No Serbian On Mondly? 3 Other Amazing Choices

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The Serbian language is gradually gaining a lot of momentum in the language-learning community, thanks to Serbia’s advantageous location at the meeting point of numerous civilizations. In fact, Serbian has a rich history that is distinguished by its influences from other Slavic languages. But if you are planning to visit Serbia with the hope of getting by with the help of a language app like Mondly, newsflash! There is no Serbian on Mondly!

Given the historical and cultural importance of Serbian as well as the language’s widespread use around the world, it is odd that there is no Serbian on Mondly. Prominently because Serbian, a Slavic language that is largely spoken in the Balkans, plays a significant role in the linguistic diversity of Europe. It is largely spoken in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Serbian diaspora communities also speak it in other parts of the world. Although the Latin script is also used, Serbian is one of the official languages of these nations.

A system of cases and intricate verb conjugations are just two of the language’s distinctive grammatical characteristics. Serbian, which reflects the country’s historical resiliency and multicultural influences, serves as a crucial link to the cultural history and identity of its speakers thanks to its distinctive blend of linguistic features.

So, we are rather curious why there is no Serbian on Mondly. There is a substantial need for language learning materials that meet the requirements of both native speakers of Serbian and those hoping to interact with the local culture or do business or travel inside the country.

Why No Serbian On Mondly?

The lack of Serbian as a language option is odd and may signify a wasted opportunity given the rising popularity of language learning services like Mondly. The addition of Serbian to Mondly’s products would be extremely beneficial for language learners of the Serbian language who are looking for easily accessible and cutting-edge tools for learning the language.

The addition of Serbian to their linguistic repertoire will not only satisfy a sizable global community’s demand but also advance intercultural dialogue and understanding in a region with complex historical and linguistic dynamics.

3 Other Language Apps To Learn Serbian Online

DropsMonthly costs USD $9.99Microlearning Method
Offline Access
Vibrant Visuals
LingMonthly costs USD $6.67Extensive Curriculum
Cultural Context
Gamified Interactive Lessons
iTalkiThe minimum cost per class is USD $5.00Professional Serbian Tutors Available
Not Augmented Reality
Several Serbian Courses Taught By Native Speakers
Drops Logo_no serbian on Mondly_learn languages_Learn Serbian


Even though there is no Serbian on Mondly, there are 3 other options for you! Drops is a unique and innovative language-learning platform that offers an engaging and visually captivating way to learn Serbian and other languages. Catering to modern learners who prefer bite-sized, interactive lessons, Drops employs a game-like approach to vocabulary learning that makes the learning process both enjoyable and effective.

Learners can explore the value of this Slavic language that offers cultural enrichment, professional opportunities, and interpersonal relationships, by adding Drops to their language-learning ammunition. Drops’ unique method of vocabulary-learning, enhanced with visual vocabulary recognition, makes it an appealing option for language learners at all levels. Drops empower students on an exciting Serbian language journey by combining cutting-edge technology and powerful teaching method.

Ling Logo_no serbian on Mondly_learn languages_Learn Serbian


An immersive and efficient approach to studying Serbian and many other languages is available through the comprehensive and user-friendly language learning platform – the Ling app. Ling offers a flexible combination of tools and resources to assist users in mastering Serbian language abilities. It was created to accommodate learners of different levels and learning styles.

For learning Serbian, Ling provides a comprehensive and interesting language learning experience. For both – beginners and advanced students – its curriculum includes vocabulary, grammar, reading, writing, speaking, and listening. Texts, graphics, audio, and video are all used in interactive classes to create a dynamic, multisensory learning environment.

The platform incorporates speech recognition for practicing pronunciation, topical vocabulary lists, and simple grammar explanations. Users of the Ling app can confidently explore the Serbian language and culture, whether they are just beginning their language adventure or looking to improve their skills.

italki Logo_no serbian on Mondly_learn languages_Learn Serbian


iTalki is a dynamic and versatile language learning platform that connects learners with qualified language teachers and tutors, offering an immersive and personalized experience for learning Serbian and numerous other languages. Catering to a diverse range of language learners, iTalki provides a flexible and effective approach to language acquisition.

iTalki offers a diverse array of features, including a marketplace where learners can choose experienced language teachers or tutors specializing in Serbian. Personalized one-on-one lessons provide targeted feedback and tailored plans. This language exchange connects users with native Serbian speakers for authentic conversation practice and cultural exchange, fostering interactive and practical learning experiences.

With flexible scheduling and interactive activities, iTalki adapts to learners of all skill levels. The user-friendly platform facilitates lesson scheduling, access to materials, and communication with instructors. iTalki’s emphasis on individualized learning and real-time practice makes it a supportive and motivating environment for mastering Serbian. Whether refining conversational skills or delving into Serbian culture, iTalki proves invaluable for achieving language goals.

Wrapping Up

A lot of people find it difficult to learn Serbian. Those who speak it as their native language will not understand this struggle of looking for the best apps to learn Serbian. They may think that a free language exchange would be great, and it would certainly be better to enroll in language courses – but where? How? How much?

Whether you are looking for a short trial or lifetime subscription, premium version or not – make sure that the app you choose is suitable for English speakers. Make sure it supports the Serbo-Croatian language with the option of learning Croatian. It helps to be exposed to the Croatian-Serbian languages.

Finally, make sure to find a good language community. Check out the app store page and reviews ensuring that they will support Serbian for your gadget. With all this, it won’t be a worry any longer that there is no Serbian on Mondly.

The Ling App: Your Best Solution To Learn Serbian

You must have explored numerous language apps to learn Serbian and there are some that offer courses that are completely free for a period of time. Learning fun and mutually intelligible new words or vocabulary is not always easy to find in an app as you have already discovered that there is no Serbian on Mondly.

This is why, we choose the Ling app. Its lessons are made by native speakers and language experts who have made sure the online courses have phrases, words, grammar, speaking, and fun. This is what makes Ling one of the best apps for learning Serbian.

Learning grammar through a gamified app makes Serbian easy. Ling is truly the best app from the first lesson at beginner level to advanced lessons. Learning Serbian or a new language has never been easier.

If you are planning to visit Serbia, make sure your pronunciation is correct to chat happily with a native speaker. Learn Serbian today by downloading from App store or Google Play Store.

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