50+ Common Mongolian Verbs You Need to Know

Common Mongolian Verbs

Wondering about the common Mongolian verbs? We can’t blame you! Verbs are the backbone of any language. They are the key to describing everything we do, from the most complex actions to the simplest sensations, like the act of seeing something. Without verbs, language would be incomplete, leaving us struggling to describe our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

But don’t take my word for it! Try to construct a few sentences without verbs. Go ahead, give it a shot. It’s not as easy as it seems, is it? In fact, it’s downright difficult! Try saying “I the beach with my family” and you’ll see how awkward and incomplete they sound.

Verbs are crucial in giving language structure and meaning. They help us to express our ideas and feelings more clearly and accurately. They describe our actions, thoughts, perceptions, and emotions. They bring language to life and add depth and nuance to our speech.

So, to help you on your journey of language learning, let’s dive into the world of Mongolian verbs!

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Common Mongolian Verbs For Daily Activities

Knowing the most commonly used verbs in daily life is essential for those learning the language. To help you on your language journey, we have compiled a table of the most common Mongolian words used daily. Whether you’re a beginner or have been studying the language for a while, this table will be a valuable resource to enhance your vocabulary and improve your communication skills.

To SleepУнтахUntakh
To Get UpБосохBosokh
To Wake UpСэрэхSerekh
To Brush Your TeethШүдээ угаахын тулдShüdee ugaakhyn tuld
To Wash Your FaceНүүрээ угаахын тулдNüüree ugaakhyn tuld
To Get DressedХувцаслахын тулдKhuvtsaslakhyn tuld
To LaughИнээхIneekh
To SmileИнээмсэглэх ньIneemseglekh ni
To CryУйлахUilakh
To Speak, To SayЯрих, хэлэхYarikh, khelekh
To Listen ToСонсохSonsokh
To GiveӨгөхÖgökh
To OpenНээхNeekh
To CloseХаахKhaakh
To EnterОрохOrokh
To KnowМэдэхMedekh
Not everyone can talk about their feelings in Mongolian


Externalize Your Feelings With These Verbs

To express your emotions in Mongolian, you’ll need to know the right verbs! But don’t fret, we’ve got you covered. Introducing a table of the most commonly used verbs to express emotions in Mongolian words. Whether you’re feeling like a grumpy grouch or a chipper chatterbox, learning these verbs will help you express yourself in any mood. So, let’s get ready to talk about our emotions, Mongolian style!

To LikeТаалагдахTaalagdakh
To LoveХайрлахKhairlakh
To HateҮзэн ядахÜzen yadakh
To Get AngryУурлахUurlakh
To ForgetМартахMartakh
To RememberСанахSanakh
To Be Afraid OfАйхAikh
To Be SurprisedГайхахGaikhakh
To WantХүсэхKhüsekh
Ready to learn about learning? (pun intended) Best Education related verbs in Mongolian


Verbs About Education

Are you ready to hit the books and learn some Mongolian verbs about education? Whether you’re cramming for a big exam or just trying to learn a new language, these verbs are essential for any student. So, put on your thinking cap, buckle down, and let’s get ready to learn some verbs!

To LearnСурахSurakh
To Do ExamШалгалт өгөхShalgalt ögökh
To TeachЗаахZaakh
To WriteБичихBichikh
To ReadУншихUnshikh
To TellХэлэхKhelekh
To UnderstandОйлгохOilgokh
To ExplainТайлбарлахTailbarlakh
Every relationship in Mongolia starts with an introduction. Good relationship start with Mongolian introductions


Verbs To Introduce Yourself To Mongolian Locals

Are you ready to introduce yourself to the Mongolian world? Well, it’s time to learn the most important verbs to make a lasting impression!

To BeБайхBaikh
To Come From-аас ирэх-aas irekh
To StayҮлдэхÜldekh
To LiveАмьдрахAmidrakh
To HaveБайхBaikh
To Work, To Make, To Doхийхkhiikh
To TravelАялахAyalakh
To MeetУулзахUulzakh
To IntroduceТанилцуулахTaniltsuulakh
The direction is forward: learn more about Mongolian


Verbs About Transportations And Directions In Mongolian

Are you lost in Mongolia and need to know how to get around? Well, it’s time to learn Mongolian transportation and directions’ most commonly used verbs!

To GoЯвахЯвах
To Go StraightШулуун явахын тулдШулуун явахын тулд
To WalkАлхахАлхах
To StopЗогсохЗогсох
To TurnЭргэхЭргэх
To Go BackБуцаж явахБуцаж явах
To ParkПарк рууПарк руу
To AcrossTo AcrossTo Across
To Pick UpАвах ньАвах нь
To WaitХүлээхХүлээх
This food is making me hungry... For more Verbs in Mongolian!


Attention Foodaholics! Verbs About Food And Ordering

Are you a foodie looking to learn some Mongolian culinary lingo? Well, let’s get cooking with the top 9 most commonly used verbs in Mongolian food vocabulary! So, put on your apron, grab your spatula, and let’s get ready to sauté, fry, and boil our way to Mongolian gastronomic glory!

To Order FoodХоол захиалахKhool zakhialakh
To Order DrinkУндаа захиалахUndaa zakhialakh
To See MenuЦэсийг харахTsesiig kharakh
To EatИдэхIdekh
To DrinkУухUukh
To TasteАмтлахAmtlakh
To Check BillsТооцоо шалгахTootsoo shalgakh
To Pay MoneyМөнгө төлөхMöngö tölökh
To Take AwayБулаан авахBulaan avakh
Don't spend your money on clothes. Spend it on information!


Verbs About Shopping

Knowing these verbs is crucial for any shopping spree whether you’re a bargain hunter or a big spender. So, put on your comfiest shoes, grab your wallet, and let’s get ready to buy, buy, buy in Mongolian style!

To Go ShoppingДэлгүүр явахDelgüür yavakh
To ScaleТомруулахTomruulakh
To Select, To ChooseСонгох, сонгохSongokh, songokh
To Try OnТуршихын тулдTurshikhyn tuld
To Package, To WrapСавлах, боохSavlakh, bookh
To DeliverХүргэхKhürgekh
To SendИлгээхIlgeekh
To DiscountХөнгөлөхKhöngölökh
To RefundБуцаан олгохButsaan olgokh
To UseХэрэглэхKhereglekh
The best verbs in Mongolian to know and never use!


Useful Verbs For Emergencies In Mongolian

Are you ready for the worst but hoping for the best? Whether you’re calling for help or trying to offer assistance, knowing Mongolian words used for emergencies is crucial for any traveler. So, put on your superhero cape, and let’s learn a few verbs that we hope you never need to use them (but we hope you know them anyway).

To Help, To SaveТуслах, ХадгалахTuslakh, Khadgalakh
To SupportДэмжихDemjikh
To ProtectХамгаалахKhamgaalakh
To HelpТуслахTuslakh
To AttackХалдах, дайрахKhaldakh, dairakh
To ChaseChase рууChase ruu
To ArrestБаривчлахBarivchlakh
Game is on! Shoot to score with these verbs about sports in Mongolian!


Verbs About Sports

Now let’s learn a few fun terms for the next time your Mongolian friend invites you to a game of хөл бөмбөг (khöl bömbög – Soccer).

To PlayТоглохToglokh
To DanceБүжиглэхBüjiglekh
To DrawЗурахZurakh
To PaintБудахBudakh
To SingДуулахDuulakh
To WatchҮзэхÜzekh
To SwimСэлэхSelekh
To RunГүйхGüikh
The meal is fluency and the ingredients are verbs in Mongolian


Let’s Cook! Verbs In Mongolian

It comes at a time when you need to cook a meal for your Mongolian friends, but what if you don’t know a few verbs to explain how you make such a delicious delicacy? Don’t let this happen to you, here is a list of the most common verbs about cooking in Mongolian.

To CookХоол хийхKhool khiikh
To WashУгаахUgaakh
To SliceЗүсэхZüsekh
To MinceМинс рууMins ruu
To ChopХагалахKhagalakh
To CutТаслахTaslakh
To StirХутгахKhutgakh
To StewStew рууStew ruu
To BoilБуцалгахButsalgakh
To FryFryFry
To Stir-FryХутгахын тулдKhutgakhyn tuld
To SteamSteam рууSteam ruu
What better to impress your interviewer than some Mongolian verbs?


Planning On Applying To A Job? Top Verbs For Your Interview

Let’s finish this incredible article by learning a few verbs that might be useful for a job interview. Who knows, maybe this will help you nail the job you’ve dreamed of in Mongolia!

To Find A JobАжил олохын тулдAjil olokhyn tuld
To ApplyИдэвхжүүлэхIdevkhjüülekh
To InterviewЯрилцлага авахYariltslaga avakh
To ScheduleТөлөвлөхTölövlökh
To QuestionАсуултандAsuultand
To AnswerХариулахKhariulakh
To ThankБаярлалааBayarlalaa
To WorkАжиллахAjillakh
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Let’s Recap!

That’s it, folks! You’re officially ready to tackle the words of the Mongolian language! Verbs are every sentence’s true heart and soul, and now you’ve almost conquered it! What’s next? That’s a good question, and for that, there is only one answer: Continue to learn more about the national language of Mongolia with Ling!


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