7+ Best Ways To Say Beautiful In Russian!

Do you want to know the best ways to say beautiful in Russian? We got you! If you plan to compliment someone using the Russian language, this is a great way to get started! Aside from that, you will also know how these Russian words are used in sentences so that you can immerse yourself in the Russian language too!

Though these are just a few ways to compliment a beautiful woman and a handsome man, they will surely come in handy should you ever need them. If this is something that you want to know more about, then be sure that you read on!

Are Russians A Huge Fan Of Compliments?

Being able to compliment someone, especially with strangers, is a case to case basis depending on which country you are in and the culture that they have.

That said, it is not always that you can directly compliment someone, especially if you do not know them personally.

In Russia, they tend to be very reserved and usually mind their own business. Because of that, it is not common for you to receive a compliment from them.

But don’t worry! They are still welcoming people. Even if they tend to be reserved, it does not mean that you won’t be receiving compliments or be in a situation in which you don’t give one.

While it is in their culture to be reserved, there are definitely some that break that norm. That said, it is still nice to know these compliments and ways to tell someone they are beautiful in Russian!

Ways To Say Beautiful In Russian: Your Complete Guide!

Knowing the various ways how to call someone beautiful in Russian will not just help you in making meaningful conversations and profound relationships, but it is also one of how you get to practice language learning.

Ways To Say Beautiful In Russian

Because the Russian language is exceptionally notorious for being very complex, knowing a couple of words from such language can be of great help. If you still haven’t thought about learning languages just yet, you might want to consider this as your sign to do so as well!

EnglishRussianUse It In A Sentence!
Alluringсоблазнительный (Soblaznitelʹnyy)
She was indeed alluring to look at.
На нее действительно было приятно смотреть. (Na neye deystvitelʹno bylo priyatno smotretʹ.)
AppealingПривлекательный (Privlekatelʹnyy)
The way she carried herself made her very appealing.
То, как она вела себя, делало ее очень привлекательной. (To, kak ona vela sebya, delalo yeye ochenʹ privlekatelʹnoy.)
AttractiveПривлекательный (Privlekatelʹnyy)
He was very attractive
Он был очень привлекательным (On byl ochenʹ privlekatelʹnym)
CaptivatingУвлекательный (Uvlekatelʹnyy)
The handsome man in front of me looked very captivating. Красивый мужчина передо мной выглядел очень завораживающе. (Krasivyy muzhchina peredo mnoy vyglyadel ochenʹ zavorazhivayushche.)
CharmingОчаровательный (Ocharovatelʹnyy)
His smile was very charming.
Его улыбка была очень обаятельной. (Yego ulybka byla ochenʹ obayatelʹnoy.)
DashingЛихой (Likhoy)
Dashing is an understatement.
Лихость — это мягко сказано. (Likhostʹ — eto myagko skazano.)
DivineБожественный (Bozhestvennyy)
My girlfriend looked very divine.
Моя девушка выглядела очень божественно. (Moya devushka vyglyadela ochenʹ bozhestvenno.)
ElegantЭлегантный (Elegantnyy)
He was very elegant looking.
Он выглядел очень элегантно. (On vyglyadel ochenʹ elegantno.)
EtherealЭфирный (Efirnyy)
The beautiful girl I saw earlier looked very ethereal.
Красивая девушка, которую я видел раньше, выглядела очень неземной. (Krasivaya devushka, kotoruyu ya videl ranʹshe, vyglyadela ochenʹ nezemnoy.)
ExquisiteИзысканный (Izyskannyy)
I looked at her and all I can say is that she looked exquisite.
Я посмотрел на нее, и все, что я могу сказать, это то, что она выглядела великолепно. (YA posmotrel na neye, i vse, chto ya mogu skazatʹ, eto to, chto ona vyglyadela velikolepno.)
GorgeousВеликолепный (Velikolepnyy)
You look very gorgeous tonight.
Ты выглядишь очень великолепно сегодня вечером. (Ty vyglyadishʹ ochenʹ velikolepno segodnya vecherom.)
LovelyПрекрасный (Prekrasnyy)
I look lovely.
Я выгляжу прекрасно. (YA vyglyazhu prekrasno.)
PrettyСимпатичная (Simpatichnaya)
He looked very pretty today.
Он сегодня выглядел очень красиво. (On segodnya vyglyadel ochenʹ krasivo.)

With these words as well as examples, may you be able to compliment your Russian-speaking friends better and start talking in the Russian language too!

Ways To Say Beautiful In Russian

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Ways To Say Beautiful In Russian

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