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Did you know that September 16 is a special day in Malaysia? Everyone’s roots have a long and deep history that we probably never knew, but once you learn about them, you’ll be left with your mouth hanging open. In this post, we’ll dive into the history of Malaysia Day and why it’s an important day for Malaysians today!

Every nation cherishes certain days that mark significant moments in its history, don’t they? Take the Philippines and India, for instance. Their citizens have tales of courage and resilience, stories of how they battled for independence after long periods of colonization. Meanwhile, in Malaysia, there’s September 16. More than just a date on the calendar, it’s a day that commemorates the birth of the Malaysian Federation, bringing together regions like Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore (now separated), and the East Malaysian States.

Now, if you’re not familiar with Malaysian history, it’s easy to mix up this day with their Independence Day. The former celebrates Malaysia breaking free from the British Empire, while the latter is all about the crafting of a new constitution and the country coming into its own. Intrigued by these milestones? Keep reading!

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Malaysia Day: Brief History Of Malaysian Freedom Movement

There are plenty of fallen soldiers who were probably never mentioned in Malaysia’s rich history, but surely, they’re well-appreciated in the hearts of Malaysians who enjoy the freedom they currently have. Today, let’s take a sneak peek at what happened on September 16, 1963.

The Malaysian history of battling for their freedom begins with the British Empire venturing into the Malay Peninsula in the 18th century. What piqued their interest the most was Penang, a northwest Malaysian state that served as a great area to attract merchants from all over the globe. Not to mention that this area was also abundant in resources like tin and rubber.

In the early 1900s, a rising wave of nationalism stirred among the Malays, pushing for amplified rights. World War II, with its brutal Japanese reign, fanned these flames of autonomy. After the war, the British made a play with their Malayan Union idea, but it didn’t sit well. Instead, 1948 saw the birth of the Malaysian Federation. The journey wasn’t a walk in the park, with the Malayan Emergency being a real test of resilience. Yet, by 1957, the relentless Merdeka movement had achieved its goal—Malaysia stood free. We grew bigger in 1963, embracing Sabah, Sarawak, and Singapore. But then, Singapore soon thereafter chose its own path in 1965.

Behind every country’s freedom are people who risked their lives to speak their truth. Here are some of the most notable personalities in Malaysia you’ve probably heard of!

Important People In Malaysia Freedom Movement

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1. Tunku Abdul Rahman

Does this man’s name ring a bell to you? If you’ve been reading through the history of Malaysia, you’ll probably come across this name plenty of times. He was a leading figure in negotiating with the British Empire and was one of the people who helped achieve the federation of Malaya in 1957. Additionally, he was also the first Prime Minister of the country. In 1963, he merged Malaya, Sabah (formerly known as British North Borneo), Sarawak, and Singapore to form Malaysia.

2. Dato’ Onn Jaafar

Did you know that Dato’ Onn Jaafar was a leading light in Malay politics? He organized the United Malays National Organization, or UMNO, in 1946. Starting off with a strong focus on Malay-centric policies, he soon evolved his vision, championing a more inclusive, multi-racial approach to running the nation.

3. Tan Cheng Lock

Tan Cheng Lock wasn’t just a name in the history books, he was the heart and soul behind the Malayan Chinese Association (MCA) he set up in 1949. At times when Malaya was on the brink of independence, he stepped up, being the voice the Chinese community needed. His knack for building bridges saw him team up with big players like UMNO, all in the spirit of a united Malaya. And when it was time to sit across from the British, Tan didn’t just talk, he ensured every community had a seat at the table. Thanks to him, Malaysia’s foundation was as diverse as its people.

Words And Phrases Related To Malaysia Day

The former British colony, now known as Malaysia, had a new constitution. This is a national holiday that’s well-celebrated by the public. Here are some words and phrases that you’ll find useful when greeting Malaysians during this event.

Malaysia DayHari Malaysia
National Spirit or NationalismSemangat Kebangsaan
Integration Kesepaduan
Stripes of Glory Jalur Gemilang
One MalaysiaSatu Malaysia
Happy Malaysia Day!Selamat Hari Malaysia!
Unite for the nationBersatu untuk negara
We are all children of MalaysiaKita semua anak Malaysia
Unity is our strengthPerpaduan adalah kekuatan kita
Celebrating the spirit of nationalismMeraikan semangat kebangsaan
Independence and UnityKemerdekaan dan perpaduan
Sharing our historyBerkongsi sejarah kita

Want To Celebrate Malaysia Day With Your Friends?

Before we conclude this post, did you know that the original date of Malaysia Day was June 1, 1963? But due to some conflicts, it was eventually postponed, giving them a new date to celebrate it. Do you want to learn more about Malaysia’s history and language? If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive, then download the Ling app today to learn more about them!

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