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5+ Quick And Easy Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Albanian

October 4, 2021

Happy birthday in Albanian is Gëzuar ditëlindjen. The country of Albania celebrates its birthday on the 28th of November. Dita e Flamurit, or flag day, is the Albanian independence day and has been a national holiday since 1912.

Albania has a few traditions that will be familiar to you and some that will not. So let's take a closer look.


Ways To Say Happy Birthday In Albanian

I wish you a happy birthdayJu uroj gëzuar ditëlindjen
May you become 100 years old.U bëfsh edhe 100 vjeç
Happy birthday to youShumë urime për ty

Albanian Culture And birthdays

Happy Birthday In Albanian

Bad news for those of you planning on traveling to Albania near your birthday. Similar to Asian culture, when it's your birthday, you pay for everybody else. Additionally, Albania is not a country where people 'go Dutch' on a bill. So even if it's not a birthday party, typically, one person pays for everyone, which a different person reciprocates in the future.

Birthdays are not as big in Albanian as in other parts of the world, although that is changing with the younger generations exposed to more western influences.

It isn't easy to identify precisely why this is. First, historically, Albania was a poverty-stricken country, and the average person didn't have a great deal of extra money to stage a party. Secondly, it was an authoritarian communist state, and that meant often subjugating your wishes to the communist party at large. The third factor is that Albania is a majority Muslim country, and birthdays are not celebrated there the same way as they are in the West. Of course, a lot of this is just guesswork, and I'd be interested in hearing your speculations in the comments.

Wishing Someone A Happy Birthday: The Birthday Song

The next part is a little confusing. We already know that the most commonly used phrase for happy birthday is Gëzuar ditëlindjen, but in the happy birthday song(which has the same rhythm as the English one), you sing Shumë urime për ty even though urime translates to congratulations and Shumë into 'a lot of'. The direct translation of për ty is for you but in the birthday song becomes to you.

So technically, the song is 'A lot of congratulations for you.'

In full, the song would go:

Shumë urime për ty,

Shume urime për ty,

Shumë urime për Michaeln,

Shumë urime për ty

Note: my name is not Michaeln, but when you sing happy birthday in Albanian, you add an 'n' sound onto the end of the name.


National Holidays In Albania

DateEnglish nameAlbanian name
January 1 - January 2New Year's DayViti i Ri
March 14Summer DayDita e Verës
March 22Nevruz DayDita e Nevruzit
March 27 - March 28Catholic EasterPashkët Katolike
date varies
May 1 - May 2Orthodox EasterPashkët Ortodokse
May 1Labour DayDita Ndërkombëtare e Punonjësve
May 13Eid al-FitrBajrami i Madh (Fitër Bajrami)
July 20Eid al-AdhaBajrami i Vogël (Kurban Bajrami)
September 6Saint Teresa Sanctification DayDita e Nënë Terezës
November 28Flag and Independence DayDita e Flamurit / Festa e Flamurit
November 29Liberation DayDita e Çlirimit
December 8National Youth DayDita Kombëtare e Rinisë
December 25Christmas DayKrishtlindjet
December 27Christmas HolidayKrishtlindjet
sources: and

Albania has more public holidays than most other countries in Europe. For example, 14 in the year 2021 compared to England, which only has 8. It is also one of the only countries that celebrate both Christian as well as Muslim holidays.

Albania even celebrates what we would consider a Pagan holiday: Dita e Verës or the summer day (which somewhat confusingly occurs in Spring).

From the beginning of the month, you will see people wearing a threaded bracelet called a velore. After the end of the festival, you hang one from a tree branch and hope that a bird will use it to build its nest. The best place to celebrate the festival is in the town of Elbasan, where there is a carnival-like atmosphere.

Another celebrated holiday is Nowruz, more commonly known as the Iranian new year. Because it celebrates the birthday of Ali Ibn Abi Talib, it is a Shia holiday, but since 1996 all creeds have chosen to celebrate as a showing of religious goodwill.


A List Of Celebration Vocabulary In Albanian

Happy New YearGezuar vitin e ri
Birthday cardKartë ditëlindje


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Happy Birthday In Albanian

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Until the next time.

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