20+ Awesome Vietnamese Words For Video Games

Vietnamese words for video games

Ever considered immersing yourself in the electrifying realm of the Vietnamese language for gaming, often referred to as “từ ngữ về trò chơi điện tử” (literal translation: video game vocabulary)?

As you embark on this exhilarating adventure, enhancing your character and unraveling the enigmatic gaming puzzles, have you ever wondered how these actions manifest in the captivating Vietnamese dialect? Fret not, for this journey is not a solo one. Brace yourself and delve into these fascinating 20+ Vietnamese words for video games, carefully curated for the intricate world of gaming.

Cracking The Code: “Gaming” In The Vietnamese Language

In Vietnamese, “trò chơi” (pronounced as “trow choy”) stands as the term for “gaming,” a direct counterpart of the English term “game.” However, the Vietnamese language offers several synonyms and related expressions to encapsulate the essence of gaming:

  • Trò chơi điện tử (pronounced as “trow choy dee-en tuh”): This phrase distinctly signifies electronic games or games played on electronic devices, with ‘điện tử’ translating to electronic.
  • Chơi game (pronounced as “choy game”): This phrase translates to “play games” or “gaming” in English and eloquently portrays the act of engaging in gaming activities.
  • Người chơi game (pronounced as “nwow-ee choy game”): This phrase translates to “game player” or “gamer,” pointing to individuals actively participating in gaming.

These terms and phrases reign supreme in Vietnamese conversations, shedding light on the gaming universe, whether you’re diving into console games, online escapades, or mobile adventures. They serve as your trusty compass within the Vietnamese gaming community, enabling effective communication of your gaming experiences.

The Different Types Of Video Games In Vietnamese

Learning Vietnamese is a quest in itself, but let us help you with these useful translations of the types of games into Vietnamese.

Action GameTrò Chơi Hành Dộng
Adventure GameTrò Chơi Phiêu Lưu
Shooting GameTrò Chơi Bắn Súng
Horror GameTrò Chơi Kinh Dị
Drama GameTrò Chơi Kịch Tính
Sports GameTrò Chơi Thể Thao
Casual GameTrò Chơi Giải Trí
Shooter GameTrò Chơi Bắn Dúng
Guess The Artist GameTrò Chơi Doán Nghệ Sĩ
City-Building GameTrò Chơi Xây Dựng Thành Phố

Vietnamese Words For Video Games

Let’s face this fundamental truth: Gaming unfurls a lexicon of its own, and each language imbues a distinct hue into this gaming odyssey. Today, we beckon you to plunge into how the enthralling realm of Vietnam infuses its indigenous essence into the language of gaming. Ready? Hit that play button!

PlayerNgười Chơi
CharacterNhân Vật
Level Cấp Dộ
Mission Nhiệm Vụ
InventoryHàng Tồn Kho
Boss Quái Vật Chủ
MultiplayerChơi Da Người
ConsoleMáy Chơi Game
Game Over Kết Thúc Trò Chơi
ControllerBộ Diều Khiển
Vietnamese words for video games

Vietnamese Gaming Expressions: A Labyrinth of Language

Soak yourself into the world of Vietnamese games with these expressions and impress Vietnamese gamers.

Play the gameChơi game This phrase is a simple invitation or statement to play a video game.
Want to play together?Cùng chơi không?This expression is an invitation to play a game together, emphasizing collaboration or co-op play.
Done!Đã xong!This phrase is used to indicate that a task or objective has been completed.
Let’s fight!Chiến thôi!A rallying cry to engage in combat or take action in the game.
Hurry up!Nhanh lên!An urging phrase to prompt someone to act quickly or move faster in the game.
Our team is attacking!Nhóm mình tấn công!This phrase communicates a team strategy of launching an offensive or attacking the opponent.
Hold the position!Hãy giữ vững vị trí! An instruction to maintain a specific location or defend a certain position in the game.
Keep fighting!Tiếp tục chiến đấu! Encouragement to persevere and continue battling or engaging in the game.
Focus!Phải tập trung! A reminder to concentrate and pay attention to the game, often during critical moments.
I need support here!Mình cần hỗ trợ ở đây!Request for assistance or support from teammates in a particular area of the game.
Be careful!Cẩn thận! A cautionary phrase to advise someone to be cautious or wary of potential dangers or traps in the game.
Don’t let us lose!Không để chúng ta thua! A motivational statement to encourage team members to perform well and secure victory in the game.
If you die, respawn!Nếu chết rồi, hãy tái tạo! Information or reminders about the game’s mechanics indicate how to come back to life after being defeated.
Do better!Làm tốt lên! Encouragement to improve one’s performance or skills in the game.
Let’s fight to the end! Hãy cùng chiến đấu đến cùng!A rallying cry to motivate the team to fight with determination and persistence until the game’s conclusion.

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