5 Easy Steps To Introduce Yourself In Afrikaans


South Africa is a beautiful country with many tourist attractions and relaxation places. Whether you are looking to enjoy the forests or the bustling city life, we bet that there’s something in South Africa just for you! However, the language barrier is one of the most critical points to consider. Simple as it may be, this can limit your ability to appreciate and enjoy the people’s culture. Our advice? Learn the basics, like how to introduce yourself in Afrikaans.

Imagine a stranger walking up to you with a big smile, and he touches his chest as he says more Afrikaans words you are not familiar with; it will be an awkward situation. To avoid this type of scenario, you have to know the basic phrases and words that will be of help during your stay in South Africa.

To help you prepare better, we will look at how to introduce yourself in Afrikaans and other basic Afrikaans phrases that will aid your self-introduction. To help you learn these words sequentially, we will follow the ideal steps of introductions. So, without further ado, let’s get you started on learning some introductory Afrikaans words. Ready? Let’s go!

5 Steps To Introduce Yourself In Afrikaans

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Step 1: Start With Greetings

Will it not be weird if someone comes to you while you enjoy a hot cup of chocolate and introduces themselves without even saying hi? When you want to introduce yourself in South Africa, the best thing to do is to greet. That will open up the conversation and give room for any introduction. So, let’s look at some greetings you can start with below.

Good dayGoeie dag
Good morning Goeie more
Good Afternoon Goeie middag
Good Evening Goeienaand
Good day everyone Goeie dag almal

The best greeting word to use in both formal and informal situations is Goeie dag. This is independent of the time of the day and is generally acceptable. If there is more than one person, it is polite to greet everyone. Therefore, you should go with Goeie dag almal.

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Step 2: Introduce Yourself By Saying Your Name

Once you’ve gotten a positive response to your greeting, then you tell them your name or wait for the ‘What is your name?’ question. In Afrikaans, wat is jou naam means what is your name? And you will often hear this question if you are new to a place. Here are some great ways to introduce your name.

What is your name? Wat is jou naam?
My name is… My naam is…
I am Dorcas…Ek is Dorkas
My nickname is… My bynaam is…
You can call me Dorcas…Jy kan my Dorcas noem
My first name is… My eerste naam is…
This is my son; his name is… Dit is my seun. Sy naam is…
Wife Vrou
Husband Man
Sister Suster
Daughter Dogter
Friend Vriend
Boyfriend Kêrel
Girlfriend Vriendin

For formal situations, the best thing to say is My naam is which means ‘my name is.’ It is only in informal situations you can use Ek is which means ‘I am…’

Example: Goeie dag. My naam is Michael

Translation: Good day. My name is Michael.

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Step 3: Nationality / Residential Information

Now, telling them your nationality is fully optional, and you can decide to share this information only when someone asks you. You will hear questions like ‘Waar kom jy vandaan? (Where are you from?) or Van watter land is jy? (which country are you from?), if they want you to tell them your nationality. Here is a way to say so…

Where are you from? Waar kom jy vandaan?
Where do you live? Waar woon jy?
I am from… Ek is van…
I live in America Ek bly in Amerika
I am American Ek is Amerikaans

Step 4: Age And Hobbies

In South Africa, many people don’t care about one’s age because they believe it is a piece of personal information. So, you don’t have to worry about sharing your age except when it is 100% necessary.

How old are you? Hoe oud is jy?
I am 20 years old Ek is 20 jaar oud
I will be 21 years old next month Ek word volgende maand 21 jaar oud
I love listening to music Ek luister graag na musiek
I love cooking Ek is mal oor kook
What are your hobbies? Wat is jou stokperdjies?
Introduce Yourself In Afrikaans-ask-me

Step 5: Ask About The Other Person’s Information

When someone asks you to introduce yourself in an informal gathering or, let’s say, you are meeting with the person for the first time, and it is only polite to also ask for their names. Here is how to do so.

Tell me about yourself Vertel my van jouself
Please introduce yourself too Stel jouself ook asseblief voor
What about you? Wat van jou?

You Can Now Introduce Yourself In Afrikaans

You’ve learned how to introduce yourself in the Afrikaans language, so you are set to go. Remember, always try to start with a polite greeting. Also, when introducing yourself, you can stick with your first name. Another useful tip is to greet elders before greeting the younger ones, as it shows respect and politeness in their culture.

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