Slovenian Population: Epic Facts You Must Know This 2022

slovenian population

Planning to visit Celje and Piran? We can’t blame you since Slovenia is a must-visit due to its fantastic range of Instagram-worthy sites. Geographically, it shares its boundaries with Italy to the west, Austria to the north, Hungary to the northeast, and Croatia to the southeast, making it an excellent travel destination if you plan to traverse any of those places during your trip. In this article, we will walk you through the essential details related to the Slovenian population so that you’ll be prepared to take on your trip like a pro. Let’s get started!

Slovenian Population

According to the United Nations Population Division, the population density of Slovenia is estimated at around 2 million people. The majority of the total population is composed of Slovenians, but there are also many other ethnic groups, such as Serbs (2%), Croats (1.8%), and Bosniaks (1.1%). Slovenia appears to have a population density of about 101 people per square kilometer (262/sq mi), which makes it rank 106th in the world.

Slovenia’s Population Density

About 70% of the population lives in urban areas or central regions like Ljubljana. Based on recent calculated projections, the current population includes a higher percentage of aging people, so there might be a significant decrease in the total population in the future. At present, the age group distribution reflects the following:

  • Children (0-14): 14.84% (male 160k/female 151k)
  • Early working age (15-24): 9.01% (male 98k/female 91k)
  • Prime working age (25-54): 40.73% (male 449k/female 406k)
  • Mature working age (55-64): 14.19% (male 148k/female 149k)
  • Elderly (65 years+): 21.23% (male 192k/female 253k)

One important factor to consider in terms of the decline in the total population is the alarming suicide rate in the country. Surprisingly, data shows that Slovenia is among the countries in the world with record-high suicide rates in all of Europe! The country experiences 17.5 suicides per 100,000 inhabitants! That’s undoubtedly above the world average of 9.26 suicides per 100,000 people.

Population Of Top Ten Cities Of Slovenia

slovenian population

Let’s get to know more about the Slovenia population data in the sections below.


If you are familiar with Slovenia, you must have heard about its stunning capital, Ljubljana. It is the largest city that prides itself on having 286,978 people of different ages. With such a vast number of immigrants, locals, and tourists staying in this part of the country, there’s no wonder why this is considered the most popular place within the country.


Maribor is the second-most-populous city in the country and has also been given the name “the city of wine” because it has the world’s oldest wine. According to the most recent historical data, it is estimated that Maribor has about 96,302 people living in the city.


Velenje is the third most populous city identified in northeastern Slovenia. Many of the locals enjoy this place because of its outstanding scenery, as the Salek valley and Pohorje mountains surround the city. According to the locals, this is where most of the younger crowd stays (about 53,462 people), which is why the government is always holding vibrant festivals geared toward the youth.


Celje comes in fourth place in the population distribution table of the population in Slovenia. According to recent estimates, there are 48,679 people currently living in the city.


It is the fifth most populous city in Slovenia and is a famous city due to the poet France Preseren. Kranj is known as the cultural heart of Slovenia, which is why it’s a no-brainer why about 37,605 people chose to live here than any other part of the country. What gives this place a unique value is that it is very close to nature!

Novo Mesto

It is the sixth-largest city in Slovenia, having 37,398 people. Novo is surrounded by elegant villages which attract visitors. Although it is not a well-known destination, this city has a lot to offer adventurous people.


Koper is the seventh largest city occupying the southwestern part of the country and is the largest coastal city. It has several historic sites perfect for anyone interested in genuinely getting to know the country and appreciating better the way of life of the locals. Currently, it has about 23,726 inhabitants, making up 1.231% of the total percentage of the Slovenian population.


Ptuj secures the eighth rank in terms of the population of Slovenia. According to recent research, this city has 17,880 people in the area. This region in Europe will surely steal your heart with its immense beauty!


Trbovlje is known to be the home of Laibach, the icon of Slovenia’s industrial theme. In terms of population, 16,290 people enjoy the beauty of this historical country, making it the ninth most populated city in the country.


Kamnik is the tenth most populous city in the country and has approximately 13,774 people. It is a beautiful medieval town blessed with glorious natural beauty, a great attraction for visitors. If you are a book lover, this is the best thing you will love about Kamnik! It has a well-stocked Franciscan library with 10,000 books in it. So, book your tickets now and visit this marvelous beauty on earth.

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