How To Say Cheers In Russian: 3+ Best Ways!

Russians love to drink. In fact, it is already a part of their culture. And what better way for you to vibe with your Russian friends or know the Russian culture a bit more than also to understand how they drink, right? Good thing we have prepared the best guide for learning how to say cheers in Russian like a real pro! If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Russian Drinking Culture

How To Say Cheers In Russian

Before we talk about how to say cheers in Russian, it is important to know their drinking etiquette!

Aside from how this pays respect to their drinking culture and traditions, this is also an excellent way for you not to come across as rude. No one wants that, especially if you are drinking with people you have just met!

Say A Toast!

Russians make it a point to toast over everything and anything. And so, if you plan to drink, make it a point to say a toast! Regardless of what this toast may be about, whether it is a toast for the birthday girl, a wedding party, or to the lovely ladies you are with, make it a point that you do. Because they love any excuse to drink, make sure you also say a toast is a must. Never forget!

Clink Glasses!

Aside from saying a toast or two, always clink your glasses too! Regardless of the reason, you show respect to the host and their culture over drinking by clinking your glass.

Accept The Drink That Is Given!

When it comes to drinking with Russians, it is considered impolite if you refuse a drink. When someone gives you a drink, it is better to accept it. Don’t worry because you don’t need to finish it! You have to have a few sips, and you are good to go!

How To Say Cheers In Russian

How To Say Cheers In Russian

We will now walk you through how you can toast and say cheers in Russian! Of course, when it comes to large crowds and parties, there will be a mixed company, so it is essential to know a handful of ways to propose a toast.

To Health

Translation: за здоровье (Za zdorov’ye)

Example: cheers to good health, may you live long! – Здоровья тебе, долгой жизни! (Zdorov’ya tebe, dolgoy zhizni!)

Applicable to any situation, this is one of the popular toasts you can say on any occasion. From parties and weddings, to small gatherings, nothing beats a toast that is for everyone’s good health!

To Love

Translation: 3а любовь (Za lyubov’)

Example: Let us cheers to love! – Будем ура любить! (Budem ura lyubit’!)

Perfect for events like weddings and anniversaries, you can definitely use this. For both the beautiful bride and dashing groom, this will surely make their wedding unforgettable!

To Our Friendship

Translation: За нашу дружбу (Za nashu druzhbu)

Example: Here’s a toast to our friendship! – Вот тост за нашу дружбу! (Vot tost za nashu druzhbu!)

If you are out partying with your friends or want to toast to the people who just became one, you can say this! Perfect for any occasion, this is an excellent way to remind them that you treasure friendship and love them dearly too.

To Our Meeting

Translation: За встречу (Za Vstrechu)

Example: To our meeting! may these relationships last long! – На нашу встречу! пусть эти отношения будут долгими! (Na nashu vstrechu! pust’ eti otnosheniya budut dolgimi!)

When it comes to meeting people for the first time, it can be a hit or a miss. However, if it is the first, know this famous toast to impress the other person easily.

To Parents

Translation: за родителей (Za raditeley)

Example: To our parents and their prosperous life! Cheers! – За наших родителей и их благополучную жизнь! ваше здоровье! (Za nashikh roditeley i ikh blagopoluchnuyu zhizn’! vashe zdorov’ye!)

One popular toast that you can say, especially at family gatherings or dinners, is the za raditeley. This kind expression will surely make your parents feel loved and special even on the most random days.

To Success

Translation: К успеху (K uspekhu)

Example: To your success and your dreams, cheers! – К вашим успехам и вашим мечтам, ура! (K vashim uspekham i vashim mechtam, ura!)

What better way to celebrate success than toast to it, right? Though some can be long toasts, you can indeed say this to give encouragement and recognition to certain milestones that you have achieved and will be achieving!

To Us

Translation: Нам (Nam)

Example: Cheers to us! – Здоровья нам! (Zdorov’ya nam!)

Regardless of your friend or lover, you can certainly use this to commemorate an occasion worth celebrating! In fact, when it comes to various occasions, this is something common that you hear. And so if you have a Russian friend or lover, this might come in useful to you.

To You

Translation: Тебе (Тебе)

Example: Let’s drink to you! – Выпьем за тебя! (Vyp’yem za tebya!)

Birthdays, celebrations – you name it. This can definitely be your go-to whenever you feel like proposing a toast. And because this is applicable to almost all situations and it is also not hard to keep in mind, you will surely be toasting from one toast to another with this!

Wait, There Are More Ways To Say It!

Learning about the Russian language and its amazing culture doesn’t stop now because down below is more ways to say cheers the Russian way! If this is something that you are interested in, be sure that you read more down below and get your daily dose of Russian words and phrases!

Cheers!за твоё здоровье (Za tvoyo zdorov’ye!)
For the bride and groom!за жениха и невесту (Za zhenikha i nevestu)
For the newlyweds!за новобрачных (Za novobrachnykh!)
Let us drink to…выпьем за то чтобы (Vyp’yem za to chtoby)
Let’s drink to that!давайте выпьем за то (Davayte vyp’yem za to)
To the owner of this house!за хозяйку этого дома (Za khozyayku etogo doma)

Indeed, Russian is a beautiful language. Though sometimes it is seen as a very complex language to learn, you can always start small! By knowing these phrases, you will surely be able to pick up a word or two while being able to get to know their beautiful culture too. And in case you need a sign to learn Russian, consider this as one! At the end of the day, while learning a language can be challenging, all it takes is the right amount of focus, effort, and the best resources. Good thing, the Ling App is here to help you!

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