6 Best Language Apps With Reading Materials For Fast Fluency

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Learning a new language is like unlocking a new skill, and the key? Well, it’s finding the right method that resonates with you. After extensive research, I’ve found that language apps with reading materials offer a unique way to grasp a language. They provide context, enrich vocabulary, and create a connection with the language that goes beyond mere memorization.

I know what you’re thinking: “Another list of apps?” But trust me, this isn’t just any list. I’ve sifted through the noise to find the six best language-learning apps that genuinely make reading the core of learning. 

Whether you’re taking your first step or looking to elevate your language game, I’ve got something special lined up for you. But first, let’s check the comparison table below for a quick snapshot.

Quick Overview Of The Best Language Apps With Reading Materials

AppBest ForStarting Price
LingComprehensive Reading, Writing, and Listening$14.99/month
SpeechifyConverting Text to Audio for Reading Aloud$59/month
BeelinguappReading in Two Languages Simultaneously$1.99/month
LingvistBuilding Vocabulary Through Reading Exercises$4.99/month
LingQImmersive Reading with Personalized Content$12.99/month
QuizletStudying Languages with Flashcards and Tests$7.99/month

1-Ling: Best For Comprehensive Reading, Writing, And Listening

Ling is an app I’ve been thrilled to explore, and I can’t wait to share it with you. It’s more than just a language-learning app. It’s a platform designed to enhance your learning experience through reading materials and many more tools, providing a meaningful and engaging tool with over 60 languages available.

Ling focuses on vocabulary and phrases, coupled with reading exercises, helping you form connections with native speakers in your target language. This approach ensures that you’re memorizing words and genuinely understanding them.

What sets Ling apart from other apps is its dedication to creating a unique user experience. This app offers something special for everyone, from extending your knowledge through reading-based games to connecting with thousands of language learners worldwide.

Want to know more? Dive into our unbiased Ling’s review to discover all the details that make this app truly one of a kind.

Ling’s Standout Features

  • Focus on Less Common Languages: Caters to less commonly learned languages, providing resources often overlooked by other apps.

  • Interactive Mini-Games and Quizzes: Features engaging mini-games, quizzes, and mock conversations for comprehensive learning.

  • Conversation Modules with Native Audio: Includes conversation modules with native audio, improving listening and reading skills.

What Are Users Saying About Ling?

The app has 4.3 stars on Google Play, and users commend Ling for its well-organized lessons and conversational practice. A user shared, “I have used this app for years to help with my Thai speaking and learning. It’s very well organized.”

How Much Does Ling Cost?

Basic$0-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
Monthly$14.99-Beginner lessons
-Introductory chatbot
-200 lessons in 50 units
-Access to 60+ languages
-Sync across all your devices
-Talk with the chatbot about 20 topics
-Grammar tips in many languages
Yearly$79.99 (7-day free trial available)-Same as the Monthly plan
Lifetime$149.99 (one-time payment)-Same as the Monthly plan

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2-Speechify: Best For Converting Text To Audio For Reading Aloud

Speechify is an app that I’ve found to be a game-changer for those who love audiobooks. It’s designed to turn any text into speech, allowing you to listen to your reading materials on the go. 

What caught my attention is how it caters to dyslexic learners, making reading more accessible. The app offers a variety of natural-sounding voices in different languages, allowing you to listen to books, articles, or documents in your native or target language. 

The synchronization between text and audio is seamless, and you can adjust the speed to suit your preference. If you want to know more, check out our complete Speechify review.

Speechify’s Standout Features

  • Converting Text to Audio: Speechify turns any text into audio, allowing auditory learners to listen on the go, from books to emails.

  • Human-like Voice Technology: Offers a variety of natural voices in different accents, enhancing the listening experience.

  • Integration with Various Platforms: Seamlessly integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox, making it easy to access and convert reading materials.

What Are Users Saying About Speechify?

Speechify has a Rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play. Users praise Speechify for its natural-sounding voices and convenience for multitasking. One user said, “The voices are so natural, and it’s like having someone read to you. Great for multitasking!”

How Much Does Speechify Cost?

Free$0-No Downloads
-AI Voice Over
-Video, Slide, Image support
-10 mins of voice generation
-Basic pronunciation and pause support
Basic$69/month-Unlimited downloads
-All 200+ voices and 20+ languages
-50 hours of voice generation/year
-12 hours of translation/year
-Commercial usage rights
-Voice Cloning
Professional$99/month-Unlimited downloads and Voice Cloning
-100 hours of voice generation/year
-36 hours of translation/year
-8000+ licensed soundtracks
-Support for expressions and custom uploads
EnterpriseContact Sales-Everything in Professional
-Multiple Seats and Collaboration Features
-Custom Invoices and Soundtracks
-Dedicated Customer Success Manager

3-Beelinguapp: Best For Reading In Two Languages Simultaneously

Beelinguapp is something I’ve enjoyed using, and I think you’ll find it fascinating, too. It’s designed to present texts in two languages side by side, making it easier to connect the foreign language with your native language.

What I love about Beelinguapp is its variety of reading materials, from fairy tales and news to scientific papers and novels. The audio feature, read by native speakers, adds to the learning experience. 

In my journey with Beelinguapp, I’ve found it to be a fun app that offers a unique way to learn a new language through reading in two languages simultaneously.

Curious about Beelinguapp? Then, read our complete Beelinguapp review for more insights.

Person reading on a tablet

Beelinguapp’s Standout Features

  • Reading in Two Languages: Enables side-by-side reading in your native and your target language, aiding in vocabulary building and context understanding.

  • Audiobooks with Karaoke Reading: Provides audiobooks with karaoke-style reading, improving reading and listening skills.

  • Diverse Reading Materials: From news to novels, the app caters to different interests and proficiency levels.

What Are Users Saying About Beelinguapp?

Beelinguapp has a rating of 4.2 stars on Google Play. Beelinguapp’s dual-language reading feature is a hit among users. A satisfied learner said, “I love how I can read in two languages simultaneously. It’s a game-changer for learning!”

How Much Does Beeliguapp Cost?

Free$0-Limited library
-Dual language content
-Native speaker audio
-Reading comprehension exercises
-Vocab builder
-Progress tracking

-Limited library
-Dual language content
-Native speaker audio
-Reading comprehension exercises
-Vocab Builder
-Progress tracking
Lifetime$22.99 (one-time payment)-All Premium features with lifetime access

4-Lingvist: Best For Building Vocabulary Through Reading Exercises

Lingvist is an app that caught my eye for its focus on vocabulary building. It uses AI to tailor the learning experience, ensuring you learn the words and phrases most relevant to you. The app adapts to your level and learning speed, making it a personalized experience.

With Lingvist, you learn vocabulary through sentences that you might actually use in conversation with native speakers. For example, if you’re planning a trip to France, Lingvist will help you learn useful phrases for travelers. 

In my time with Lingvist, I’ve appreciated how it combines science and technology to offer one of the best language apps with reading materials for building vocabulary through reading exercises.

Wondering how Lingvist compares to the popular Duolingo? Check out our Lingvist vs. Duolingo review for an honest take on these two language-learning apps.

Lingvist’s Standout Features

  • Vocabulary Building Through Reading: Utilizes AI to create tailored vocabulary exercises, focusing on words you need the most.

  • Real-Life Context Usage: Presents sentences and texts that show real-life word usage, enhancing understanding.

  • Adaptive Learning Path: Continuously updates your learning path, ensuring focus on relevant reading goals.

What Are Users Saying About Lingvist?

Lingvist has a rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play. Lingvist’s vocabulary-building exercises receive high praise. A user expressed, “The vocabulary-building exercises are fantastic. I’ve learned so much!”

How Much Does LIngvist Cost?

Free$0-Learn up to 3,000 words in any language
-Access basic features like pronunciation, voice recognition, and progress tracking
-Use one custom deck per language
Lingvist Unlimited$4.99/month

$39.99/year ($3.33/month)
-Unlimited words
-Advanced statistics
-Offline mode
-Multiple custom decks per language
-Priority support

5-LingQ: Best For Immersive Reading With Personalized Content

LingQ is a platform that offers thousands of hours of language learning content in 45 languages, including audio and video, with full transcripts. The idea behind LingQ is to immerse yourself in your new language, much like how you learned your native language.

What makes LingQ unique in my experience is the vast library that includes books, podcasts, news, and more. You can import anything into LingQ and turn it into an interactive lesson. LingQ’s Spaced Repetition System (SRS) helps you learn the most important words.

Want to find out why LingQ is considered a crazy good app? Dive into our detailed review of LingQ and discover what sets it apart in the crowded field of language-learning apps.

Woman reading on a tablet

LingQ’s Standout Features

  • Immersive Reading with Personalized Content: Allows content importation for personalized lessons, making reading engaging.

  • Vocabulary Tracking and Review: Tracks words you’re learning and offers reviews, reinforcing vocabulary through reading practice.

  • Community Interaction with Native Speakers: Enables interaction with native speakers, enhancing reading comprehension.

What Are Users Saying About LingQ?

LingQ has a rating of 4.3 stars on Google Play. Users appreciate LingQ’s personalized and immersive reading content. A review says, “The personalized content makes reading immersive. I can’t stop using it!”

How Much Does LingQ Cost?

FreeFree-Basic language learning features (lessons, quizzes, and challenges)
Monthly$12.99-Full access to all courses
-Grammar lessons
-Offline mode
-Community feedback
6 Months$71.94
-All features of the monthly plan
24 Months$191.76
-All features of the monthly plan

6-Quizlet: Best For Studying Languages With Flashcards And Tests

Quizlet is a global learning platform that’s more than just flashcards. It’s a tool that I’ve found to be incredibly versatile. 

With a community of 500 million learners, Quizlet offers practice tests, Expert Solutions, and AI-powered tools to help students improve their grades and reach their goals.

What makes Quizlet special in my eyes is the suite of study tools, including Magic Notes. This turns your notes into flashcards, practice tests, and more. Quizlet’s new features, like Essay Starter and Brain Beats, make learning even more engaging. 

Is Quizlet the best study tool for students? Explore our comprehensive review of Quizlet to uncover its features and find out why it’s one of the top choices for learners.

Quizlet’s Standout Features

  • Studying with Flashcards and Tests: Reinforces vocabulary and reading concepts through flashcards and tests.

  • Customizable Study Sets: Offers the ability to create or choose study sets, making them adaptable to individual reading needs.

  • Progress Tracking and Analytics: Delivers detailed insights into study habits, aiding in understanding reading comprehension.

What Are Users Saying About Quizlet?

Quizlet has a rating of 4.6 stars on Google Play. Quizlet’s flashcards and tests are popular among users. A satisfied student said, “The flashcards and tests are so helpful. My language skills have improved a lot!”

How Much Does Quizlet Cost?

FreeFree-Basic and limited features
Monthly$7.99-Unlimited studying in Learn and Test mode
-Study paths
-Mixed question types
-Practice tests
-Dynamic feedback
-Expert solutions
-No ads
12 Months$35.99 ($2.99/month)-Same as the Monthly plan

Why Use Language Apps With Reading Materials?

A language app with reading materials is a powerful strategy for language learners. Language apps excel at vocabulary and grammar reinforcement, offering interactive exercises, and if they feature reading materials, you can practice reading comprehension, too. This combo enhances vocabulary retention, reinforces grammar rules through practical examples, and allows learners to engage actively with the language.

The integration of materials into language apps addresses multiple aspects of language acquisition. The synergy between apps and reading materials ensures a comprehensive learning approach that builds linguistic proficiency.

Language apps with reading materials-woman reading on a tablet

Will These Language Apps With Reading Materials Make You Fluent?

So, can these language apps with reading materials lead you to fluency? Let’s see.

Speechify, Beelinguapp, Lingvist, LingQ, Quizlet, and Ling all have reading materials with them. They’re not just fun. They’re tools for serious language learners like you and me.

Take Ling, for example. It’s more than a language-learning app. It offers reading, writing, and listening in over 60 languages. It’s designed to help you reach fluency in an enjoyable, effective way.

Now, will these apps make you fluent? With dedication, yes. They can be a vital part of your language-learning journey. 

Want to dive deeper? Don’t miss our daily language articles. They’re filled with grammar lessons and cultural insights. 

Get Ling from Google Play and App Store today and start a new chapter in your language-learning adventure!

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