Top 10 Famous Albanian Actresses

The Entertainment industry of every country is a significant source of its popularity worldwide. The same is the case with Albania. Albanian actresses have done a great job forming a good image of Albania globally. In this article, we will discuss some famous actresses of the country who have done and are still doing a great job in their fields.

Leading Albanian Actresses

Albanian Actresses

Following are some of the leading actresses in Albania.

Amanda Lajcaj

Amanda is a gorgeous 23 years old actress, dancer, and stunning model. She has been training in dance since she was 7 and has a perfect grip over many dance styles like ballet, hip hop, modern, contemporary, lyrical, and many more.

She was born in Albania on 29 April 1995, and she earned great success and popularity at such a young age that now she is known as one of the most successful and wealthiest models and actresses in Albania. 

Almeda Abazi

Almeda Abazi (full name ‘Almeda Abazi Sayisman’) is a beautiful actress who has done a great job in modeling and was crowned Miss Tirana in 2007. Her success doesn’t stop here; she was also awarded ‘Miss Albania and ‘Miss Globe’ in 2008.

Almeda was born on 13 February 1992 in Tirana, Albania. She is a proper degree holder in the acting department from Bil Sanat Academy of Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey. She has also made an appearance in the film called ‘Konak’ and also done a TRT series called ‘Ayrilik.’ Talking about her personal life, she married a Turkish actor named ‘Tolgahan Sayisman’ on 14 February 2017 and now has 2 cute children.


Bleona is known by her full name, ‘Bleona Qereti.’ And was born on 14 May 1979. She is a famous Albanian-American singer and beautiful actress. She has shown her talent in songwriting and modeling, not only in acting and singing.

She has made a sizeable audience by releasing several successful singles and has done a great job in the 8 albums he has released. She has worked in ‘Euros of Hollywood’ and many more.


Elia was born on 8 February 1983. She is a stunning Albanian actress and an excellent singer having a soothing voice. She has passed her graduation from a renowned Art school in Tirana. After graduation, she planned to move to Paris for her higher education, and there she met Prince Leka, who later became her husband.

Elia did many plays in theater, like bitter love by Carlo Bruni in 2011, The sunshine boys by Neil Simon, three sisters by Anton Chekhov, the Crucible by Arthur Miller, and many more.

Arta Dobroshi

Arta Dobroshi is a Kosovo-Albanian actress. She is the first Kosovar actress who walked on the red carpet of ‘The Cannes Film Festival. She was born in Pristina and studied at the academy of arts, where she learned acting and drama courses for four years.

She has earned a great name in doing roles in local theaters and many Albanian movies. One of the best movies she did was ‘Magic Eye’ in 2005, released in 1997 and based on the situation in Albania. This was a prize-winning movie that earned a wider fanbase and audience.

Elhaida Dani

Elhaida Dani was born on 17 February 1993 and has done a great job in many fields like acting, songwriting, composing, and singing. She studied musicology at the University of Arts in Tirana.

She has done a play named ‘Zanin’ that was released on 20 September 2021 and has been a successful move. The second play was under her name, called ‘Elhaida Dani,’ released on 1 January 2013. This also earned a good range of audience.

Eva Murari

Eva was born on 25 May 1995 and is a gorgeous actress and stunning tv host. She also did some commercials and modeling jobs and has been working since she was 15. The first TV program that she hosted was ‘Antilope’ in 2013. She has also done an excellent job in hosting Miss Universe Albania.

She made her first debut in the movie named ‘the Outlaw,’ which was released in 2013. She did her first full-length movie named ‘te mund te I quash, which means you can call me John in English, which got released on 29 March 2017 in the millennium and imperial cinemas.

Eneda Tarifa

Eneda Tarifa is an Albanian actress who was born on 31 March 1982. She is not only an actress but has also done many good things as a television host and singer. She began her career in 2001 as a singer and released a song called ‘ika large. Eneda married Erjon Zaloshnja, and she was blessed with a baby girl in 2013.

Yullka Mujo

Yallka was a beautiful Albanian actress born on 15 October 1953 in the capital city of Tirana. She was the sister of Agim Mujo, who was a famous actor. She married Hage Zaharine and has one son and a daughter, who are also a prominent part of Albania’s show business industry. 

She is renowned in the industry and has made a long list of movies for Albania. If we try to recall her films, more than this page will be needed to write their names on it. But we will try to identify some of them: The Albanian, The Bronze Bust, Beni Walks On His Own, The lady From The Town, Taulant Wants a Sister, etc.

Wrapping Up

Albanian Actresses

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