Clothes In Mongolian: Your #1 Best Guide!

Clothes In Mongolian

Are you about to go on a shopping spree or a Mongolian adventure? Get ready to unravel the threads of fun and practicality! Imagine sauntering through bustling markets, armed with the superpower of learning the clothes in Mongolian vocabulary. Not only will you decode the style secrets of this culturally rich land, but you’ll also be climate-ready with outfits that could make chameleons envious.

So, toss that utilitarian mindset out the yurt door – mastering Mongolian clothing lingo is your golden ticket to learning the Mongolian heritage, a connection-forging superstar as you dive into the epic landscapes and bustling bazaars of Mongolia!

What Is “Clothes” In Mongolian?

But hey, before you embark on this stylish journey to Mongolian clothes, let’s start with the basics. In Mongolian, the word for “clothes” is “хувцас” (pronounced: khuvtsas). Now, isn’t that a cool word? To get you started, here are a couple of sentences to tickle your linguistic taste buds:

  1. I need to do laundry and wash my clothes today.
    Mongolian: Би одоо амралтыг хийж хувцасуудыг угаах шаардлагатай.
  2. She likes to buy trendy clothes from fashionable stores.
    Mongolian: Тэр модны дэлгүүрүүдээс модны хувцасуудыг худалдаан авахыг хамт ойлгож байна.

Traditional Mongolian Clothing

Gear up for a journey to Mongolia with a twist – dive into the world of Mongolian traditional clothes! Picture this: relieving the vibes of Mongolian nomads that have rocked the steppes for ages. Oh, and did I mention the extreme weather hacks woven right into the deel’s design? Get to know more below!

  1. Deel (Traditional Robe): The deel is the most iconic Mongolian costume and is usually worn by ethnic groups. The deel is like a warm and stylish hug with its long, flowy cut, snazzy high collar, and buttoned charm. Made from tough stuff to tackle the cold, deels flaunt vibrant colors and mesmerizing designs.
  2. Khantaaz (Sash): The khantaaz is the stylish belt that gives the deel its snug fit. It’s not just about keeping things in place; it’s a canvas for creativity adorned with delightful decorations.
  3. Zodog (Vest): The zodog is like the deel’s fashion sidekick. Worn over the robe, it’s a silk or decorative marvel adorned with intricate embroidery that’s cooler than a snow leopard’s paw prints.
  4. Shar tsagaan (White Blouse): The shar tsagaan is the white canvas beneath the masterpiece. With its long sleeves and delicate embroidery, it’s the unsung hero that keeps the deel dazzling.
  5. Khalat (Outer Robe): The khalat is the robe for special occasions, turning heads with its intricate patterns and designs. It’s like wearing a celebration because every day is a chance to shine.
  6. Gutul (Leather Gloves): Gutul gloves are the ultimate hand buddies, battling the cold and elements with a touch of style.
  7. Ichigi (Silk Undergarment): Ichigi is the base layer that adds warmth without stealing the spotlight. Men and women rock this silk wonder for that extra cozy factor.
  8. Del (Headscarf): Crown your charm! Del is the headscarf that adds practicality and pizzazz. Mongolian women wear it like a fashion statement, showing that warmth and style go hand in hand.
Young Mongolian couple in traditional clothing

Common Clothes In Mongolian

Planning to stay in a homestay program? If you are, then be sure remember the terminologies for common pieces of clothing in the Mongolian language!

PajamasШөнийг Shuh-nee
BathrobeБул Bool
SlippersЗууш Zoo-sh
Lounge pantsДайснууд Dye-snoo’d
T-shirtФутболка Foot-bol-ka
SweatshirtГутал Goo-tuhl
LeggingsЛеггинс Leg-gins
ShortsГутас Goo-tahs
Tank topТанк топ Tank top
NightgownӨнгөрөө Ung-uh-roo
OnesieДэгжин Deg-jin
SweaterГарц Garts
Jogging pantsЖоггинг гуталZhog-ging goo-tuhl
CardiganЗузлаг гарц Zooz-lag garts
SocksГуйван Gooi-van
Indoor shoesГэрэл цуврал Geh-rel tsoo-vral
Lounge shortsДайснуудын гутас Dye-snoo-deen goo-tahs
Slouchy beanieХөзөр сүсэг Khuh-zur soo-seg
Leg warmersХамгаалах ойм Ham-gaa-lakh oym
Oversized shirtИлүү хэмжээний гарц Ilüü khem-jen-ee garts
Folded pajamas on bed

Winter Clothes In Mongolian

Learning about the snuggly secrets of traditional Mongolian winter wear isn’t just about staying cozy – it’s like unlocking a frosty time capsule. So get ready to learn these terms below!

CoatГарц Garts
JacketБэхээн гутал Bekh-ehn goo-tuhl
Winter bootsХаврын гутал Khav-rin goo-tuhl
ScarfЗулзаг Zool-zag
GlovesГар бэлэг Gahr beh-leg
HatТавь Tahv
SweaterГарц Garts
Thermal underwearТатаах шөнийг Tah-tahkh shuh-nee
Snow pantsЦамц Tsahmts
Fleece-lined leggingsФлийсээр талдлагдсан леггинс Fleese-air tahl-dlag-dsan leggins
Down jacketАлтан хурд All-tahn khurd
Wool socksЦамцай гуйван Tsahmtsai goo-i-van
Thermal socksТатаах гуйван Tah-tahkh goo-i-van
Snow glovesЦамц бэлэг Tsahmts beh-leg
Knit beanieХөзөр сүсэг Khuh-zuhr soo-seg
Long underwearУрт шөнийг Oort shuh-nee
MittensХурд Khurd
SnowsuitЦамц гутал Tsahmts goo-tuhl
Snow scarfЦамц зулзаг Tsahmts zool-zag
Wool hatЦамцай тавь Tsahmtsai tahv
Photo of Woman wearing Winter Clothing

Summer Clothes In Mongolian

These outfits aren’t just stylish; they’re your ticket to beating the summer sizzle while staying comfy. It’s like joining the Mongolian summer squad and high-fiving their outdoor spirit!

T-shirtФутболка Foot-bol-ka
ShortsГутас Goo-tahs
Tank topТанк топ Tank top
SkirtХурд Khurd
SwimsuitЗагас Zah-gahs
Board shortsХэрэг тавь гутас Kheh-reg tahv goo-tahs
Crop topКроп топ Crop top
Lightweight dressЦагаан өнгийн жин Tsah-gahn ohn-geen jeen
Beach cover-upТал бүрхээг Tal bür-kheeg
Sleeveless blouseСарцмын гарц Sarts-meen garts
Linen pantsЛинэн гутал Linen goo-tahl
SandalsСэндэл Sen-del
ShortsГутас Goo-tahs
Sunscreen shirtНарны хамгаалах гарц Nar-ny ham-gah-lakh garts
Summer scarfСарын зулзаг Sar-uhn zool-zag
Light cardiganЦагаан өнгийн зузлаг гарц Tsah-gahn ohn-geen zooz-lag garts
Frame with Summer Clothes and Vacation Fashion Acessories

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