#1 List Of Survival Serbian Phrases You Must Know!


When traveling to Serbia, it’s always wise to familiarize yourself with some basic survival Serbian phrases and emergency words, just in case the unexpected happens. Whether you’re visiting Belgrade, heading out into the countryside, or doing a bit of sightseeing – just knowing you have a few phrases in the Serbian language at your disposal can make your experience smoother and more enjoyable.

Although it is unlikely you will need them, we’ll introduce you to some essential Serbian survival phrases and emergency words that will help you navigate unpredictable situations and handle unforeseen emergencies with confidence.

Basic Phrases To Use In A Serbian Emergency

In any emergency situation, it is important to get the basics right. Once the emergency services have arrived, they will need to ask you the basics – like your name. Although you may jump straight to phrases like: “I need a doctor!” or “Call the Police!” (which we will be dealing with later) after the doctor or the police turn up, you will need to be polite and answer some very basic inquiries. Here are some words and phrases that might come in useful when trying to keep it together during an emergency in Serbia.

How are you?Kako si?
Nice to meet you!Drago mi je!
Thank youHvala
I am…Ja sam…
Excuse meIzvinite
Do you speak English?Da li govorite Engleski?
I don’t understandNe razumem
Where is…?Gde je…?
Write it down, please!Zapišite to molim vas!
I don’t know!Ne znam!
What is the time?Koliko je sati?
How much does it cost?Koliko košta?
Can you help me?Možete li mi pomoći?

Useful Phrases For When You Have Car Trouble

Breaking down in a foreign country can be a nightmare. Remember to stay polite and use the following words and phrases where necessary:

Emergency breakdown serviceSlužba za hitnu popravku
My car has broken downAutomobil mi se pokvario
To report an accidentPrijaviti sudar
Police officerPolicajac

Words For When Something Gets Stolen

By taking a few precautions, like always having your valuables on your person or safely locked away in a hotel safe, having anything stolen can easily be prevented. However, in the very unlikely situation that you do need help retrieving something that has gone missing or been removed without your permission, the following words and phrases might come in handy:

Lost propertyIzgubljene stvari
To stealUkrasti
To loseIzgubiti
To forgetZaboraviti
I forgot my keyZaboravio sam ključ
I lost my keyIzgubio sam ključ

Emergency Response Numbers

In case of a more serious situation, it is well worth taking down the number of the hospital or medical facility nearest to where you are staying in Serbia. This will mean you won’t have to rely on the country’s emergency response system, which can be slow to respond at busy times of the day. Here are some of the country’s emergency numbers to dial from a mobile or fixed phone:

Emergency ServicePhone Number
Europe’s General Emergency Number112
Fire Emergency Services192
Emergency Medical Services193
Help On The Road+38111987

Key Survival Serbian Phrases And Emergency Words

  • Help! – Upomoć!: This word should be used when you’re in immediate need of assistance.
  • I need a doctor – Treba mi doktor: In case of a medical emergency, use this phrase to indicate that you require medical attention and ask about nearby places providing emergency medical services.
  • Volim te! – I feel sick!: Always good to let other people know if you are going to be unwell.
  • Where is the nearest hospital? – Gde je najbliža bolnica?: To be used in medical emergencies if you or someone else requires medical help, this question will guide you to the closest hospital.
  • Call the police – Pozovite policiju: When faced with a dangerous or criminal situation, use this phrase to request police intervention.
  • Fire! – Vatra!: If you spot a fire or find yourself in a burning building or, in fact, are in any sort of trouble, use this word to draw attention to the situation.
  • I’m lost – Izgubio/la sam se: If you find yourself disoriented, unable to find your way, or having an existential crisis, use this phrase to communicate your situation.
  • I’ve been robbed – Opljačkan/a sam: In the unfortunate event of a robbery, use this phrase to report the incident to authorities.
  • I’ve lost my passport – Izgubio/la sam pasoš: Losing your passport can be a stressful situation, but this phrase will help you communicate the problem to the proper officials.

Learning a few Serbian survival phrases and emergency words before your trip to Serbia can significantly enhance your travel experience and ensure your safety. From basic greetings to emergency situations, these basic Serbian phrases will help you navigate various scenarios and communicate effectively with locals. Remember, even a small effort to learn Serbian can go a long way in building connections and showing respect for the people of Serbia. So pack your bags, explore the stunning landscapes, and immerse yourself in the warmth of Serbian hospitality, armed with these essential Serbian phrases. Srećan put! (Happy travels!)

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