Apologize In Romanian: 5+ Best Ways To Say Sorry

Alexander Pope once said, ‘To err is human, to forgive, divine.’ Sometimes, we may find ourselves in situations where we’ve made a mistake or wronged a friend or loved one. At that time, the best thing we could do in our remorse was express regret and apologize for our actions. Who knows? Your apologies may be accepted. But if you want to increase your chances of getting forgiven, nothing beats apologizing in the person’s native language. And if your friend is Romanian, then we got you covered!

Today, we will find out the common ways to apologize in Romanian and the English translation for each. After that, we will take a quick look at the common phrases that you can use to reject an apology or accept an apology. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

8 Ways To Say Sorry In Romanian

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1. Îmi pare rău – I am sorry

You can apologize by saying the universal “I am sorry,” translated as Îmi pare rău in Romanian. This phase should come before any explanation. Sure, I understand that you may want to explain yourself or the situation that led to the offense but saying I am sorry first before any explanation is a great starting point.

2. Îmi pare foarte rău – I am so sorry

Îmi pare foarte rău is another amplified way of saying I am sorry. You can use this when your friend is outraged, and you are trying to show an excellent level of remorse.

3. Îmi cer iertare – I ask for forgiveness

The end goal of every apology, most times, is to be forgiven, and there is no better way to ask for forgiveness than literally saying you are asking for forgiveness. Saying Îmi cer iertare coupled with Îmi pare rău (I am sorry) is another good way to apologize in Romanian.

4. Îmi cer sincer scuze – I sincerely apologize

Here is another way to express your remorse. You can quickly apologize by saying Îmi cer sincer scuze

5. A fost o greseala – It was a mistake

If you are trying to make your friend or stranger understand that you didn’t offend them on purpose, saying a fost o greseala is a way to let them know it wasn’t intentional. You can tell this before explaining what went wrong.

6. E vina mea – It’s my fault

Another way to let your friend know that you acknowledge your mistake is to tell them that it was all your fault and you are sorry for the current situation. E vina mea is a way to say that in Romanian.

7. Aș vrea să-mi cer scuze – I would like to apologize

This is a more formal way of apologizing in Romania and is generally acceptable in a formal setting or when apologizing to older adults or your superiors at work. You should start any apology or explanation with Aș vrea să-mi cer scuze.

8. Îmi asum întreaga responsabilitate – I take full responsibility

Sometimes, what the other person needs is not an I am sorry phrase but for you to take full responsibility for your actions. Besides, taking responsibility when you’ve done wrong is a way to show that you have integrity and cherish the friendship.

Other Ways To Say Sorry

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  • Scuze că am întârziat – Sorry I am late.
  • Scuzați-m – Excuse me
  • Nu aș fi făcut așa ceva – I shouldn’t have done that.
  • Te implor – I am begging you.
  • N-am vrut să spun asta – I didn’t mean that.

How To Reply To An Apology

If you are on the receiving end of an apology, the other person will be waiting for your response, and there are two ways to reply to an apology. It is either you reject or accept the apology. Therefore, we will go through both ways of responding to an apology.

Rejecting An Apology

There are times when you are still offended, even after a few apologies. So, how do you let the other person know that their apologies are not yet accepted? Check out these common phrases on how to reject an apology.

Nu te iertI won’t forgive you.
Nu mă intereseazăI’m not interested.
Nu te voi ierta niciodatăI’ll never forgive you.
E prea târziuIt’s too late.


Accepting An Apology

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Te iertI forgive you
Nu trebuie să-ți ceri scuzeYou don’t need to apologize
Mă voi gândiI’ll think about it.
Nu sunt supăratI am not angry
Am înțelesI understand
Am înțeles, nu mai face astaI understand, don’t do that again

Wrapping Up

And there we have it! Now you can apologize to your Romanian friend (and I hope they accept your apology). An apology is a great way to express our remorse and let the other person know that we know that they are offended and we are sorry about it. However, the Romanian language doesn’t end there, and there is still a lot of vocabulary you can learn. There are still greeting words, slang, and a lot more!

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