Support Ukraine: Free Ling App For Ukrainians & Free Ukrainian Language Course

We support Ukraine and peace, and so we have decided to help Ukrainians get easy access to language learning, while we encourage the world to discover the Ukrainian language and culture.

We have been horrified by the news coming out of Ukraine about the Russian invasion. Our hearts go out to all communities affected by this war who are beginning a whole new life away from home, which is not easy to do. Ukrainians will face the challenges of learning new languages and cultures while adapting to a different environment. 

We know that Ukraine has strong citizens determined to overcome all adversities. For that reason, as a language learning app, we want to add our “little grain of sand” for them to have an easier life and better possibilities in foreign countries. 

Therefore, we have unlocked our app for Ukrainian-speaking people, with the firm hope of easing their situation, by providing the necessary resources to effectively learn a new language.  

In addition, Ling App is now offering Ukrainian language lessons for free for the rest of the users worldwide to encourage a deeper understanding of Ukrainian culture. 

Please support by sharing this article with all your Ukrainian friends. If we come together as a community and join our efforts, we can have a more significant impact! Let’s make language learning a path to global peace.

Free App for Ukrainians

All Ukrainian citizens, and people who have Ukrainian as their first language, can gain access to all our languages and lessons in the Ling App during the next six months. 

With Ling, users can increase language skills with interactive learning techniques rather than traditional lessons. The app allows the user to practice from beginner to fluent in the most engaging way, to grasp all the vocabulary needed for proper communication with native speakers abroad. 

In addition, having fun with the mini-games while immersing in a new language can significantly help lower stress levels from the current situation. 

There are more than 60 languages in the Ling App, including those that Ukrainian people will need the most such as Polish, Hungarian, and Slovakian. 

How can you access this offer?

To access all languages in Ling App for free:

  • Download the app.
  • Sign up and login.
  • Set your native language to Ukrainian.
  • Then select the language you would like to learn, as the example below.
  • Download the lessons and begin learning.

Download to start a free language course today!

Free Language Ling App Access

Free Ukrainian Course For The World

Our team is paying close attention to Ukraine and the difficult situation that has been going on. We want to show respect and honor the beautiful Ukrainian language by offering the possibility for users worldwide to learn all the lessons from beginner to advanced for free. We hope that we can encourage everyone to have a deeper understanding of Ukraine and its rich culture.

In addition, speaking in their mother tongue can be a great way to make Ukrainians feel at ease after arriving in a foreign nation. It could help them feel more comfortable and less scared when it comes to speaking a new language to talk with a local.

Let this opportunity become an exchange of both culture and language, in which people become closer and more empathetic by learning from each other.

How Can You Access The Course?

To access all unlocked Ukrainian lessons:

  • Download the app.
  • Login.
  • Choose your native language.
  • Write ‘Ukrainian’ in the search bar (I want to learn) to download and begin the lessons.

Access the Ukrainian course for free!

Support Ukraine Access Free Ukrainian

An Overview On The Current Situation

Where Are The Ukrainian Refugees?

According to the UN Refugee Agency, one million people have fled Ukraine in the past week to neighboring countries. In addition, the UN has also shared a data statistics map in which you can see Poland as the number one host nation, having received 1,027,603 people by March 6th, 2022. Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia continue accepting people from Ukraine who will need to learn the language to survive as they take shelter far from home. 

Furthermore, European allies and many countries, have already started humanitarian assistance campaigns to help ease the crisis by offering aid to the people of Ukraine.

Learning A New Language As A Refugee

Ukrainians who have left their homeland are embarking on a harrowing experience; however, it is refreshing to see how they still are willing to make a positive outcome for themselves and their families. They miss Ukraine, but we still have seen their desire to learn the language of the nation that receives them, be accepted, treated with respect, and be included as capable members of society who can contribute and work.

Breaking all language barriers is the key for Ukrainians to build a concrete future in a new place. However, due to their complicated situation, they need accessible resources to learn a new language, such as free courses that can teach from beginner to advanced.

Can We Create Global Peace By Learning Languages?

Our core motivation at Simya Solutions is to allow people to learn something new every day and everywhere. We facilitate the learning process of many people interested in new languages. And so, we know the power of learning a new language for global peace and culture. 

When you learn a new language, you open your horizon to a different mindset and attitude towards the world. Thousands of doors full of opportunities can present in front of you, as you can communicate with others and empathize with them by learning about their culture.

Filling yourself with intercultural knowledge is an enriching experience, and it is also the best way to promote tolerance and acceptance among everyone, regardless of their background. We need to know about other cultures and understand them to have peace. Language is the ‘medium which enables the transmission of knowledge,’ therefore, by learning languages, we can contribute to global peace. 

In difficult times like this, we should enhance our humanitarian efforts to lessen language barriers, a big challenge for refugees seeking asylum in other countries. Global aid and refugee integration can make a positive impact to ease that challenge. 

The UN, for example, has done an excellent emergency relief job with the Iranian refugees in Ukraine, to whom they helped learn the Ukrainian language, as well as the culture. Learning Ukrainian made the refugees feel even more welcomed.

At that time, Ukrainians helped foreigners feel welcomed in their country. Now it’s our turn to support Ukraine.

Why Is It Important To Support Ukraine?

This war brought an overthrow of Ukraine’s democratic rights to determine their own future decisions. It is unacceptable that Russia has taken by force the Ukrainian territory.

All the impact that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has brought, including the number of refugees, and the economic and sociopolitical difficulties that host countries will bear, only shows us how crucial global aid is in these situations.

Ukrainians already have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders after arriving in a different nation, many of them traveling together with their families. So, by helping Ukraine and its people as much as we can, we can also encourage others to step up as well.

We Call For Community Support!

Today, we sincerely ask our users to join us in this campaign to support Ukraine and its people to have easy access to language learning. Please remember, if you have any Ukrainian friends who need to learn a foreign language, share this information. It will be a valuable tool for their daily lives in a foreign environment.

All efforts, even if they are small, can make a difference and positively impact many people who are currently facing the most challenging times. Let’s unite, and make language learning the path to peace!

For more information, please contact us at [email protected]

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