5 Best Romantic Spots In Bohol For Couples

5 Best Romantic Spots In Bohol For Couples

As a Filipina in a relationship with an American expat, I’m often asked about the most romantic spots in Bohol for couples. With its tropical setting, friendly locals, and abundance of natural beauty, Bohol has become a dream romantic destination for foreigners and Filipinos alike. My hubby and I absolutely loved our trip there last year!

From world-class dive sites to jungle-shrouded waterfalls, Bohol perfectly combines adventure with all the comforts of paradise. The regional Pinoy food there is simply to die for, especially all the fresh seafood. And prices are such a bargain compared to back home. Whether you prefer to laze the beachfront with a cocktail or explore off-the-beaten-path villages, Bohol caters to every couple.

In this post, I’ll be sharing the insider scoop on the top 5 romantic spots in Bohol that you and your partner simply must experience firsthand. I’ll also share some easy words in the Tagalog language to make your Philippine memories last a lifetime.

Visiting Chocolate hills since this is a Romantic Spots In Bohol

Why Visit Bohol?

Good question! After all, there are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines – so what makes Bohol so special?

Well, for starters – the natural beauty here is insane. I’m talking chocolate hills, jungle rivers, and beaches with the finest white sand you’ve ever felt between your toes. Photos seriously don’t do this island paradise justice.

Plus, Bohol strikes that perfect balance of having great resorts and tourist infrastructure while still feeling charmingly local and off the beaten path. The locals here are super friendly too – expect lots of smiles, small talk, and old-fashioned hospitality.

Throw in the fact that it’s generally safe, has a selection of island-hopping adventures, and some of the best diving in Southeast Asia, it’s easy to see why Bohol is topping so many travelers’ bucket lists! Trust me, after one visit here with your soulmate, you’ll be counting down the days until your next couples’ getaway to this spot.

Tarsier Date - Romantic Spots In Bohol

Romantic Spots In Bohol For Couples

Visit Panglao Island

If tropical paradise had a poster child, Panglao Island would be it. As one of the top attractions in Bohol, this island sings love song after love song for couples visiting its shores. I’m talking powder-soft sand, swaying palms, and enough stunning sunsets to have you pinching yourself that you’re not dreaming.

My favorite way to take in Panglao with my partner is by motorbike. Cruising those coastal roads, wind in our hair, with one jaw-dropping vista after another passing by is total couple goals. And the beaches here! I’d recommend packing a picnic lunch to enjoy on the sugar-fine sand of Alona Beach.

Go On A Loboc River Cruise

If relaxing vibes, beautiful scenery, and good food are the ingredients for romance, then the Loboc River Cruise is a recipe made in heaven. This has to be one of the most unforgettable date experiences in Bohol.

Picture it – you and bae cuddled up on a traditional Filipino boat, cruising slow and easy down the palm-lined Loboc River. Festive music fills the air as you pass thick jungle greenery on either side of you. Your guide will share legends about the river as you float by – adding extra magic.

Did I mention an all-you-can-eat Filipino buffet is included onboard? We’re talking seriously tasty barbecue, seafood, rice dishes – fuel for love if you ask me! Not to mention bottomless fruit shakes to toast each other with as your boat floats lazily along.

Check Out The Chocolate Hills

No trip to Bohol would be complete without visiting the Chocolate Hills, one of nature’s most unique and romantic wonders. Trust me when I say the photos do not do these incredible grass-covered mounds justice!

Legend has it that the hills were formed when a giant fell so deeply in love with a mortal woman that when she died, his tears turned into these Chocolate Kiss-shaped formations that remain today. Is that not the most poetic origin story you’ve ever heard?

Beyond the legend, there’s something utterly captivating about witnessing these hills in person with your special someone – over 1,700 of them hills, as far as the eye can see! Mystical indeed. We had so much fun hiking around, finding the best vistas, and, of course – taking epic couple selfies with these bad boys behind us.

Go Beach Hopping

It wouldn’t be a tropical vacay without some quality beach time – and Bohol delivers big time! With over 70 islands to explore, you and bae can beach hop to your heart’s content. Trust me, with this many stunning stretches of sand and sea, you’ll be redefining “fun in the sun” in no time. Here are some of the must-visit spots:

  • Danao Beach
  • Anda White Sand Beach
  • Dumaluan Beach Resort
  • Balicasag Island
  • Alona Beach

Visit The Tarsier Sanctuary

For one-of-a-kind cuteness during your Bohol couples’ getaway, be sure to visit the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary. These tiny primates with their huge eyes are considered one of the smallest animals in the world – and they’ve stolen my heart!

Seeing the tarsiers up close is such a special experience to share with your partner. Their fragile size and inquisitive nature really touch the soul. As you walk through the sanctuary grounds, you’ll spot them clutching tree trunks, eyes blinking as they observe you right back. So cute!

Easy Tagalog For Your Bohol Trip

One of my favorite parts of traveling in the Philippines is chatting with the friendly locals. And though most speak great English, it’s fun to break out some Tagalog phrases as you explore Bohol together. A little goes a long way towards even more smiles and laughs shared!

Here are some easy words to cover the basics:

Good morningMagandang umaga
Good afternoonMagandang hapon
Good eveningMagandang gabi
Thank youSalamat
Excuse mePaumanhin
How much?Magkano?
Where is…?Saan ang…?
Chocolate HillsChocolate Hills
I’m lostNawawala ako
Do you speak English?Marunong ka bang mag-Ingles?
I would like to go to…Gusto kong pumunta sa…
How to get to…?Paano pumunta sa…?
Can I get a ride?Pwede makisakay?

Learn Tagalog With Ling

Hopefully, this post has inspired you to start planning that romantic couples’ getaway in spectacular Bohol! And maybe you even want to pick up a little more Tagalog for your trip. If so, I highly recommend downloading the Ling app.

Ling makes learning Tagalog incredibly fun through short, interactive lessons and quizzes. It feels like playing a language game versus old-school textbook studying!

My bf is American and Ling has been a game-changer for picking up key phrases, pronunciation, and bonding more with locals each trip. The app keeps track of your progress so you can see your Tagalog skills improve with consistency. Give it a try now!

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