8 Easy And Simple Vietnamese Words To Read For Beginners

Simple Vietnamese Words To Read- Featured Ling App

Are you someone who speaks English and wants to learn simple Vietnamese words to read? Welcome then! Here, we’ll voyage through these easy words that won’t give you a headache. Read further if you’re ready to cruise through these interesting terms in Vietnam!

One of the fascinating things about immersing yourself in a new culture is the language. Vietnamese, with its tonal accents and unique sounds, might seem a bit challenging for the uninitiated. However, don’t be discouraged! Start with some simple words, and soon you’ll be on your way to having basic conversations with the locals. To give you a head start, we’ve compiled a list of straightforward Vietnamese words you should know.

Simple Vietnamese Words To Read

The fun part about studying Vietnamese is getting to understand the Vietnamese alphabet. Imagine yourself low-key bragging about your knowledge to some of your siblings as they fail to understand the words written on their screens. Well, here are some words you can try adding to your vocabulary to intrigue them more!


1. Hello – Xin Chào (Sin Chow)

Most common Vietnamese phrases can be quite easy to read, just like this one! Hello or Xin chào is a friendly way to greet locals in Vietnam. Although the difficulty of a word is subjective, you might agree that this two-syllable word won’t make you sweat bullets while trying to read and pronounce it.

The pronunciation of this word is pretty straightforward. Imagine taking the “Sh” sound in the word “Shoe” and copying the “In” sound in the word “In” for the first syllable. For the second one, just remember how you say “Chow” in “Chowder, then you’re good to go!

Simple Vietnamese Words to Read (Thank You)- Ling App

2. Thank You – Cảm ơn (Kam Uhn)

During your first voyage in the Vietnamese vocabulary, you’re first greeted with this word of gratitude– Cảm ơn (Thank you). This is another two-syllable word that can be a piece of cake to pronounce for English speakers. Here’s a tip on verbalizing this; take the “Cam” in “Camera” and then say “Uhn” instead of “On.”

3. Yes/No – Có/Không (Koh/Khong)

When traveling in the busy markets of Hanoi, the chances of getting an offer from a vendor are quite high. So, if you ever get a rhetorical question, it’s important to know the basic Vietnamese words for “Yes” and “No.” You can affirm politely by using Có, which is pronounced like “Koh” in English, while you can decline by saying Không, which is said with a slightly raspy enunciation of “Kh.”

4. Delicious – Ngon (Ngon)

Vietnamese food has an astonishing culinary heritage, so it’s hard not to use basic Vietnamese words such as “Ngon” to complement their dish. It’s a single-syllable term that won’t make your tongue circus in several twists. Remember that in saying this word, you’ll need to take the “Ng” sound from “Song.” Make sure that you make it soft-sounding. While the “On” at the end is quite similar to the word “Yawn.”

Simple Vietnamese Words to Read (Water)- Ling App

5. Water – Nước (Nook)

Staying hydrated is a must in Vietnam, considering the tropical heat surging their land! Well, luckily, it’s an easy word to read. Imagine yourself saying the word “New,” that’s how you verbalize the first syllable, while the second part is similar to the “Uck” of the word “Duck.” It’s easy, don’t you think?

Simple Vietnamese Words to Read (Coffee)- Ling App

6. Coffee – Cà phê (Cah Fe)

Vietnam and its rich, flavorful, and unique coffee won’t miss a place on your to-find list once you get to Vietnam. They’re quite renowned for their coffee, so finding coffee shops can be one of your priorities. But how do you exactly say “Coffee” in Vietnamese? The “Cà” sound is similar to how you say “Cat” but without the ‘t’ and “Phê” is quite the same as how you’d pronounce the “Cafe” in French.

7. Market – Chợ (choh)

There are plenty of markets in Vietnam, and they call them Chợ in the Vietnamese language. This word may come in handy in your daily life in the country if you ever plan to stay there for a long time. Saying this is just like saying “Chuh,” it can be a little tricky at first for those who only speak English; but if you keep saying it in a mid-pitch and then drop the pitch later on, you’d master it in no time.

8. Beautiful – Đẹp (dep)

Aside from the warmth of Vietnamese people, another thing that you’d notice about the beautiful country would be its captivating landscapes. You can always use simple Vietnamese phrases and words to deliver your astonishment in their local language, such as Đẹp (Beautiful). Its pronunciation is pretty simple as it only requires a descending pitch on “e.”

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