40 Easy Labels For Family Members In Czech

Last updated on November 16th, 2022 at 12:53 am

You probably can instantly recognize the powerful combination of blue, red, and white colors in flags. While there may be a huge number of countries that use that same combination, one of the most notable ones is the Czech Republic. Interested to add a few vocabularies to your list? Read our comprehensive labels for family members in Czech today!

The Czech Republic is one of the best places to give its landlocked position in Europe. Bordering it are Poland, Germany, Slovakia, and Austria, making it the ultimate travel destination if you intend to visit multiple places at once. Add to that is the fact that it has unlimited sightseeing opportunities despite its size! Ever heard of Prague Castle? How about the St. Vitus Cathedral or the Krumlov Castle? You can find all that in the Czech Republic!

Family Members In The Czech Language

There is denying that families play an integral role in our development. This may include relations by affinity, co-residence (family servants who you grow up with), or consanguinity. Regardless of your reason for learning this, we understand that some of us may indeed encounter situations wherein you are to meet the whole family of a special Czech person you know. You may not be able to use all of these in our list as a foreigner, but it is always useful to know the basic translations for these labels.

Learning the Czech language does not have to be hard. By simply practicing and broadening your vocabulary list, it is highly possible for you to sound like a native speaker in just a few sessions. To help you get started, we have added here a list of the family members and their Czech counterparts so that you can properly label each member of the household easily.



Czech Language Translation Example Sentence
Rodina Family Miluji svou rodinu I love my family
Rodiče Parents Vážím si svých rodičů I respect my parents
Manžel Husband Kevin je můj manžel Kevin is my husband
Manželka Wife Manželka je krásná
Děti Children Budeme mít dobré děti We will have good children
Dítě Child Je to vaše dítě? Is that your child?
Prarodiče Grandparents Moji prarodiče jsou doma My grandparents are at home
Dědeček Grandfather Můj dědeček vypadá silně My grandfather looks strong
Babička Grandmother Moje babička vypadá úžasně My grandmother looks stunning
Pradědeček Great grandfather Ten muž je tvůj pradědeček That man is your great grandfather
Prababička Great grandmother Chybí mi moje prababička I miss my great grandmother
Otec Father Jeho otec je podnikatel His father is a businessman
Táta Dad Jeho táta hrával na kytaru His dad used to play the guitar
Tatínek Daddy Je to skvělý tatínek He is a great daddy
Matka Mother Moje matka je svatá My mother is a saint
Máma Mom Její máma to zabalila Her mom packed it
Maminka Mommy Jaká skvělá maminka! What a great mommy!
Sourozenci Siblings Setkal jste se s mými sourozenci? Have you met my siblings?
Syn Son To je můj hezký syn. This is my handsome son.
Dcera Daughter Moje dcera se vdává My daughter is getting married
Bratr Brother Jeho bratr vypadá dobře His brother looks good
Bratříček Little brother Malý bratříček je roztomilý The little brother looks cute
Brácha Brother (informal) Jak se máš brácha? How are you, brother?
Sestra Sister Je to tvá sestra? Is she your sister?
Ségra Sister (informal) Jak se máš ségra? How are you, sister?
Sestřička Little sister Chci mluvit s tvojí sestřička I want to speak with your little sister
Strýc Uncle Setkáme se tam, strýčku! Meet you soon, uncle!
Teta Aunt Moje teta je moje všechno! My aunt is my everything!
Bratranec Male cousin Moje teta je moje všechno bratranec? Have your seen my cousin?
Sestřenice Female cousin Ještě jsem nepotkal svého sestřenice I have not yet met my cousin
Synovec Nephew Tady je tvůj synovec Here is your nephew
Neteř Niece Miluji svou neteř I love my niece
Vnoučata Grandchildren Dám svůj život za vnoučata I will offer my life for my grandchildren
Vnouče Grandchild Nemám vnouče! I do not have a grandchild!
Vnučka Granddaughter Moje vnučka je princezna My granddaughter is a princess
Vnuk Grandson Můj vnuk brzy navrhne My grandson will propose soon
Tchán Father-in-law Nemám rád svého tchána. I do not like my father-in-law.
Tchýně Mother-in-law Moje tchyně zemřela My mother-in-law passed away!
Švagr Brother-in-law Můj švagr je dobrý člověk My brother-in-law is a good man
Švagrová Sister-in-law Moje švagrová je krásná a talentovaná My sister in law is beautiful and talented

Ready to speak with native Czech speakers? As I end this article, I hope that I was able to shed light and give you the quickest and most comprehensive list of the ways to label the family members in Czech. If you liked this post, please feel free to share it on social media and read other similar posts like how to say thank you and I love you in our target language. For more language lessons and tips, I recommend that you sign-up with Ling App, a flexible learning application that will satisfy your needs for the most native ways to speak a language anytime and anywhere.

Learning A New Language Is Fun!

Learning Czech may seem like a daunting task given the challenges in terms of pronunciation and grammar. However, with the right motivation and enthusiasm to learn, we bet that you can navigate this language in an instant.

Make the most out of your spare time by reviewing the basic vocabs, Czech expressions, grammatical structures, and even speaking patterns with the help of a dedicated educational platform like the Ling App, one of the biggest language learning apps today. For additional reinforcement in the Czech language, download the application today and take advantage of the fun mini-games, Chatbots, and engaging quizzes that will surely encourage you to practice every single day.

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