Mango Languages Vs Speakly: #1 Best Language App?

Are you on the search for the best language learning apps out there? In this Mango Languages Vs. Speakly review, we will walk you through the basic features and make them good enough for beginners in a new language. If you have been doing the right research, we bet you have heard of these apps before, as they certainly have their unique features and capabilities. Let’s get to know more about that today!

Mango Languages

Mango Languages: A Short Review

Mango Languages is an excellent app for language learning, specifically for beginners. This app will help you teach a new language and introduce you to a deeper level of learning because it provides cultural lessons. It is available in both online and offline modes. You need to download lessons using your smartphone (IOS and Android phone) for offline use.

Features Of Mango Languages

Below are the basic features of Mango Languages:

  • Offer more languages than Speakly because it has 70 different languages including foreign languages, minority languages and dialects.
  • Equipped with language courses which is the Learning Pathway. Learners will study the new language by reading online modules. They will learn a language per unit and chapter.
  • Learn a language and new words easier because of the color and patterned feature of the app.
  • Offers grammar lessons and cultural insight about the target language.
  • Equipped with Machine Translations (a speech recognition technology) which is similar to Google Translate.
  • Provides real-life video lessons that teachers non-verbal communication to improve language learning skills.
  • Offers online courses that are available in the paid version or premium version.


Like other language learning apps, Mango languages also have a free version. Using this version will let you access some of the offline language resources in the app. If you want to unlock more content, the premium version is what you should consider. Below is a guide for the three subscription schemes.

Single Language

  • The monthly subscription costs 7.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 6.67$ per month or 79.99$ per year.

All Languages

  • The monthly subscription costs 17.99$ per month. 
  • An annual subscription costs 14.99$ or 179.99$ paid every 12 months.


  • The price is custom-made

Mango Languages: Pros And Cons

Learn language quicklyTeaching pronunciation is inaccurate
Offers lessons related to the cultural context of a target languageFixed conversations (exchanging messages)
Provides grammar explanations and simple lessonsThe machine translations are monotone
Equipped with English transcriptionsThere are no writing skills
User-friendly graphic interfaceRepetitive flashcards
Equipped with speech recognition technology for speaking practiceSlow systematization of machine translations

Speakly App

Speakly App: A Short Review

Speakly is a recognized language learning app that provides various language learning skills and lessons about new languages that a learner wants to master. Example language lessons are listening exercises and writing exercises to improve the vocabulary skills of their particular target language. At present, it only offers eight foreign languages. It sounds like a bummer, right? However, the good thing here is that it provides 4,000 relevant words used in real-life situations, 2,000 language lessons for speaking and writing exercises, 350 conversational skills, and 15 hours of audio lessons from native speakers.

Frankly speaking, Speakly cannot help a beginner become a native speaker of a foreign language. Though Speakly provides various learning preferences for different language learners, it is still an insufficient language platform to become fluent in a specific target language.

Features Of Speakly

Below are the following features of Speakly:

  1. Provides essential words and commonly used words by native speakers used in everyday life about a specific target language.
  2. Offers 8 foreign languages to learn such as Estonian, Russian, English, Spanish, French, Finnish, German, and Italian.
  3. Equipped with spelling exercises to learn and master new words.
  4. Offers foreign tutor or language exchange partners that teaches language courses and other language skills. The two plans of hiring a tutor will be discussed on the subscription part of the blog post.
  5. Provides grammar explanations and proper pronunciation about a foreign language
  6. Provides a specific teaching style that a language learner prefers such as listening skills, writing skills, comprehension skills, and speaking skills.
  7. Administer placement tests every time.
  8. The native speakers help language learners on how to learn a language quickly and effectively.


Speakly is only free to use for seven days upon signing up to their platform. If you want to learn more using this tool, you need to pay for the premium version. Below are the four available premium subscriptions of the Speakly app.

  • First Paid Version = $12.55 per month
  • Second Paid Version = $30.82 quarterly or $10.27 per month 
  • Third Paid Version = $57.05 every six months or 9.51 per month

Fourth Paid version = $79.86 every twelve months or $6.66 per month

Note: There is NO lifetime access in Speakly.

Below are the two subscription plans for hiring a foreign tutor:

  • Individual Plan – one tutor and 45 minutes of language lessons per mont ($204.33 per month + VAT)
  • Group Plan – four to six students and 60 minutes of language lessons per month ($90.18 per month + VAT)

Pros And Cons Of Speakly

Both the feminine and masculine tone of audio-recorded voice are availableOnly eight foreign languages
Various language skills are available to learn a language quickly such as listening skills, conversational skills and comprehension skills.Not budget-friendly if you want to subscribe to the paid version
Offers grammar explanations and lessons 

Mango Languages Vs Speakly: Verdict

Mango Languages Vs Speakly: Final Verdict

Here is my final verdict about these two language learning apps Mango Languages Vs. Speakly:

I would choose Mango Languages in my language learning journey because it offers interactive lessons and exercises to learn a new vocabulary. It also has more languages offered than Speakly. I also think that the teaching style of the Mango Languages app is more hassle-free in learning a language than the Speakly app.

But all in all, choosing between these two language apps depends on the learner’s learning style. You can explore other apps by checking out our reviews on Memrise vs Lingvist and Preply VS Duolingo. And if you are not satisfied with these language learning apps, I introduce you to one of the best alternative language learning apps that can help you in your language learning journey: the Ling App.

Best Alternative Language Learning App: Ling App

Mango Languages Vs Speakly

The Ling App by Simya Solutions is a language learning app wherein you can learn at your own pace. This app has a teaching style that makes you learn conveniently and engagingly because of the various language activities it offers. Below are other striking features of the Ling App:

  1. Equipped with 60+ foreign languages
  2. Works with real language specialists and native speakers to develop lessons and blog posts
  3. Features fun mini-games and challenging quizzes
  4. Equipped with an A.I. chatbot that guides you in learning languages through message exchange
  5. Ling App is an ideal app for all levels (beginner, intermediate and advanced level) of language learners.

What are you waiting for? Start the right way and learn with the Ling App today!

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