50+ Easy Words For Daily Routines In Vietnamese

Daily Routines In Vietnamese

Are you on the hunt for the best set of words to use to describe your thói quen or daily routines in Vietnamese? If that is the case, then you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll go over a host of top Vietnamese vocabulary and expressions that you can use to explain in detail what you commonly do day and night. Learning these will undoubtedly help you communicate your thoughts better with the locals, as this is one of the usual topics of conversation. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Aristotle once said that “We are what we repeatedly do.” All of us take on a new day differently, and our choices on how we do it reflect a lot about who we are. Some may start their mornings by doom scrolling on social media, while others eat breakfast early with friends and family or do a quick exercise. These routines may even change from time to time, depending on our moods, energy, and physical state. Regardless of how you kickstart your day, no one can say you are not doing the right thing.

If you are planning to travel to Vietnam, there’s a high chance that the locals may be interested in getting to know you through your daily routines. Not only can they get to know your daily habits, but they might also get some ideas about your country’s culture. To effectively describe your typical day, try to use the daily routines in Vietnamese words we will cover below.

What are the Daily routines in Vietnamese

What Are The Daily Routines In Vietnamese?

To help you learn faster and look for the translations easily, we divided the words based on when the routines are usually executed by many. With that said, let’s now dive deep and extend your vocabulary to Vietnamese.

Morning Routines In The Vietnamese Language

When it comes to the big cities in Vietnam, you can find that the roads are always busy, and it seems that the people are always in a rush. One of the details we love about their culture is that many tend to wake up early. Instead of just sitting around, the locals join exercise sessions within their community. With this said, foreigners are welcome to join the aerobic exercises or Zumba events usually held in community centers.

If ever you get the chance to talk with the locals at this time, make sure to use any of the words below.

To wake upThức Dậy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Thức Dậy[/Speechword]
To wash one’s faceRửa Mặt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Rửa Mặt[/Speechword]
To go to workĐi Làm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đi Làm[/Speechword]
To exerciseTập thể dục[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Tập thể dục[/Speechword]
To showerTắm Vòi Sen[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Tắm Vòi Sen[/Speechword]
To get dressedMặc áo quần[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Mặc áo quần[/Speechword]
To have breakfastĂn sáng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ăn sáng[/Speechword]
To brush teethĐánh răng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đánh răng[/Speechword]
To dry hairSấy Tóc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Sấy Tóc[/Speechword]
To make coffeeĐể Pha Cà Phê[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để Pha Cà Phê[/Speechword]
To openMở[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Mở[/Speechword]
To callGọi Điện[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Gọi Điện[/Speechword]
To drinkUống[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Uống[/Speechword]
To pack lunchGói bữa trưa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Gói bữa trưa[/Speechword]
To stretchĐể căng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để căng[/Speechword]
To make bedDọn giường[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Dọn giường[/Speechword]

Afternoon Routines In The Vietnamese Language

Like the Philippines and Japan, Vietnam also has a relatively slow-paced afternoon. Usually, the locals are allowed to take a quick siesta or power nap to recharge their energy during lunchtime. If you want to describe how you usually spend your afternoons, make sure to throw in some Vietnamese words from the table below while speaking.

To have lunchĂn trưa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ăn trưa[/Speechword]
To take out the trashĐổ Rác[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đổ Rác[/Speechword]
To surf the netLướt Web[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Lướt Web[/Speechword]
To workLàm việc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Làm việc[/Speechword]
To play gamesChơi trò chơi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Chơi trò chơi[/Speechword]
To cleanLàm sạch[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Làm sạch[/Speechword]
To cookNấu ăn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Nấu ăn[/Speechword]
To do the laundryGiặt giũ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Giặt giũ[/Speechword]
To buy groceriesĐể mua hàng tạp hóa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để mua hàng tạp hóa[/Speechword]
To attend a meetingTham dự một cuộc họp[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Tham dự một cuộc họp[/Speechword]
To watch a movieĐể xem một bộ phim[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để xem một bộ phim[/Speechword]
To restĐể nghỉ ngơi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để nghỉ ngơi[/Speechword]
To waitChờ đợi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Chờ đợi[/Speechword]
To walk the dogDắt chó đi dạo[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Dắt chó đi dạo[/Speechword]
To ride the busĐi xe buýt[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đi xe buýt[/Speechword]
To readĐọc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đọc [/Speechword]
Night Daily routines in Vietnamese

Night Routines In The Vietnamese Language

After a busy day of work, nothing beats the excitement we feel whenever it’s time to go back home. To connect with the locals better, we urge you to support your sentences by adding these daily routines in Vietnamese words below.

To set an alarmĐặt Báo Thức[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đặt Báo Thức[/Speechword]
To go to bedĐi Ngủ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đi Ngủ[/Speechword]
To have dinnerĂn tối[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ăn tối[/Speechword]
To gargleSúc miệng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Súc miệng[/Speechword]
To batheTắm Bồn[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Tắm Bồn[/Speechword]
To snoreNgủ Ngáy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ngủ Ngáy[/Speechword]
To brush hairĐể chải tóc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để chải tóc[/Speechword]
To lock the doorĐể khóa cửa[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để khóa cửa[/Speechword]
To watch TVCoi tivi[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Coi tivi[/Speechword]
To sleepNgủ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ngủ[/Speechword]
To speakNói[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Nói[/Speechword]
To closeĐóng[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đóng[/Speechword]
To take medicineUống thuốc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Uống thuốc[/Speechword]

Other Vietnamese Daily Routines

To comb hairChải Tóc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Chải Tóc[/Speechword]
To listen to musicNghe nhạc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Nghe nhạc[/Speechword]
To writeViết[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Viết[/Speechword]
To walkĐi bộ[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đi bộ[/Speechword]
To ride a bikeĐi xe đạp[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Đi xe đạp[/Speechword]
To fillLàm Đầy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Làm Đầy[/Speechword]
To oversleepNgủ Quên[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Ngủ Quên[/Speechword]
To shaveCạo râu[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Cạo râu[/Speechword]
To prepareĐể xem một bộ phim[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để xem một bộ phim[/Speechword]
To studyHọc[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Học[/Speechword]
To order foodGọi Món[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Gọi Món[/Speechword]
To go shoppingMua Sắm[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Mua Sắm[/Speechword]
To danceNhảy[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Nhảy[/Speechword]
To comeđến[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]đến[/Speechword]
To buy ticketĐể mua vé[Speechword voice=”Vietnamese Female” isinline]Để mua vé [/Speechword]
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