Your #1 Easy Guide To Rooms In A House In Slovak

Before we get to what the rooms in a house in Slovak are, let’s begin by learning a bit about a typical Slovak house and properties so you know what you’re moving into or about to explore!

The cities in Europe tend to be densely populated, which is why most people live in apartments or attached townhouses. Detached homes, semi-detached houses, and mansions aren’t often found inside city centers but can be seen outside urban areas.

What Does A House In Slovakia Look Like?

A Traditional Slovak House

Traditional house in Slovakia

A traditional Slovak home is built out of logs and looks rather similar to a log cabin or a house from your childhood fairytale books. They are single-story houses with cozy rooms and fireplaces to keep warm during the cold Slovak weather and winter months.

A Modern Slovak House

Modern house in Slovakia

Modern homes in Slovakia tend to be attached or are very modern box-shape or A-frame architectural designs made from concrete or brick. Newer houses also have the trendy open concept to them which removes the coziness of the traditional home and makes it more difficult to differentiate between the rooms in a house. Modern abodes can be single or multi-stories tall.

Inside you will find all the typical furniture of a typical home. Note that furniture in Slovak will be covered in a different article so be sure to check that out!

Apartments In Slovakia

Apartment in Slovakia

In larger cities such as Bratislava, people tend to live in apartments. These can be single-floor or multi-level flats and have the typical floorplan outlay with the types of rooms you’d expect, such as a huge kitchen for better Slovak cooking, bedroom, bathroom, living room, and dining area.

How Much Does A House Or Apartment Cost In Slovakia?

Housing prices have been in the rise increasing an average of 9.7% across the country. In Bratislava for instance, it now costs over $2,200 USD per square meter for an apartment or house.

If you are renting, it can cost up to 50% of your monthly income for a large apartment or house, but is much more affordable for smaller units. Rental properties, it appears, usually come with furniture which is great!

Do Houses In Slovakia Have Modern Amenities?

Amenities in a house in Slovak

Absolutely! When people hear Eastern Europe countries mentioned, they might think of a region stuck in the past, but this simply isn’t so. You’ll find there is access to microwaves, washing machines, and stoves. However, it’s still quite uncommon to find a home with air conditioning, central heating, or a dishwasher.

Do Houses In Slovakia Have Basements?

Rooms in a house in Slovak

Basements or cellars may exist in older traditional homes but are rare in newer homes. When you do happen upon a basement, it will be unfinished and used for storage. This is quite different from what many North Americans would be expecting from a basement, which is increasingly finished, fully equipped living space.

Houses in Slovakia also rarely have livable attic space or garages, but we’ll include this in our list of rooms in Slovak just in case!

Slovak Etiquette When Visiting Someone’s Home

Asking about rooms in a house in Slovak

When you arrive at your friend or family member’s home, be sure to remove your shoes and leave them near the door inside not outside! Remove them anyway even if your host says you don’t need to. Also, and this is important, bring a host gift. Something like chocolate or wine will suffice.

Before the meal you’ll hear everyone wishing each other ‘a good meal’ (dobrú chuť) and people will offer a toast in Slovak to each other such as na zdravie. Be sure to participate in the Slovak culture.

Slovak Vocabulary For Property

Types of houses in Slovak

Here are the words needed to take about homes or apartments in Slovak:


Words For Common Rooms In The House In Slovak

Rooms in the house in Slovak

Here are what the main rooms in a house are called in Slovak:

Dining areaJedáleň
Dining roomJedáleň
Dining roomsJedáleň
Living roomObývačka
Living roomsObývačky

Words For Less Common Rooms In A House In Slovak

Rooms in the house in Slovak

How To Ask Where A Room In A House Is In Slovak

House etiquette Slovakia

It’s actually quite simple to ask where a room is in Slovak, all you need to do is put kde je (where is) in front of the room or place you’re looking for. Here are some phrases you can use to ask where rooms are in an unfamiliar setting:

  • Kde je toaleta? (Where is the toilet)
  • Kde je kuchyňa? (Where is the kitchen?)
  • Kde je hosťovská izba? (Where is the guest room?)

Ready To Learn More Slovak Vocabulary?

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