No Armenian On Babbel: Try The #1 Best Alternatives

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Sadly, there’s no Armenian on Babbel. But don’t worry, I’ll introduce the Ling app to help you learn Armenian effectively!

Armenian is such an interesting and ancient language! It has a cool history deeply rooted in a vibrant cultural heritage. When it comes to exploring this amazing language, it’s essential to find the right language app for learning. No wonder why thousands of language learners are always on the lookout for the best Armenian learning apps.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to the Ling app, an awesome platform for learning Armenian! But first thing first, let’s explore interesting facts about the Armenian language.

The Armenian Language Overview

Did you know that over 6 million people speak Armenian? Let’s see where Armenian is spoken!

Where Is Armenian Spoken?

This linguistically diverse language has not only flourished within Armenia’s borders but has also gracefully spread its wings across different corners of the globe, with vibrant Armenian communities cherishing and speaking it with pride.

Hey, did you know that Eastern and Western Armenian are the two primary branches of the Armenian language?

Eastern Armenian

First, Eastern Armenian is the major branch of the Armenian language. It’s mainly spoken in the Republic of Armenia and neighboring countries such as Iran and Georgia.

Armenian evolved from the dialects spoken in Eastern Armenia back in the day. Now those regions are part of the Republic of Armenia. Oh, and by the way, Eastern Armenian has its special way of pronouncing words, using different vocabulary, and even some unique grammar rules that set it apart from Western Armenian.

Western Armenian

The Western Armenian is another branch of the Armenian language. It came from the historical Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, now part of modern-day Turkey. It’s a bit different from Eastern Armenian. Yeah, they have some variations in pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

The Armenian language has different variations depending on where and when it’s spoken! It’s pretty interesting how geography and history can shape a language.

Is It Difficult To Learn Armenian?

Learning Armenian can be challenging, just like any other language. The difficulty level may vary depending on your native tongue and previous experience with learning languages. English speakers might find Armenian challenging because it has a unique alphabet with 39 letters. But the good thing is its regular phonetic system makes pronunciation pretty easy.

Absolutely! If you’re dedicated and have access to high-quality language-learning tools, there’s no doubt that you can master Armenian.

No Armenian on Babbel-ling-app

Babbel App Review

Babbel is well-known for its interactive and practical language courses. However, what makes Babbel great is how it focuses on helping you improve your conversational skills, using speech recognition technology, and applying what you learn to real-life situations.

Do you still wonder about Babbel? So, let’s read more about a comprehensive Babbel app review!

Babbel is a good choice for learning languages. Unfortunately, they don’t currently offer Armenian as one of their language options. 

Why Is There No Armenian On Babbel?

There could be a few reasons why Armenian isn’t available on Babbel. It might be because there isn’t enough demand for it, or the company has chosen to allocate its resources to other languages. Developing a complete Armenian language curriculum could also be quite complex.

Babbel is still an excellent option for learning different languages, but if you’re interested in learning Armenian, you might want to check out other resources.

Use The Ling App To Learn Armenian!

It’s disappointing that Babbel doesn’t offer Armenian for those who were hoping to learn it. But fear not; there are other great options like Ling that you can check out!

No Armenian on Babbel-ling-app-interface

The Ling App

Ling is a great option if you’re excited to learn Armenian! It’s exceptional and stands out from the rest of the many language apps out there!

It’s got interactive lessons, a comprehensive curriculum, and personalized learning paths that are perfect for learners of all levels. Ling is an excellent choice for mastering Armenian because it has a user-friendly interface, fun games, and focuses on pronunciation. Also, it offers an immersive language learning experience that makes learning and having fun simultaneously easy.


  • More than 60 Language courses
  • Each language has about 200 lessons available.
  • Lesson content co-created with native speakers
  • Words, phrases, and topics that are accessible to learners at all levels
  • Smart chatbot to help you practice the real conversations


Ling has got some awesome beginner-level lessons that are totally free. Additionally, if you go for the monthly membership, it’s $8.99 per month. But if you want to commit for a whole year, you can get the annual membership for $79.99. Oh, and Ling throws in a 7-day free trial with the annual one. And if you’re in it for the long haul, a lifetime membership is available for $149.99.

If you’ve wanted to learn Armenian but couldn’t find it on Babbel, now you know a great option exists to help you on your language-learning journey!

Learn Armenian With Ling Now!

Ling is an awesome language-learning app that can help you master Armenian in a fun and rewarding way! Why not dive into the captivating world of this ancient language and fully immerse yourself in Armenian culture? Ling is here to be your reliable companion on this fascinating adventure.

Remember, learning Armenian is totally doable if you have the right tools and dedication! Ready to start your Armenian language learning journey? Well, look no further because Ling is here to help you out! 

Most Armenian learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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