Patriotic Words In Cantonese: #1 Powerful Song For Hong Kong

Patriotic words in cantonese

In the summer of 2019, Hong Kong witnessed a wave of protests that swept across the city, sparking a global conversation about democracy, freedom, and human rights. Amidst this turmoil, an anthem emerged and the patriotic words in Cantonese contained in the song came to symbolize the hopes and aspirations of millions: “Glory to Hong Kong.”

This Cantonese protest song, which is very different to the Chinese national anthem, quickly gained popularity, encapsulating the spirit of resilience, patriotism, and unity among the Chinese people of Hong Kong. So, let’s explore the origins, lyrics, and significance of “Glory to Hong Kong,” shedding light on how this anthem has become a symbol of the city’s ongoing struggle for autonomy and self-determination.

The Birth Of An Anthem

The Hong Kong protests of 2019 were sparked by the government’s attempt to introduce an extradition bill that would have allowed individuals to be sent to mainland China under the Chinese constitution for trial. As protests escalated, the movement evolved into a broader call for democracy and the protection of Hong Kong’s unique way of life under the “one country, two systems” framework.

In this charged atmosphere and difficult time, the anthem “Glory to Hong Kong” was born. It was created collaboratively by a group of anonymous Hong Kong artists, musicians, and activists who wished to provide a unifying and inspirational provisional national anthem for the protesters that was not just a copy of “March of the Volunteers“, the China national anthem. The song was first shared on social media in August 2019, and its resonance was immediate. Within days, it became a rallying cry for the movement, sung at protests, gatherings, and even in schools.

Lyrics: A Message Of Hope And Determination

The lyrics of “Glory to Hong Kong” are filled with a deep sense of identity. Sung in the Cantonese language instead of Mandarin, every word of the anthem resonates with the hearts of Hong Kongers, emphasizing the unique cultural and political identity of the city.

Glory To Hong Kong: The Song’s Patriotic Words In Cantonese

We pledge: No more tears on our land何以 這土地 淚再流Héyǐ zhè tǔdì lèi zài liú
In wrath, doubts dispell’d we make our stand何以 令眾人 亦憤恨Héyǐ lìng zhòngrén yì fènhèn
Arise! Ye who would not be slaves again昂首 拒默沉 吶喊聲 響透Ángshǒu jù mò chén nàhǎn shēngxiǎng tòu
For Hong Kong, may Freedom reign盼自由 歸於 這裡Pàn zìyóu guīyú zhèlǐ
Though deep is the dread that lies ahead何以 這恐懼 抹不走Héyǐ zhè kǒngjù mò bu zǒu
Yet still with our faith on we tread何以 為信念 從沒退後Héyǐ wéi xìnniàn cóng méi tuì hòu
Let blood rage afield! Our voice grows evermore何解 血在流 但邁進聲 響透Hé jiě xuè zài liú dàn màijìn shēngxiǎng tòu
For Hong Kong, may Glory reign建自由 光輝 香港Jiàn zìyóu guānghuī xiānggǎng
Stars may fade as darkness fills the air在晚星 墜落 徬徨午夜Zài wǎn xīng zhuìluò páng huáng wǔyè
Through the mist a solitary trumpet flares迷霧裡 最遠處吹來 號角聲Míwù lǐ zuì yuǎn chù chuī lái hàojiǎo shēng
Now, to arms! For Freedom we fight with all might we strike捍自由 來齊集這裡 來全力抗對Hàn zìyóu lái qíjí zhèlǐ lái quánlì kàng duì
With valour, wisdom both, we stride勇氣 智慧 也永不滅Yǒngqì zhìhuì yě yǒng bùmiè
Break now the dawn, liberate our Hong Kong黎明來到 要光復 這香港Límíng lái dào yào guāngfù zhè xiānggǎng
In common breath: Revolution of our times同行兒女 為正義 時代革命Tóngxíng érnǚ wèi zhèngyì shídài gémìng
May people reign, proud and free, now and evermore祈求 民主與自由 萬世都不朽Qíqiú mínzhǔ yǔ zìyóu wànshì dōu bùxiǔ
Glory be to thee Hong Kong我願榮光歸香港Wǒ yuàn róngguāng guī xiānggǎng

Musical Arrangement And Performance

The unofficial anthem’s musical arrangement adds to its emotional impact. It opens with a solemn and orchestral prelude, creating a sense of gravitas. As the song progresses, it builds in intensity, incorporating traditional Chinese instruments, choirs, and modern rock elements. This combination of musical styles reinforces the anthem’s fusion of Hong Kong’s rich history and its contemporary struggles within the Chinese nation.

Significance And Impact

“Glory to Hong Kong” holds immense significance in the ongoing struggle for democracy and autonomy in Hong Kong. Here are some key ways in which the anthem has helped cause a cultural revolution:

Unity and Resilience: The anthem has served as a unifying force for protesters, helping them maintain their sense of purpose and solidarity despite challenges and setbacks.

International Awareness: The anthem’s popularity on social media platforms has helped raise international awareness of the Hong Kong protests.

Symbol of Identity: “Glory to Hong Kong” has become a symbol of Hong Kong’s identity and the desire to preserve its way of life against a great wall of Chinese influence.

Expression of Dissent: The song is a powerful tool for expressing dissent and resistance to government policies, making it difficult for the People’s Republic to suppress the message.

Legal Troubles: As the protests evolved and faced increased communist party repression, the Hong Kong authorities decided to ban the song in the schools. Moreover, people found singing or playing it in public were also arrested.

Government Response

The Hong Kong government, backed by Beijing, has responded to the protests and the anthem with increased crackdowns. In 2020, the Hong Kong National Security Law was enacted, which criminalizes secession, subversion, terrorism, and collusion with foreign forces. Under this law, singing “Glory to Hong Kong” in public gatherings is illegal, unlike the official national anthem, further restricting freedom of expression in the city.

Despite these challenges, this unofficial Chinese anthem continues to serve as a symbol of a long history of hope and resistance for many in Hong Kong. Its message lives on, both within the city and among the global diaspora of Hongkongers who continue to advocate for the values it represents.

“Glory to Hong Kong” is more than just a protest song; it is a heartfelt anthem that encapsulates the spirit of unity, resilience, and determination of the people of Hong Kong. Born out of a desire to protect their way of life against the enemy’s fire and to fight for democratic values, the anthem continues to inspire and galvanize.

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