3+ Blissful Ways To Say Good Night In Slovenian

“Good night, and good sleep, everyone!” Most people are very acquainted with that feeling, and perhaps you even remember lovingly expressing it to someone you care about or the other way around.

Though wishing someone good night might sound simple, it is an amazing way to nurture warm feelings. This article is perfect for you if you want to learn Slovenian and how to say good night in Slovenian.

Saying Good Night In Slovenian

The most basic way of wishing someone a good night in the Slovenian language is by saying, “Lahko noč!” You don’t need to add anything else, especially in a formal setting. Slovenian people love genuineness. Therefore, they would love it if you talked about your feelings while wishing them a good night in their native language. Here are more valuable ways to use good night that you should know about:

Good evening!Dober večer!
Good night!Lahko noč!
See you tomorrow!Se vidimo jutri!
Sleep well!Dobro spi!
So long!Tako dolgo!
Welcome back!Dobrodošel nazaj!
Welcome! (formal)Živjo!
Welcome! (informal)Dobrodošel!

Expressions To Say Good Night

Good night, have a restful night, and I can not wait to see your dazzling face tomorrow.Lahko noč, mirno noč in komaj čakam, da jutri vidim tvoj bleščeč obraz.
Here is a brief letter to wish you a lovely evening as you try to sleep.Tukaj je kratko pismo, v katerem vam želim lep večer, ko poskušate zaspati.
I can’t even begin to express how happy I am to have you in my life.Sploh ne morem opisati, kako srečen sem, da te imam v svojem življenju.
I consider how fortunate I am to have you as I go off to sleep and how much more life is worth living because of you.Ko grem spat, pomislim, kako srečen sem, da te imam, in koliko več življenja je vredno živeti zaradi tebe.
I could think about you all night, so I hope to see you in my sleep.Lahko bi mislil nate vso noč, zato je tukaj upanje, da te vidim v spanju.
I hope you have a restful night.Upam, da imaš mirno noč.
I’ll be hoping to see you there.Upam, da se vidimo tam.
I’m sending you some tender cuddles.Pošiljam ti nežne objeme.
I’m smiling as I sleep, hoping I’ll hear from you in the morning.Nasmejan sem, ko spim, upam na jutro, da se slišim.
Take note that I dream of you the last thing at night and the very first thing every morning as you drift off to sleep.Upoštevaj, da te sanjam zadnjo stvar ponoči in prvo vsako jutro, ko toneš v spanec.
Think of me keeping you near while you keep your eyes shut and drift off to sleep.Pomisli na mene, da te držim blizu, medtem ko ti držiš zaprte oči in toneš v spanec.

Why Send A Good Night Message?

Good Night In Slovenian

In general, sending good-night texts or saying sweet goodnight messages is meant to let your loved ones know that you love them. If you are in the workplace, it is also a great way to signal that you want to end the conversation and that you’ll hit the sack soon. Depending on the type of expression you use, it can help build a better, more beautiful relationship with your Slovenian friends or loved ones.

Why Learn Good Night In Slovenian?

A good bedtime routine is essential because it helps children feel safe, secure, and loved. For parents, it is important that they spend some time tucking their children in and reading them stories until they fall asleep. It sounds like a scene from a movie, right? However, this routine can actually help build intimacy and love between a child and a parent.

If you are not someone who sings lullabies and reads stories, one way by which you can show your love is by giving your kid a cute good night message. Fortunately, there are several ways by which you can do this!

Nightlife In Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the best places to be as it has a relatively active nightlife! As soon as the sun goes down, you can hear bars setting up their business and musicians warming up as they get ready to rock your night! In fact, some of the festivals in Slovenia are even better during the nighttime!

Some of the most incredible spots to experience the local nightlife are Žmavc, Pub Bled, and a street garden. The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is renowned for its vibrant nightlife. However, the nighttime of other Slovenian cities also draws people there.

If you aren’t fond of loud music or drinking in bars, you may visit a city on the seaside and unwind at a wine bar in a tranquil setting. These pubs have a live, quiet song playing, and the breeze adds to the relaxing ambiance. You can even enjoy delicious Slovenian food on a romantic night or just discover hole-in-the-wall restaurants that are yet to be seen by the public! Or you may embark on a boat excursion at dusk to enjoy the stunning Slovenian evening. Trust me. There is a lot to do at night in Slovenia.

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