#1 Best Way To Say I Love You In Romanian

I Love You In Romanian

Love or Iubirea is a beautiful thing. Finding someone who makes your heart beat faster, distorts your thoughts, and releases a high level of oxytocin is a satisfying feeling you cannot explain. If you happen to experience this while traveling for the first time in the country, learning to say I love you in Romanian will undoubtedly help you out. Ready to express yourself better? Keep reading below!

When it comes to feelings, we cannot deny that love can make us feel so alive. It’s so mysterious in the sense that it can instantly make your world a better place and bring a rush of electrifying happiness into your life. For this reason, learning the essential Romanian love words can be handy when attempting to express concise love messages. You do not want to leave room for misinterpretation, right?

However, learning Romanian can be pretty tricky, especially for English speakers. The Romanian language is a member of the Romance Languages, and it has many phrases you can use to express yourself to your partner or new-found soul mate.’ With this said, you don’t have to worry about losing track of romantic words that will keep your loved one stuck in love with you.

If you are seeking to learn Romanian love words and phrases because you are in love with a Romanian or simply are a keen learner of this language, then read further to find out how to say I love you in Romanian and other romantic phrases. So, without further ado, let’s start this love journey.

The Best Way To Say I Love You In Romanian

The Best Way To Say I Love You In Romanian

Te Iubesc

[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te iubesc[/Speechword]

‘I love you’ is one of the most common and influential words for expressing your strong feelings to that particular person, and the Romanian language also has its version!

I love you in Romanian is ‘Te iubesc.’ The translation sounds so pleasing to the ears that one will wish it was said hundreds of times a day. However simple and romantic as it may sound, Romanians take it seriously, for it is the defining line between friends and lovers. Saying Te iubesc means you are in love and can’t wait to share your life with that person.

With this said, do not take this expression lightly.

Other Ways To Say I Love You In Romanian

A simple ‘I love you’ in Romanian can create butterflies and make your partner’s heart beat faster. However, I know you would like to take it a step further and emphasize how much they mean to you. Well, I’ve got you covered! Here are other romantic phrases to stress your feelings in Romanian.

I love you so muchTe iubesc foarte mult[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te iubesc foarte mult[/Speechword]
I love you a lotTe iubesc mult[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te iubesc mult[/Speechword]
I will always love youTe voi iubi mereu[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te voi iubi mereu[/Speechword]
I love you with all my heartTe iubesc cu toata inima[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te iubesc cu toata inima[/Speechword]

If you want to tell your Romanian girlfriend or boyfriend that they mean everything to you, What you will say is Tu esti totul pentru mine which means you are my everything.

Other useful Romanian phrases you should know if you don’t want to come across as too direct about your feelings or you simply want to take things slowly are the following:

  1. Te consider mai mult decât un prieten = I think of you as more than a friend.
    [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te consider mai mult decât un prieten[/Speechword]
  2. îmi place de tine = I like you
    [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]îmi place de tine[/Speechword]
  3. Am făcut o pasiune pentru tine = I have a crush on you. 
    [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Am făcut o pasiune pentru tine[/Speechword]

How To Say ‘I Love You Too’ In Romanian

Și Eu Te Iubesc 

Tired of plainly responding with “I love you too” to your partner? Take their breath away by using this Romanian expression instead. This will certainly help convey your emotions better, and we are sure that your partner will appreciate hearing this from you.

I Love You In Romanian Terms of Endearment

Terms Of Endearment In Romanian

We all love pet names, and anyone won’t mind hearing their favorite pet name from their favorite person. Knowing Romanian love pet names for your man or woman has a way of keeping them in love. Find out some widely sweet names down below.

RomanianEnglish TranslationPronunciation
My dearDraga mea[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Draga mea[/Speechword]
My loveDragostea mea / Meu[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Dragostea mea[/Speechword] / [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]meu[/Speechword]
My little angelIngerasul meu[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ingerasul meu[/Speechword]
My prince/princessPrintul meu /
Printesa mea
[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Printul meu[/Speechword] / [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]printesa mea[/Speechword]
SweetheartDragă[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Dragă[/Speechword]
My belovedIubitul meu / Iubita mea[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Iubitul meu[/Speechword] / [Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]iubita mea[/Speechword]

If you want to let a native speaker or someone else know that your partner is your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband, below are the words that you can use:

English Translation RomanianPronunciation
My GirlfriendLubita Mea[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Lubita Mea[/Speechword]
My BoyfriendPrietenul meu[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Prietenul meu[/Speechword]
My WifeSoția mea[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Soția mea[/Speechword]
My HusbandSoțul meu[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Soțul meu[/Speechword]

Other Romantic Romanian Phrases

Constantly reminding your loved one of how much you love them without saying ‘I love you’ can seem impossible, especially if you are learning Romanian. Well, I have gone through the most romantic phrases you can keep saying to spice up your amazing relationship with your loved one.

English Translation RomanianPronunciation
You filled my world with loveImi umplii lumea cu iubire[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Imi umplii lumea cu iubire[/Speechword]
I’ve been thinking of you all dayM-am gandit la tine toata ziua[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]M-am gandit la tine toata ziua[/Speechword]
You are the love of my lifeTu ești dragostea vieţii mele[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Tu ești dragostea vieţii mele[/Speechword]
I adore youTe Ador[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Te Ador[/Speechword]
You are the love of my lifeEști dragostea vieții mele[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ești dragostea vieții mele[/Speechword]
You stole my heartMi-ai furat inima[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Mi-ai furat inima[/Speechword]
You brought color to my lifeAi adus culoare în viața mea[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ai adus culoare în viața mea[/Speechword]
I’d like to kiss youAș vrea să te sărut[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Aș vrea să te sărut[/Speechword]
You make me happyMă faci fericit[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Mă faci fericit[/Speechword]
You are the guy/girl of my dreamEști fata/băiatul visurilor mele[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ești fata/băiatul visurilor mele[/Speechword]
My heart is yoursInima mea îți aparține[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Inima mea îți aparține[/Speechword]
I miss youMi-e dor de tine[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Mi-e dor de tine[/Speechword]
You are my soulmateTu esti sufletul meu pereche[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Tu esti sufletul meu pereche[/Speechword]

Fun Fact: Dragobete Celebration, known as the day of love, is celebrated on the 24th of February, and it is meant for lovers, similar to Valentine’s Day.

I Love You In Romanian Additional Phrases Related To Romance

Additional Phrases Related To Romance

Sometimes you want to express yourself beyond I love you, ask her out on a date, or compliment her smiles. Having some of these romantic phrases up your sleeve will expand your chances and ease the conversation. Here is a compilation of some additional phrases you should know.

English TranslationRomanianPronunciation
You are beautifulEști frumoasă[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ești frumoasă[/Speechword]
You are handsomeEşti frumos[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Eşti frumos[/Speechword]
I like your smileImi place zambetul tau[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Imi place zambetul tau[/Speechword]
I miss youMi-e dor de tine[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Mi-e dor de tine[/Speechword]
I miss you tooȘi mie mi-e dor de tine[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Și mie mi-e dor de tine[/Speechword]
I’ll call youO să te sun.[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]O să te sun[/Speechword]
Would you like to hang out with meAi vrea să iți petreci timpul cu mine?[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Ai vrea să iți petreci timpul cu mine?[/Speechword]
Shall I see you again?Pot să te văd din nou?[Speechword voice=”Romanian Female” isinline]Pot să te văd din nou?[/Speechword]

Romanian Love Phrases? Check!

Finally! We’ve gone through the most crucial love words and phrases that will get you past the friendship stage and may even land you your first date. I hate to end this post, but I hope you’ve learned a lot of love words that you can start practicing right away!

While we may have come to this post’s end, I will not leave you stranded on your Romanian learning journey!

Want To Learn Romanian Further?

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