering other types of the Korean Language, so keep scrolling. If you are not a native Korean but are interested in learning the Korean language, like Korean slang words to sound like a local, then it’s time to read and learn this blog!

During the last Pandemic, most of us spend our time watching movies and listening to different music. In addition, the South Korean industry has become known and famous this current time. This is the reason why many people from across the globe want to discover everything about Korean culture. One of these is learning how to speak Korean and knowing the different meanings of Korean words and phrases.

South Korea is well-known for Korean music (K-pop), Korean foods and products, Korean popular TV programs, Korean drama series, and Korean movies to promote Korean culture. Through this, various people around the world became curious and are now starting to appreciate the country’s beautiful culture, especially the Korean Language.

In addition, when you start to explore and discover one’s country’s culture, you usually want first to study and learn its language (words and phrases). Moreover, you wanted to sound like a local (using Korean expressions or Korean slang terms) so that you could talk and understand your Korean idol.

However, learning the Korean language alone is not that good for a beginner, especially if you want to understand the different meanings behind Korean phrases that your idol said. Furthermore, as they used casual conversation when they talked to their fans, they usually spoke informally. They commonly used Korean slang terms a beginner language learner may not understand.

If you want to learn Korean slang, you must first need to know what is the meaning behind every Korean slang word. That’s why in today’s blog, I am sharing some of the funny Korean phrases that you can use and usually hear when having casual conversations.

Funny phrases in Korean and their meaning

What Are Funny Phrases In Korean?

1. 손이 크다 (Son-i keu-da)

The English word of this literally means ‘You have big hands.’

But in Korean slang terms, this means that you are a generous person. You can use this Korean word when you are with a Korean friend who gives wholeheartedly. If you observe different Korean dramas or movies, Koreans are known to be warm and generous people. They usually provide delicious lunch or delicious dinner when someone visits their home. They are also generous to a tourist or a visitor in their country. So if you have come to be their visitor, don’t forget to tell them the Korean word 손이 크다 (Son-i keu-da).

2. 붕어빵이다 (Bung-eo-bbang-i-da)

the English word of this literally means ‘You looked like the ‘fish-shaped pastry‘.

This funny Korean term really means ‘you look alike‘ or ‘you have common physical features.’ Of course, it is funny to a person who heard this or did not speak like a local. They may not understand it, misinterpret it, or they may be insulted hearing this funny Korean phrase. So be careful when using this word, especially when you are at a convenience store buying fish-shaped pastry.

3. 불꽃 (Bool-gote) / 불꽃 놀이 (Bool-gote nori)

This Korean term literally means ‘fire flower’

Watching fireworks are very charming and fascinating, right? What’s more if you are viewing it in South Korea with your loved one! I prefer to use this Korean word than the English word as it actually means ‘fireworks.’ I think it is more visually attractive and romantic. Using this term may help me to sound like a local.

4. 귀가 얇다 (Kwi-ga yalb-da)

This Korean slang word means ‘thin ears’ in literal.

This word means ‘easily persuaded‘ or ‘gullible.’ If you are a person who usually believes in everything that you heard without searching for facts, then this is exactly what suits you.  

5. 닭살 (Dak-sal)

This one literally means ‘chicken skin.’

If you are familiar with the Korean word ‘Dak’ it basically means chicken. So this Korean term talks about chicken, and it literally means ‘chicken skin.’ But using this in casual conversations, the meaning of the word is ‘goosebumps.’ It is hilarious when you try to imagine that the chicken skin and your skin having goosebumps have similar physical attributes.

6. 손목 (Son-mok)

This Korean term literally means ‘hand neck.’

In Korean slang, this translates to your ‘wrist.’ Sometimes, it is very difficult to learn Korean because you cannot understand if they use it literally or figuratively. But because I love Korea, I tried to love their language anyway.

7. 입이 심심해 (Eeb-ee shim-shim-hae)

This Korean word literally means ‘Your mouth is bored.’

This slang word means ‘you do not want to eat something.’ You can use this Korean slang when you are either hungry or full.

8. 마음을 먹다 (Ma-eum-eul meok-da)

This Korean slang term literally means ‘I ate my mind.’

This phrase refers to ‘to come up to a decision. Though this Korean slang term literally means ‘I ate my mind,’ but it means ‘I made up my mind.’ I think this is one of the funniest phrases in Korean because if you use this Korean slang word in a non-native Korean, they may think that you are crazy or a zombie.

9. 나이를 먹다 (Na-i-reul meok-da)

This Korean literally means ‘eat your age.’

We all know that in Korean culture, age commonly dictates the responsibilities and roles of a particular person in society. Therefore, through their age, they choose appropriate words or phrases when talking to other people. Just like this Korean slang, this literally means ‘eat your age,’ but it actually means ‘have you eaten?‘. Since Koreans do not directly say ‘how are you?’ when they greet their Korean friends, they use this phrase instead.

10. 식은 죽 먹기 (Sik-eun juk meok-ki)

This Korean slang term literally means ‘eating cold congee.’

If you are familiar with Korean cuisine: Rice Porridge or Congee, this Korean food is often and best eaten when served hot. But if you eat a cold congee, you can finish it in a small amount of time because it is cold. This is the meaning of the Korean slang term, ‘it is a piece of cake‘ or ‘very easy.’

More slang words and Funny phrases in Korean

More Slang And Funny Words In Korean And Their Meanings

1 plus 1원플러스원wonpeulleoseuwon buy 1 get 1 for free
television텔레비 tellebiTV/ television
diet다이어트 daieoteuweight loss
stocking스타킹sseutaking pantyhose
running machine런닝머신leonningmeosintreadmill
eye-shopping아이 쇼핑ai syopingwindow-shopping
notebook노트북 noteubuglaptop
handphone핸드폰 haendeupon handphone
panty팬티paentiunderwear (male and female)
autobi오토바이 Otobaimotorbike
sign싸인  ssainautograph
gag-man개그맨 gaegeumaencomedian
y-shirt와이셔츠waisyeocheucollared dress shirt with a Y shape
wonsyas bottom’s up / It is used when drinking alcohol

Why Is It Fun To Learn Korean Words And Phrases?

From the discussion above, I think that the year 2020-2021 became the most prominent year in South Korea. This is because they introduce fresh movies with unexpected plot twists and storylines that captivate the viewers. Also, the various Korean drama series that various prominent and professional Korean actors cast were looked forward to by different viewers around the world.

And because of this event, some people wanted to learn more about the Korean language than other languages. For instance, learning Korean slang is easier because you usually hear it from different K-pop songs.

Yes, you do not understand it for the first time because you are fascinated by the melody and harmony of the song, but as time goes by, you become familiar with the lyrics of the song and may search for the lyrics. By that, you gradually learn Korean vocabulary, and through listening, you learn how to pronounce simple Korean words.

Also, by watching the music videos of your favorite K-pop group, you imitate their expressions as well as their non-verbal language as if you want to be a local like them.

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