25+ Useful Words And Phrases In Afrikaans

Words and phrases are the constituents that make up daily conversations. Some phrases are often used frequently compared to others and are important to navigating our daily lives. Knowing these phrases will allow you to strike up meaningful conversations and navigate your way through each. In this post, we will look at some essential words and phrases in Afrikaans that will make a massive difference in your stay in South Africa or Namibia. These essential phrases are used in daily conversations, and it will be great if you can get yourself accustomed to them.

To simplify everything, I have sectioned the Afrikaans phrases into different categories. So, let’s get started.

General Greeting Words

When you first meet a friend or stranger, the ideal thing to do is to start with a greeting. You can say hello or greet depending on the time of the day. Here are a few basic phrases that are used for greetings.

Good morningGoeie môre
Good afternoonGoeie middag
Good dayGoeie da
Good eveningGoeie naand
Good nightGoeie nag

Introduction And General Phrases Used In Daily Conversations

Find yourself in a gathering, and you want to introduce yourself. Or are you being bombarded with questions like ‘What is your name?’, ‘Where are you from?’… Whatever the case may be, this is a comprehensive list of introductory phrases and words used in daily conversations.

How are you?Hoe gaan dit met jou?
What is your name?Wat is jou naam?
My name is…My naam is ..
Where are you from?…Waar kom jy vandaan?
I am from…Ek kom van …
Where do you live?Waar woon jy?
I live in..Ek woon in
How old are you?Hoe oud is jy?
Nice to meet youBly om jou te ontmoet!
How was your night?Hoe was jou aand?
Do you speak Afrikaans?Praat jy Afrikaans?
What do you do for a living?Wat is jou beroep?
I don’t understandEk verstaan nie
Excuse meVerskoon my
See you laterSien jou later
Thank YouDankie
You’re welcomeDis ‘n plesier

Shopping Vocabulary

How much is this?Hoeveel kos dit?
Do you accept cash?Aanvaar jy kontant?
Do you accept credit card?Aanvaar jy kredietkaart?
I will buy itEk sal dit koop
I want…Ek wil…
I am looking for…Ek is op soek na…
It is too expensiveDit is te duur

Dining Out And Accommodation Phrases

dinner meal
I need a hotelEk het ‘n hotel nodig
Are there rooms available?Is daar kamers beskikbaar?
Where is the elevator?Waar is die hysbak?
I want to check-inEk wil inklok
I want to check-outEk wil betaal
I want a bigger roomEk wil ‘n groter kamer hê
Are pets allowed?Word troeteldiere toegelaat?
Where do I find…Waar vind ek?
Can I see the menu?Kan ek die spyskaart sien?
What should I eat?Wat moet ek eet?
Can I see your breakfast?Kan ek die ontbytspyskaart sien?
The bill, pleaseDie rekening asseblief
I will have this one pleaseEk sal hierdie een hê, asseblief
I don’t want spicy foodEk wil nie pittige kos hê nie
Do you have any vegetarian dishes?Het jy enige vegetariese geregte?
Can I get one more serving, please?Kan ek nog een porsie kry, asseblief?
I am on a dietEk is op ‘n dieet.
I am allergic to…Ek is allergies vir…

General Question Words

Let’s look at the interrogative pronouns used in asking questions and other phrases South Africans usually use to ask questions.

What is the time?Hoe laat is dit?
How much is this?Hoeveel kos dit?
Who is at the door?Wie is by die deur?
What did you say?Wat het jy gesê?
Can you repeat yourself?Kan jy jouself herhaal?
How do I get…Hoe kry ek…
Can I take you out next week?Kan ek jou volgende week uitneem?

Days Of The Week

days of the week

Numbers In Afrikaans

One thousandeenduisend

Important Words And Phrases To Remember

I love youEk het jou lief
I hate youEk haat jou
I am sadEk is hartseer
I am happyEk is gelukkig

Wrapping Up

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