Job Titles In Albanian: 17 Useful Examples

Are you thinking of working in Albania? Well, this Job titles in Albanian list is perfect for you. Albania has had a tough history! It was under Communist rule for the latter half of the 20th century. However, like a phoenix from the ashes, it’s emerging as a potentially strong economy in the 21st century.

Ling is the app that brings both business and social Albanian into your language learning sphere. With Ling, you get access to speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice. Ling brings many aspects that have made Duolingo such a favorite with online users but for lesser spoken languages.

Job Titles In Albanian

Factory WorkerPunëtor i fabrikës

What Is Albanian?

The story of the Albanian language is complicated. The first thing to say is that Albanians themselves don’t call themselves Albania; rather, the country is known as Shqipëria. As a result, the language is called Shqip.

The Albanian language is unique in the sense that it represents its own branch on the Indo-European language tree. A great reason to learn Albanian is that you truly are discovering a unique language.

Regarding how many people speak Albanian, it’s approximately 7.5 million. However, many of those don’t actually live in Albania. During the communist oppression and after the collapse of the iron curtain, many Albanians fled their country.

The first record of Albania goes back to the 1400s, although its actual historical duration is still up for debate and is argued over vociferously by Albanian linguists. Some believe that Albanian, in fact, derives from a Southern Illyrian dialect going back 1000s of years.

As we’ve discussed in previous articles, Albanian can be divided into 2 dialects, Tosk and Gheg(the divide runs roughly through the Shkumbin river).

Although not many people know this, there are other areas of the world where you can find alternative Albanian dialects. They are located in Greece, Romania, Turkey, and Ukraine.

What you probably want to know is what is the standardized version of Albanian that we teach on Ling? Our dialect is based on Tosk. It is the official state version of Albania and the one you will find spoken in Tirana, the capital.

job titles in Albanian

Jobs In Albania

Maybe I’m a little biased here because this is my stock and trade, but the most obvious thing for an English speaker to do in Albania is to teach English. The good news is that there are opportunities to teach English in Albania. There are some university positions, but as someone with limited experience, I would recommend teaching at a private language school, to begin with.

There are also many international schools and opportunities in Montessori schools, but again they are more specialized.

Salaries in Albania are nowhere near what you’d expect to find in Asia, especially in China. A basic wage in a language school would be about $1000 a month; however, if you have experience and find employment in an international school, you could make up to $2000 a month.

Teachers in language schools usually earn around $500 – $1,000 USD per month. Licensed teachers who have jobs in international schools have the opportunity to make upwards of $2,000 USD per month. The best time to apply for a job is July and August for the new school year.

So What Do You Need To Teach In Albania?

As with most other countries that accept English teachers, the standard to work in a language school is a university degree and a TEFL certificate (a university degree is much more valuable). Of course, it is much easier if you are an EU citizen, a problem for U.K teachers since Brexit.

The most obvious thing you need is a visa. Don’t worry. If you find a reputable school; they will sponsor you. The process, however, is more difficult if you live in a country outside the EU.

Teach in Albanian

Learn Albanian With Ling

It’s great to be proactive if you’re looking for a job in Albania. Do you know your job title? Is your LinkedIn account up to date? Have you done a wide search for employers? Have you matched your skills with the relevance of the job? Have you set up your account to receive the latest job alert?

Once you have the fundamentals out the way, it would serve you well to actually learn Albanian instead of relying on Google translation and general translations in various apps. That is where Ling comes in.

If you sign up for the app, you can practice Albanian at any hour of any day, whether remote or at home. We have practice in speaking, reading, writing, listening, and grammar. The app is free; however, if you pay, you get the app’s full functionality.

Learn with Ling

Most importantly, the app is fun! It was built with gamification elements in mind, and meticulous care was focused on the user interface, so the app feels and looks good as you use it. The better an app is in these elements, the more likely you are to come back and keep using it

This blog is also a handy accompaniment to your Albanian learning. It is updated twice weekly and has content as diverse as hobbies and activities in Albanian and Albanian music vocabulary.

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