Mango Languages Vs Lingvist: The #1 Best App?

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 10:17 am

It’s amazing how many language applications are accessible nowadays. If you are still unsure of what resource to use, you landed on the right page! Today’s post will focus on Mango Languages vs Lingvist and the best alternative language learning application. If you are ready for that, keep reading below!

Technology made it possible for everyone to have equal access to language learning resources. That’s a gamechanger for learners. However, not all of them are worth your time to use. Yes, there are some excellent quality features among the many language applications, and some of them are quite effective. Unfortunately, there are also some which are just inefficient. Could Mango Languages and Linguist be the apps you’ll ever need? Find out here!

Mango Languages Review

Mango Languages Review

Mango Languages has always been considered one of the go-to apps of many beginners as it helps non-natives learn vocab. Through this platform, you can unlock lessons for over 70+ languages! Furthermore, Mango Languages is accessible even when you’re offline, allowing you to use your smartphone to access it almost anywhere. It is also compatible with IOS (App Store) and Android (Playstore), and you can also browse the website if you’re on a laptop or PC.

How Good Is Mango Languages?

Mango Languages aims to broaden your understanding of your target language. A beginner can learn about the cultural milieu through reading exercises, listening activities, and comprehension questions. On the other hand, using this teaching approach as a second language will not help a beginner become a native speaker.

You may learn according to your learning styles after you’ve logged in. For instance, you could come across many listening activities (repetitive flashcards) to learn a language efficiently, reading activities to master vocabulary, answering comprehension questions, and speaking skills.

However, there seem to be no grammatical explanations or training and learning goals to practice perfect pronunciation when using the app. Also, this application does not have any writing features.

Features Of Mango Languages

The Learning Pathway feature of the Mango Languages app allows a beginner to study a language unit per unit and chapter. The app may then measure the user’s comprehension and retention of the new language. The patterned and colored words, for example, are a relatively systematic technique of introducing new words. They also include short grammatical and cultural notes to help students fully comprehend the language courses.

They have these machine translations, similar to Google Translate, where the recorded audio includes voice comparison when a user uploads a recorded voice to find out the proper answers. This machine translation, on the other hand, has a monotonous voice. As a result, unlike other applications, this one does not teach proper pronunciation.

This app also includes video lessons that may be used as an instructional way to teach new words and expressions that are commonly used in daily life and work. Another feature is the premium version of the online classes, which teach languages (70 different languages).

Freemium Version

Mango Languages is a free app with limited features. For example, you can only use offline materials (free resources). Therefore you won’t be able to study all of the languages available in libraries, language schools, and organizations in the app.

Premium Version And Subscription Of Mango Languages App

The three Mango Languages App Premium memberships are listed below:

  • Single Language costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.
  • All Languages costs $14.99 per month or $179.99 per year.
  • Enterprise – the cost is determined on an individual basis.

Pros And Cons Of Mango Languages

It’s useful for learning new language quickly.There isn’t a strong emphasis on teaching proper pronunciation.
Notes about the cultureConversations that are structured
Provides brief grammatical explanations about new languages.Express in a mono tone (machine translation)
Translates directly into English.There’s no writing activities.
It has a simplistic user interface.Flashcards with a bunch of continuous repetitions
It is excellent to improve speaking abilities (Speech Recognition Technology)The voice of the machine translation is slow.

Lingvist Review

Lingvist Review

Lingvist is one of the most powerful platforms in the market today. This program employs a spaced repetition approach or SRS to teach new vocabulary in a wide flashcard format. Since Lingvist is a vocabulary tool, it does not teach technical language skills. In simple terms, because each flashcard introduces a single word, it is not a comprehensive language acquisition application.

On the contrary, Lingvist is a better language learning app for complete beginners and advanced learners than other language apps since it aids other users in expanding their vocabulary in a language in which they already have limited knowledge (continuous learning). You may use it to improve your vocabulary skills by practicing words.

Lingvist is a language learning app for serious language learners who would like to improve their vocabulary in as little as four days.

How Good Is Lingvist?

Because Lingvist focuses primarily on and teaches famous words in a certain language, it cannot help you become a native speaker of that language. On the other hand, listening exercises and practices can help you master new words if you are exposed to a foreign language. Also, this app is a great help to assess learner responses and gather deep user insights because of the question-based learning.

Features Of Lingvist

Only five common languages are available on Lingvist: French, Russian, German, Spanish, and Portuguese. Furthermore, you can turn on a thorough explanation of the language you are learning. The grammar notes are available, which are organized by category.

Small lessons on the alphabet, writing systems, pronunciation, and other grammatical pointers are also included using interactive captions.

Freemium Version

Lingvist offers free access that allows you a free one-week trial with no hidden fees, and I can guarantee you that this free version is delightfully suited for language learners. There is also a premium version if you want access to all of the app’s features.

Likewise, if you learn 250 words, both the free and premium versions offer a one-month free unlimited trial.

Lingvist Premium Version And Subscription

The pricing of Lingvist varies based on the length of your subscription. You can purchase the Lingvist unlimited version if you are a passionate learner. The following are the various subscription options:

  • The cost of a monthly subscription is $19.99.
  • The cost of a yearly subscription is $79.99.
  • The cost of a quarterly subscription is $39.99.

Lingvist: Pros And Cons

When it comes to learning complex vocabulary, Lingvist’s teaching technique is very effective in achieving outcomesOnly a few languages are available.
Adaptive algorithm (to assess learners’ level)Users may be confused if words in flashcards are misspelled.
Spaced Repetition System and Speech Recognition Tests (comprehensive assessments)The follow-up question moves quickly once you answer it correctly. That’s why you won’t be able to review it.
It offers full grammar skills as a supplement (alphabet, pronunciation, and grammar notes).Goal parameters that aren’t customizable (time of learning a language)
Suitable and intuitive user interface (great for learning languages)It’s a little confusing to switch from one language to another.
Make your customized course (add any learning materials you want to learn).Prices are higher than those of other language-learning applications.

Mango Languages Vs Lingvist: Final Verdict

Mango Languages Vs Lingvist: Final Verdict

Choosing between these two language resources, Mango Languages vs. Lingvist, is crucial when looking for an all-in-one platform in learning languages.

In my personal view, there are parallels and distinctions between the two language learning apps. As a result, I’d want to concentrate on their distinctions, partly to their benefit as language learning resources in acquiring their target language.

As an engagement app, Mango Languages delivers a variety of learning modes or core lessons, including listening, reading, comprehension, video lessons, and audio lessons. On the other hand, Lingvist is a wonderful tool for language learners who seek a language learning app with various engaging flashcards to learn new words and master vocabulary.

Overall, both of these language learning applications have intelligent technology and effectively teach a beginner a new language. However, if you’re looking for a decent language learning app with essential resources to help you grasp and discover various languages, my suggested software is the Ling App!

Best Alternative: Ling App

Mango Languages Vs Lingvist

Ling App by Simya Solutions is a notable language app that every beginner should have. This app aims to assist language learners in playing a game while learning the target language, like online schools gamification. It also supports more than 60 languages, including popular and minority languages. Playing interactive mini-games, quizzes, and flashcards that introduce you to new vocabulary words may help you learn a new language.

Aside from that, you may read educational blog content and mini-lessons written by native speakers and language specialists. Other blog content has topics that introduce you to the advantage and disadvantages of a specific language-learning resource, such as Mango languages Vs. Speakly, Tandem Vs. Drops, and FluentU Vs. Busuu.

Now is a great time to download the Ling App and try out a new approach to learning foreign languages!

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