15+ Best Russian Phrases That You Should Know!

Are you planning a trip to Russia? Then getting yourself acquainted with the native language and the basic Russian phrases is undoubtedly a must! In this article, you will learn about essential words and expressions that will certainly help you speak fluently and help you advance in this epic language. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!


Learning Russian

If you find yourself in a position wherein you are constantly thinking about traveling for the first time to Russia and speaking with the locals, this article is perfect for you!

To be able to learn Russian takes a lot of work – like any other language that a foreign or an English speaker is learning. Not just that, but learning Russian and being able to speak Russian entails a lot of truths that one should be aware of.

First, it uses the Cyrillic alphabet, which is already hard in itself – this doesn’t mean to scare you, though! If you will do a quick search on how the alphabet looks, you might be surprised by how complicated it is!

Aside from that, numerous grammar rules make it more confusing. On the bright side, even if that is the case, the language’s sentence structure is flexible. This goes to show that learning a new language is definitely complex and takes so much time and effort.

Worry not! The Ling App is here to the rescue. We will start with learning the essential Russian phrases and get you acquainted with the Russian words in order for you to be able to start your language learning journey. This will definitely be a walk in the park for you. Before you know it, you might be able to master the Russian language and say the basic Russian words with so much ease!



Your Ultimate Cheatsheet In Common Russian Phrases

Whether learning a Russian word per day or completing a Russian lesson a week, we all start somewhere. If you fancy learning about Russian phrases used by real locals, you should continue reading!

Good morningDobroye utro[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Dobroye utro[/Speechword]
Good afternoonDobryy den[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Dobryy den[/Speechword]
Good eveningDobryy vecher[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Dobryy vecher[/Speechword]
Good nightDobroi nochi[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Dobroi nochi[/Speechword]
I’m sorryMne zhal[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Mne zhal[/Speechword]
Thank youSpasib[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Spasib[/Speechword]
How are you?Kak dela?[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Kak dela?[/Speechword]
You’re welcomePozhaluysta[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Pozhaluysta[/Speechword]
I am okay, thank youHarasho, spasibo[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Harasho, spasibo[/Speechword]
What’s your name?Kak tebya zovut?[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Kak tebya zovut?[/Speechword]
My name is…Menya zovut…[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Menya zovut…[/Speechword]
I am from…Ya iz[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Ya iz[/Speechword]
Where are you from?Otkuda ty?[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Otkuda ty[/Speechword]
Excuse meIzvinite[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Izvinite[/Speechword]
Have a good dayNu togda do svidaniya.[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Nu togda do svidaniya.[/Speechword]
Take careZabotit’sya[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Zabotit’sya[/Speechword]
Don’t worryNe volnuysya[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Ne volnuysya[/Speechword]
Wait a minutePodozhdite minutu[Speechword voice=”Russian Female” isinline]Podozhdite minutu[/Speechword]

These are just a couple of common phrases that can help you learn Russian fast and will allow you to hold a basic conversation with someone. Do note that these phrases still don’t have the stress as well as the Cyrillic version of it. We still have a long way to go!

But keep in mind that familiarizing these and the phrases’ sounds are a huge factor in mastering Russian. Knowing the basics, or even a few phrases, can really help you integrate it better when you are already on your way to understanding and knowing the structure and the grammatical rules and exceptions.

Whether it is to speak a different language other than to speak English, get to know the Russian language, or just simply know the basic Russian phrases, these more than 15 examples can be of great help.


Final Reminder

Although these Russian phrases are useful, it is still important to know the Russian culture and their way of respect. This is to avoid misunderstandings as well as potential miscommunication. Being proactive in learning their way of life and how the people are is also important. After all, there is sometimes more meaning behind every word or expression that the locals may know of. To further your knowledge of these and differentiate the formal versions from the informal way of speaking, the Ling App is more than happy to help!


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