6 Best Language Apps For Children For Quick Mastery

Best Language Apps for Children- Ling App

Studying foreign languages is already tough for adults, what more would it be for children? So, here we scavenged for the 10 best language apps for children that’ll make learning fun for kids.

Interactive games and lively music are one of the best methods parents use to help their children in their language-learning journey. It may take time to teach children new vocabulary, but as teachers, it’s best to let them learn at their own pace while still enjoying the learning style you try to incorporate. When is it really the best time to introduce a new language to a kid? It’s great if you can try teaching a second language to your child at the age of one. Shocking, isn’t it?

To effectively introduce a new language program to kids, you must be versatile with your teaching methods. They easily get bored and lose focus, so picking the right app to teach vocabulary and basic phrases is a must! Here we collected the best language learning apps for children that’ll help them effectively learn a new native language.

AppKey FeaturesPrices
Droplets Kid Language Learning– Offers 35+ Languages
– Ad-Free
– Fun and Interactive Games
Monthly: $13
Yearly: $69.99
Lifetime: $159.99
Aylee Learns English For Kids– Cutting-edge speech recognition.
– Child-Friendly.
– Games and Adventures.
Weekly: $3.99
Monthly: $9.99
Yearly: $99.99
Lingokids- Play And Learn– Interactive Academics
– Play-Learning Method
– Track Progress and Achievements
Monthly: $13.49
Yearly: $71.88
Learn Languages- FunEasyLearn– Track Progress
– Earn Flowers and Bees (Points for FREE subscription)
Monthly: $3.99
6 Months: $14.99
Yearly: $21.99
Lifetime: $49.99
Duolingo: Language Lessons– Fun and Effective
– Designed by Language Experts
Monthly: $.9.99
Yearly: $199.99
Ling Learn Languages– Fun and Effective.
– Learn 60+ Languages.
– Promotes Habitual Language-Learning.
Monthly: $8.99
Yearly: $79.99
Lifetime: $149.99

6 Best Language Apps For Children

Best Language Apps For Children (Droplets)- Ling App

1. Droplets Kid Language Learning

One of the highly-rated language learning apps for kids is Droplets Kid Language Learning. Here they offer free and premium subscriptions like most applications. However, what makes them different is the game they present to kids. Upon introducing a new word, an icon representing the word appears, and your child needs to swipe either up or down to see what it corresponds to. It even has interactive spelling games that they could enjoy.

With the app, you can improve your child’s auditory and visual memory as it uses both modalities to help them enjoy learning. It also offers 35 languages for free, so you’ll have plenty of options. This app is very user-friendly, and you wouldn’t have a hard time introducing it to kids.


  • Easy-to-Use
  • Plenty of Interactive Activities


  • Expensive
  • Limited Color Palette
  • Limited To Expanding Vocabulary
Best Language Apps For Children (Aylee)- Ling App

2. Aylee Learns English For Kids

If you have a budget and you want to enhance your kid’s visual learning, this app is your go-to. Although its target language is only English, young learners would definitely have fun with the language app. It has more interactive features compared to the first two apps we recommended. With the fun games it has like dress-ups and spelling words through writing on your phone, younger kids would learn new skills quicker.

There are interactive stories that kids would really appreciate, it can even improve their reading skills and listening comprehension. But unfortunately, its free version only has two game levels. So, if you want children to learn with this language learning software, don’t hesitate to get its premium version and experience the benefits it offers!


  • Colorful and has many interactive features
  • Creative and teaches children logic
  • Fun and Addicting


  • Expensive
  • Limited Games For FREE members
  • Limited To English
Best Language Apps For Children (LingoKids)- Ling App

3. Lingokids- Play And Learn

Foreign language learning should be a fun experience for kids, and Lingokids plays its part perfectly when kids are trying to discover multiple languages. It has more than 1,200 educational games and videos that learners would definitely enjoy. While they also have remarkable characters like Billy, Cowy, Elliot, and Lisa that can make your kid feel a burst of excitement whenever she tries to learn new words from other languages.


  • Colorful and Interactive
  • Plenty Of Activities


  • Limited Games For FREE members
  • Limited To English
  • Expensive
Best Language Apps For Children (FunEasyLearn)- Ling App

4. Learn Languages- FunEasyLearn

This app lives up to its name, as it truly makes learning fun. It’s no surprise that it gained a spot in the best language learning apps and received a high rating. However, if you’re someone who hates signing up for an account and downloading app data, then this may piss you off. Unlike the first one, Learn Languages offer more interactive games like flashcards, spelling, and matching games.

Moreover, you have different ways to get a subscription on this app. Not having enough money on your card shouldn’t stop you from mastering any foreign language in this app. You can collect flowers from every correct answer you get and earn 20,000 of them to get a subscription. While if you want your kids to improve their language skills rapidly, get the premium version.


  • Interactive Games and Features
  • Wide-Ranged Lessons
  • Cheap


  • Time-Consuming Data Download
  • Poorly Coordinated Color Palette

Note: You may get the Premium Pack for one language or for all 34 languages the app offers. The price varies on the plan and package you choose.

Best Language Apps For Children (Duolingo)- Ling App

5. Duolingo: Language Lessons

One of the most-used free language learning apps includes Duolingo. It’s handy for both adults and kids, and just like other free apps, you can choose the length of your learning time from 3 minutes to 30 minutes per day. The app utilizes both the audio and visual skills of learners. Activities include professional voice actors who say simple words, and you’ll have to identify them by matching them with the options presented.

Unlike the first three applications, this one may not be suitable for toddlers as it can be quite boring. But older kids may appreciate it as it’s straightforward and easy to understand. They also have a hundred language learning courses for more than 40 native languages. If you want to maximize your learning experience with Duolingo, here are the perks of the benefits of getting its premium version:


  • Straight-Forward Teaching Method
  • Easy-to-Understand
  • Offers Many Interactive Games
  • Versatile
  • Cheap


  • Contains Too Many Ads.
Best Language Apps For Children (Ling)- Ling App

6. Ling Learn Languages

Similarly to Duolingo, Ling is also enjoyed by both adults and kids. Here you can explore 60+ languages that interest you and enjoy the learning process as well. Its boot-up is also quick, so you won’t really take much of your time. Upon opening the app, you may notice that it’s quite plain and minimalistic, which may not really be enjoyed by kids but is well-appreciated by older children.


  • Easy-to-Use
  • Versatile and Flexible
  • Wide-Ranged Lessons
  • Ad-FREE
  • Cheap


  • Some language courses can be further improved

Which One Should You Pick For Your Kids?

All of these apps are handy when it comes to enriching your child’s knowledge in other languages. We do recommend the first three apps on this list if you want them to have an interactive learning experience with different original characters. Their professional voice actors’ voices sound friendlier compared to the latter apps we recommended.

However, if your kid’s learning style is more straightforward, then we implore you to use the apps from numbers four to six, especially Ling. With the app’s affordable plans, you and your kids could easily learn new words and phrases from the 60+ languages it offers. Taking up a good challenge with its exercises and quizzes would surely fire up your child’s competitive soul. Download Ling today on Play Store and App Store for FREE!

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