30+ Best Ukrainian Question Words To Learn

If you think about it, we’re constantly asking questions all day long. Whether we’re asking ourselves what we need to get done that day or asking someone else what they want to eat or how they’re feeling, questions are a big part of our lives. That’s why, if you’re planning on traveling to Ukraine or are already in Ukraine, it’s essential to learn Ukrainian question words! After all, how you going to ask Ukrainian people questions if you don’t know the right words?

If you want to know where the best place in town to eat is or the best hike, what better way to ask a Ukrainian local? Those are just a few of the ways these question words could come in handy, but there are so many other supporting reasons. If you are interested to learn more, make sure to keep reading!

Essential Ukrainian Question Words And Phrases

To some, the Ukrainian language can be complicated and overwhelming at first, but don’t get intimidated. Remember to start with the basics, like these question words! Once you start getting more familiar with the language, you can start learning more complex and difficult vocabulary and structures.

 Ukrainian Question Words
WhatМоже бути (Mozhe buty)
WhereДе (De)
Whyчому (Chomu)
Howяк (Yak)
WhenКоли (Koly)
WhoВООЗ (Vooz?)
What is your name?Як вас звати? (Yak vas zvaty?)
Who are you?Хто ти? (Khto ty?)
Who are you with?З ким ви? (Z kym vy?)
How old are you?Скільки тобі років? (Skilʹky tobi rokiv?)
Where are you from?Звідки ти? (Zvidky ty?)
What time is it?Котра година? (Kotra hodyna?)
When are you coming back?Коли ти повернешся? (Koly ty poverneshsya?)
When are you leaving?Коли ви їдете? (Koly vy yidete?)
When will we meet?Коли ми зустрінемось? (Koly my zustrinemosʹ?)
When will you arrive?Коли ти приїдеш? (Koly ty pryyidesh?)
Why are you here?Чому ти тут? (Chomu ty tut?)
Why did you do that?Чому ти це зробив? (Chomu ty tse zrobyv?)
How do I do that?Як це зробити? (Yak tse zrobyty?)
How are you?Як ти? (Yak ty?)
How did you find me?Як ти мене знайшов? (Yak ty mene znayshov?)
Where are you now?Де ти зараз? (De ty zaraz?)
Where are you going?Куди ти йдеш? (Kudy ty ydesh?)
Where is the bus stop?Де автобусна зупинка? (De avtobusna zupynka?)
Where is the train station?Де знаходиться залізничний воклал? (De znakhodytʹsya zaliznychnyy voklal?)
Where is the hospital?Де лікарня? (De likarnya?)
What are you talking about?Про що ти говориш? (Pro shcho ty hovorysh?)
What do you mean by that?Що ти маєш на увазі? (Shcho ty mayesh na uvazi?)
What you do want me to do?Що ти хочеш, щоб я зробив? (Shcho ty khochesh, shchob ya zrobyv?)
What do you mean?Що ви маєте на увазі? (Shcho vy mayete na uvazi?)
What should I do?Що я повинен зробити? (Shcho ya povynen zrobyty?)
Where do you live?Де ти мешкаєш? (De ty meshkayesh?)
Where can I buy the ticket?Де я можу купити квиток? (De ya mozhu kupyty kvytok?)
What can I do to help?Чим я можу допомогти? (Chym ya mozhu dopomohty?)
Who am I speaking to?з ким я розмовляю? (z kym ya rozmovlyayu?)
Where is it?Де це? (De tse?)

These are just some of the phrases and words that can get you started learning the Ukrainian language. Not only are these words very achievable to the beginner language learner, but they’ll actually come in handy if you ever find yourself in Ukraine! Easy and practical, how great is that!

Important Reminder When In Ukraine

While asking questions can deepen the conversation and help you make Ukrainian friends, it’s important to remember one key point. That is, never ask these questions loudly.

 Ukrainian Question Words

In Ukraine, it’s considered rude to speak loudly. So, you should make sure to always talk in a calm and respectful manner. If you do this, all your interactions and conversations should go smoothly!

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 Ukrainian Question Words

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