Quizlet Review: Is This The Top 1 Best Study Tool for Students?

Quizlet Review

What makes Quizlet fun and exciting? Students and teachers have always recommended Quizlet as a study aid for learning a specific skill or topic. But is it the best flashcard-based tool for language learners? Let’s discover if you’ll reach actual fluency from this Quizlet review.

There is no denying that the number of available study materials is just growing by the minute. Today, learners do not really use traditional notebooks and pens since most rely solely on their mobile devices with feature-filled applications. Based on research, some of these downloadable apps offer an innovative learning method and provide support by engaging and motivating the students in diverse ways.

For instance, if a student is interested in retaining vocabulary, they can do this through repetition of words in a gamified manner, similar to how Quizlet works.

In this post, we will walk you through what this review tool is all about, its features, and the top alternatives (like the Ling app and Simply Learn) that you can use to master any foreign language today. So, if you are up for that, let’s start the review.

Quizlet Overview

Quizlet’s flashcard features are perfect for visual language learners who excel in gamified apps. It has customizable cards that you can categorize into organized and daily practice study sets.

Quizlet Review What Is Quizlet

What Is Quizlet?

Quizlet is a language learning app developed for professionals and students who enjoy studying with flashcards. You can create your own cards online or re-use pre-built decks others create. 

This is possible since whatever you create from their website can also be shared with the public or with specific people using the unique link. In this way, you’ll get to learn the same lessons as other people or copy theirs so that you can modify and create your very own flashcards.

If you ask us, this is somewhat the same with Anki, except Quizlet has more features perfect for younger people who are into games.

For parents or teachers looking for a holistic learning tool, Quizlet can also be considered a good tool as it contains four major study modes, including learning with a path, flashcards, match terms, study sets, and discovering related textbooks.

Quizlet is a valuable service for many students because it supports many subjects and is not, particularly for language learning. It is perfect for preparing for a science or history quiz since this will serve as your reviewer on the go.

As a reviewer, you can create your own flashcards complete with texts, images, and audio files to have everything in just one card. Teachers have also used this by preparing sets that their students can learn from, and it has proved to be a good learning material for classes.

You can also use this study tool for business professionals, as I saw a vast range of study sets geared for preparing for certification tests. Many users comment that it is why they have a payment plan for business use where a company can pay an affordable price for an account for their employees.

What Is It For? A flashcard-based study aid built for students and professionals who want visual study materials like study decks for faster learning.

Languages Offered: No definite number of languages, but you can search for what’s available.

Level: Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced learners (depending on the material)


  • There is some room for gamification
  • Flexible mobile and website use
  • Promotes collaborative learning with other users
  • Allows students to be responsible for content curation


  • Most of the good study sets are behind a payment plan 
  • Limited features for developing your language skills
  • The free version is full of ads
  • Most of the information from pre-built sets is not complete

Who Is Quizlet For? For language students and professionals who are busy becoming fluent in a new language.

How Does Quizlet Work?

To start using Quizlet, students need to sign up for a free account under Quizlet and click on the create “study set” button. Once you are in, you can search for your new language to study or discover recommendations from Quizlet. One must check if the sets are available for free or under a plan. Hence, you’ll see the Plus logo on each deck. After clicking on one of them, you can choose which mode you will learn. Users will be prompted to write the definition and the term from the boxes provided. You can also upload spreadsheets if you already have a list of words and definitions to make the process much easier.

If you already found a study set created by someone but find it a bit lacking, you can copy or duplicate the whole set to add more terms and definitions to make the set live up to your standards. If you do not want your list of vocabulary words to be used by the public, you can set the mode to private so that only you can get access to it.

Once you are done creating your own set of flashcards, you can add them to a folder so that your whole virtual learning space will look friendly and easy to navigate. Then, if you are ready to review, you can choose from the available study modes and use the platform on your phone or through the website.

Quizlet Review Is Quizlet The Same For The App And Browser

Is Quizlet The Same For The App And Browser?

The user interface and design of both the mobile application and browser versions are straightforward, and all of the lessons you created or are a part of are located on the home page. You can easily access and navigate across the dashboard and browse the sets you’ve created. There is also a place for your current achievements, streaks, classes, and specific folders for each topic or lesson.

However, ad banners are visible at the bottom of the home page or some of the lessons, which can be a bit distracting if you haven’t subscribed to any of their plans.

Quizlet Review Features For Students And Teachers

Quizlet’s Features: Why It Remains #1 For Students And Teachers

Why do other students and teachers like what Quizlet offers? Many of its features are simple and easy to learn, and it is intended for beginners, especially as a study aid in school. Quizlet can still be used for learning for language students out there, but please do not expect it to be comparable to Memrise or Babbel since it offers a more general approach.

Nevertheless, let’s discuss more of Quizlet’s features below.

Train Users With Rote Memorization

Rote memorization, or rote learning as popularly known, is a repetition method popular for younger children and students. It is similar to mental training to improve memory recall. The more a person repeats a word often, the faster they can recall it. This method, along with your discipline of daily practice, will help you memorize words for the long haul.

Learn using Study Sets Created By Users

The main feature that Quizlet has is its sets, which contain four modes; Flashcards, Learn, Test, and Match. Flash cards come in study sets perfect for reviewing keywords and phrases. It also has other study modes for each deck, such as Match Terms, Learn With A Path, and Practice Tests. In Match Terms, learners race against the clock and try to match up all the terms with the definitions. You’re not just shooting stars and learning without a guide! Quizlet has a Learn With A Study Path feature that adapts based on personal study goals and how well you know the topic.

Study with recommended textbooks

You can also browse a few recommended textbooks if you’re a student and looking for materials other than what your teacher mentioned. However, it acts more like a catalog, so you don’t have access to the complete book itself. But, it is a great list you can check from time to time, particularly if you’re studying languages with few resource materials in your local library.

Create Your Own Resources For Learning Languages

If you are a native language speaker or a teacher who wants to prepare your own sets or teach a language, you can also share your own cards. You can add any card you’ve searched for, put it as a set or a folder, and then select the share. The best news about this feature is that you can share it with your friends, classmates, or even teachers.

Quizlet Live

If you are interested in hosting an online gamified quiz, you can also do so since Quizlet has a live mode (Quizlet Live) where students can race, and whoever gets 12 correct scores will win. The whole concept of the Live game somehow reminds me of Quizizz and Kahoot and is perfect for practice tests.

Quizlet Review Quizlet Pricing Cost Subscription

How Much Does Quizlet Cost?

Quizlet has both a free version and its premium plan, Quizlet Plus. After signing up for free, you’ll get a notification if you want to have a free trial of the Plus version for your Quizlet account. However, you must log in with your credit card details or get the premium version via Paypal. Unlocking all the features of Quizlet Plus requires a monthly payment of $7.99, while the annual price is $35.99 per year or $2.99 per month.

By subscribing to the Quizlet Plus version, you can use the mobile application offline and remove all the distracting advertisements. This version gives you more features and allows you to create study sets complete with other resources like voice records, diagrams, and the new Smart Grading feature.

Other Quizlet Subscription Prices:

Quizlet Plus for teachers includes a free 30-day trial and starts at $35.99/year. It includes all the premium features, enhanced content creation, and the ability to track students’ progress. On the other hand, you can also have a group subscription which is helpful if your friends or company are on a tight budget.

Quizlet Pros

Quizlet Review Some room for gamification

There is some room for gamification

Since flashcards are easy and fun to get used to, you’ll notice how easy it is to retain keywords in your memory. It is as simple as clicking on the sets and replaying the whole deck after. The Learn Mode allows challenge and keeps your mind active for motivation and to eliminate repetitiveness.

Flexible mobile and website use

If you have an ongoing study set you’ve already memorized, you can switch from the mobile application to your PC or laptop. It’s convenient if you are on the move or traveling to the country where you want to become fluent in speaking their native language.

Promotes collaborative learning with other users

Unlike apps like Babbel or Mondly, Quizlet is a teaching platform. There are multiple-choice answers for a vast number of subjects in the teaching platform, not only limited to learning a language. Have you ever tried Coursera, Udemy, or EdX? These platforms are focused on teaching any topic under the sun. Comparably, Quizlet is a bite-sized teaching platform for learners.

Collaboration promotes equal opportunities for many users who don’t have countless study tools or resources for a study topic. In this way, Quizlet’s edge against its competitors in early education remains as it has thousands of students and teachers using it regularly.

Allows students to be responsible for content curation

It is important to have trustworthy information when it comes to user-created content. Similar to Memrise, Quizlet has most of its lessons made by the users. Hence, it is the responsibility of students and teachers to write the proper topics and classes for everyone.

Quizlet Cons

Most Of The Good Study Sets Are Behind A Payment Plan 

You’ll probably be wondering why you keep seeing the same words, phrases, and sentences from many of the study decks. For free users, availability is limited on the previously curated sets, so you have to skim through complete decks. Those with the Plus services can access curated sets by teachers and professionals and even get the smart grading system.

It can be frustrating for students who can’t track how well they’re doing in their lessons, mainly if they are using it for their upcoming exams. Language enthusiasts also feel the same predicament. If you don’t see words according to your level, you’ll be stuck with either beginner, intermediate, or advanced level phrases and sentences.

Quizlet Review cons Limited features for developing your language skills

Limited features for developing your language skills

As you quickly progress through your fluency level, you will notice how much it only helps you to learn words and not actually teach you to speak. You can try the other modes, such as listening or talking, but for languages other than English in particular, there are not many sets or options. You will need an all-around app like Ling to help you sound like a native speaker.

The free version is full of ads

A majority that most free mobile apps right now can’t escape from is ads. Unfortunately, many ads can distract users while learning through the sets. If you use Quizlet for educational purposes as a student or teacher, you must purchase a monthly or annual plan to get rid of them.

Most of the information from pre-built sets is not Complete

As with various user-created content, it’s not always guaranteed that the lessons are of high quality. The only way for you to get lessons with professionals is through Quizlet Plus, as mentioned earlier. It will also be a waste of time for people with busy schedules to always check which sets are complete and verified.

Quizlet Review: Is It Worth Getting As A Language App?

After reviewing most of its features, it is undeniable that Quizlet targets younger audiences, especially high school and college students. It is a fantastic tool that works best for teachers regarding homework and other education-related activities.

However, we felt that Quizlet is not the most comprehensive tool for serious language learners who need excellent support in their listening, writing, and speaking skills. You may have to use alternative applications that promote a faster and quicker way of retaining vocabulary.

If you want more options for language-focused advanced features, we’ve got two effective alternatives for you!

2 Powerful Alternatives To Quizlet

Contrary to widespread assumption, you can learn any language on your own and become a complete pro in no time. Moreover, you don’t have to pay much to get an internet app! Our best recommendation? Start using Simya Solutions’ apps to embark on a language-learning path that is enjoyable, engaging, and highly motivating, no matter what level you are at. It includes speech instructions, sample sentences for model construction, a rigorous examination after each session, and even audio recordings for review, making it ideal for professionals, travelers, and families.

The Ling App – All-In-One Study Tool For Language Learning

Price: Freemium; Availability: Web and App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: Yes

Because of its thorough approach to language learning and its massively updated information that is checked and developed by real native speakers of a given language, the Ling app is quite popular and has earned rave reviews online. Moreover, it is so competitive that it can teach you how to speak over 60+ foreign languages, all within its interactive platform!

From the inside of the app, you can get instant access to essential flashcards, writing tests, speaking tests, and challenging games that will motivate you wherever and whenever you use them. Unlike other language courses that will ask you to set aside hours glued on the screen, you will only need 10 minutes (or less), and you can be well on your way to becoming a confident-sounding language speaker.

Simply Learn – An Application For Learning Vocabulary

Price: Free; Availability: App available at Play Store and Apple Store; Subscription: No

Downloading the free Simply Learn App is ideal if you want to speak phrases, vocabulary words, and sentences straight away. This cutting-edge tool provides the way for quick talks with the locals and gives you a chance to navigate a foreign country without actually becoming fluent in their language through and through. It’s perfect for on-the-go tourists or family trips and is free to download for all your mobile devices!

Continue Your Language Learning Journey With The Ling App!

Getting all features and services related to reaching your dream of fluency in just one language app is very helpful. Not to mention, you don’t need to pay more money just to start your beginner level in ThaiTagalogSerbian, and 60+ languages!

Ready for a better way of focusing on your target language? Download the Ling app now on the Play Store or App Store, which has all the necessary solutions and more!


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