Top 3 Hardest Languages To Learn

Ready to take on a new challenge this 2021? We invite you to consider the hardest languages to learn not only for bragging rights but also for leveling up your skills. Speaking a language different from your native one is actually considered an important achievement that will significantly help in boosting your career. If you are to impress your friends and colleagues, then dust off your language books and prepare to practice today!

With everything that is going on around the world, one of the things that you are probably considering is language learning. You see, aside from allowing yourself to express yourself in a fun and exciting way, foreign languages hold such an important appeal especially now that businesses are going global. Today, companies are no longer looking for employees who are just good in what they do but are also interested in a culturally diverse workforce especially for the marketing, hospitality, and tourism niche.

Come to think of it, international companies will pay you handsomely if you know how to communicate using the least spoken languages! Take the concept of military service for instance. You see, in the United States, the military personnel who can speak a foreign language are found to be enjoying a whopping $1k as an extra on top of their monthly salary! So, whether you are speaking the easiest or most complex one, you already have a competitive edge.  

But the question still stands, what language should you be learning to stay competitive today? Should you go study a tonal language or should you be starting with the writing system of the Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, or Korean? But wait, isn’t European languages also a thing, too? With all the language choices you have today, there is only one question to ask yourself:

What exactly motivates you to learn?



Basically, if your main motivation is just to learn a language as quickly as possible and speak it the way native speakers do, then we highly suggest that start learning with the easiest languages. Although we might label it as “easy,” it still has its unique difficulties depending on different cases especially if you are not a native English speaker. Some of these include romance languages like SpanishItalian, and French.

On the flip side, if you ready to commit your time every day to learning complex grammar concepts (word order and syntax), a new language family, sounds and tones when speaking, and a whole new writing system, then a challenging language is the best one for you. From the label itself, these languages are difficult to master like Arabic, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Finnish, and Germanic language.

But the best part? Although these are difficult to learn, people who speak these and have gained certification for linguistic competence are paid better! Still, conflicted on whether you should go for easier to learn languages of the or the hardest ones in the world? Check out this comprehensive language quiz to see which new language is perfect for your personality and needs.

The Hardest Languages to Learn

What exactly makes a language difficult to learn? According to numerous research findings related to language learning, native English speakers find it extremely difficult to learn Asian languages.

Despite being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Asia has some of the most challenging yet rewarding languages to learn. You see, not all Asian countries use the Latin alphabet which is why you have to invest time in learning from scratch.

Mandarin language

If there is one language that proves to be the most complicated one, then that would be this Chinese language. It is one of the oldest languages and it has a distinct tonal nature and complex writing system. This writing system is divided into two: Simplified and Traditional.

Want to fully immerse yourself with it? Try speaking with Chinese, Taiwanese, and some Singaporeans who are fluent in this language. Also, some characters are shared in Japanese, which makes it one flexible language for 2021.

Japanese language

The Japanese language is pretty much like Chinese with its grammatical rules, alphabet, and pronunciation. Its writing system is divided into three: Hiragana, Kanji (Chinese characters), and Katakana. If you teach yourself at least the Katakana and Hiragana, you will be able to function well like a local.

Want to fully immerse yourself with it? Get moving and visit Japan and Palau or try watching tons of Anime to brush up your skills and be familiar with the expressions

Korean language

The Korean language is gaining popularity these past few years due to its successful KPOP culture. The language has dominated the world thanks to its amazing TV series and music. What makes it difficult to learn is its complex grammar rules, different word order, and writing system.

It may indeed be a difficult language to learn for native English speakers but there is really no end to the number of resources you can use to understand it. For instance, you can follow the KPOP bands and see the translation from YouTube videos, watch the Korean dramas, or make use of a language application fit for your level.

Teens these days have taught themselves how to write and speak this language like native speakers. Want to know their secret? Well, they have actually made time and practiced it through media. If teens can do it, then we are sure you can too!

As we end this article, we hope that you were able to discover the hardest languages to learn for English speakers and that you try them out this year. You see, just because your chosen language is labeled as the “hardest language in the world” that does not mean that it is impossible to learn. By simply using a dedicated language application like the Ling App, you can get instant access to the best lessons, games, and quizzes to support your journey.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it on social media and let your friends know about the most difficult languages to study today. Challenge them up now for extra fun!

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