10+ Best Apps To Learn English Quickly In 2023

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The English Language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with almost one billion people being English speakers. This language has become one of the important languages one has to learn to open up opportunities, have a better global reach, and communicate with other English speakers, especially if you are not from an English-speaking country.

There are different ways and language courses to learn the English Language, but Language Learning Apps have proven times without numbers, to be one of the best ways to learn the English Language, get practical lessons, and learn at your own pace. Besides, almost everyone uses a smartphone making it super easy to learn on the go.

However, aspiring English language learners are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right app to learn English, especially when there are thousands of English Langauge Apps to choose from. Well, I have great news!

After testings numerous English learning apps, we’ve come up with the best language apps for learning the English Language. These English Language Apps come with everything you need to become a fluent English speaker from grammar lessons to vocabulary and practice lessons. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the best app to learn the English Language.

Best Apps To Learn English: Prices And Features

AppsWhy Is It Best?Plans & Pricing
BabbelShort and effective lessons1-month plan: $13.95
3-month plan: $29.85
6-month plan: $50.70
12-month plan: $83.40
Lifetime plan: $299.99
DuolingoImprove long-term language memoryDuolingo Super: $6.99 per month
Rosetta StonePronunciation practice3-month plan: $35.97
12-month plan: $95.88
Lifetime subscription: $299
MemriseImprove vocabulary skillsMonthly subscription: $14.99
Yearly subscription: $89.99
Lifetime membership: $199.99
FluentUUsing Video for Language LearningMonthly subscription: $29.99
Yearly subscription: $359.99
ELSA speaksConversation and pronunciation practiceELSA PRO pack for 1-year: $59.99
ELSA PRO pack for lifetime: $98.99
LingodeerShort and interactive lessonsMonthly plan: $8.99
Quarter plan: $19.99
Yearly plan: $54.99
iTalkiPersonalized lessonsPrice varies based on the online tutor
BusuuMaster languages with native speakers1-month plan: $13.95
6-month plan: $83.70
12-month plan: $167.40
PimsleurFocus on conversational skillsBuy 1 level for $150
Buy the complete course (5 levels) for $575
IELTS PrepUseful tips for the IELTS testFree for practice test 1-3
From practice test 4: $4.99/test
MondlyEveryday-life-focused chatbots1-month/1-language plan: $9.99
1-year/1-language plan: $47.99
Lifetime access/41 languages: $1999.99
LingokidsChildren learning methodsMonthly plan: $14.99
Yearly plan: $89.99
LingGamification learning methodsFree for beginner lessons
Monthly subscription: $8.99
Yearly subscription: $79.99
Lifetime membership: $149.99
best apps to learn English-ling-app-woman studying 2

1. Babbel

Babbel starts out strong as one of the best apps for learning English with its robust features and lessons. It does an excellent job of covering almost every aspect of English learning skills such as Speaking, Pronunciation, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary.

It offers 15-minute grammar lessons that focus on interactive and real-time lessons such as introducing yourself, offering food, or traveling words. In addition, you have access to native English speaker audios that helps you speak the English language more naturally by listening to how native speakers pronounce each word.

Another notable feature that Babbel offers is its optional live classes in case you are interested in taking it to the next level and the speech recognition feature that allows you to answer questions verbally. Well, Babbel doesn’t forget to remind you to review your last lessons to help you commit them to memory.

Overall, the Babbel language learning app offers practical grammar explanations and practice, quality audio lessons, speaking practice and so much more.


  • Download courses and study without an internet connection.
  • Useful grammar tips and tricks.
  • Highly accurate voice recognition technology.


  • 1-month plan: $13.95
  • 3-month plan: $29.85
  • 6-month plan: $50.70
  • 12-month plan: $83.40
  • Lifetime plan: $299.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, website

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the best free English learning app one can come across, and while one may think that its tradeoff will be quality lessons, the opposite is the case. Duolingo makes use of gamified experience and advanced technology to turn new English language learners into intermediate speaker in no time.

Duolingo is a great app if you are completely new to the English language and you want to learn basic English language skills such as basic conversational skills, phrases, and basic words. This free app makes use of gamified experience, reward systems, and advanced technology to ensure that your learning experience is seamless and concise.

Starting with the gamified features, Duolingo makes use of animations to make the lessons interactive, daily streaks as a reward system for showing up daily, and tree-linking exercises that ensure you are progressing. It also tracks your daily learning activities and offers an offline mode for users to keep learning even if they are in a place with a poor network.

In addition, Duolingo comes with sentence-building and interactive exercises that are mostly ignored by other language-learning apps. You can match pictures with words, translate English sentences back to your native language for better comprehension, and build basic English sentences block by block.

That’s not all, Duolingo uses AI to detect words you had problems with and brings it up periodically until there is a significant improvement.

Duolingo integrates other add-ons such as Duolingo Stories for reading practice, Tinycards for vocabulary flashcards, and Duolingo Podcasts for improving listening skills

Overall, Duolingo focuses on all-around English-building skills such as reading, speaking, writing, and listening skills in its free version. Duolingo does a great job and it is one of the best free apps for learning English.

However, if you are thinking of advancing your English learning skills, Duolingo is not the best app because it is mostly focused on complete beginners.


  • Skillful communication may be developed with engaging cartoon characters.
  • When you make practice a daily habit, you unlock fun rewards and achievement.
  • Learn with people worldwide and keep yourself motivated with their online leaderboards.


Duolingo Super: $6.99 per month

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, ipads, websites

3. Rosetta stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular English language apps and it takes a different approach to learning English. Instead of teaching you English with the help of learners’ native languages, it teaches English in the English language which can spring up mixed feelings depending on your learning goals. While some people find this immersive learning approach helpful, others found it extremely radical and intimidating.

Rosetta Stone gives you visual lessons such as connecting a picture to a new word and audio lessons to teach English. For example, A boy word will be matched with a picture of a boy to introduce English learners to new words, and from there, these new words are used in sentences to allow English learners to become familiar with the word.

Also, lessons and sentences are repeated so much so as to help learners learn English passively. These lessons can quickly become boring and repetitive for language learners.

Rosetta Stone makes use of filling in the gap, audio questions, selecting a correct text from a group of texts, and other exercises to help learners get a better grip on the lessons. In addition to all these features, accent speech recognition technology helps you take your speaking practice to the next level by giving you the chance to get your pronunciation assessed.

Overall, Rosetta Stone is a radical approach to learning English and can become intimidating for new users. However, it does a great job teaching people English with the English Language. The painful tradeoff is a lack of writing skills, in-depth grammar explanations, and a lack of engaging courses on grammar practice.

While Rosetta Stone has its own unique strengths that some categories of learners love, it may not be suitable for specific English learners looking for an engaging, gamified, and writing skill-focused app for learning English.


  • Download the resources, and you can learn anywhere.
  • You’ll get immediate feedback to help you improve your pronunciation.
  • Share your progress on all of your devices.


  • 3-month plan: $35.97
  • 12-month plan: $95.88
  • Lifetime subscription: $299

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, website

best apps to learn English-ling-app-man studying

4. Memrise

Memrise language app focuses on memorization and engagement when learning a language. It features flashcards that help you learn new words, and new vocabulary, and practice English pronunciation. These flashcards have proven to be an effective memorization strategy. Also, Memrise makes use of user-generated courses, therefore you have access to tons of English lessons. These courses are arranged in an intuitive way where the courses start at an easy pace and get harder progressively. Some of these English courses also make use of interactive video lessons to help with understanding and retention.

Another feature worth noting is the spaced repetition technology Memrise adapted which reminds you of learned words at strategic periods.

Memrise added a bit of fun and gamified experience to their learning app such as fast-paced exercises in form of multiple choices where you have to pick the correct words quickly.

The speech recognition system allows learners to pronounce words and get graded with a pass or fail mark. Another interesting thing about Memrise is its grammar bot features that work like chatbots. These bots chat you up with your native language while inputting some of the languages you are learning and gives you a series of option to choose from as a reply.

The learn with local feature video lessons feature native English speakers that pronounce phrases and sentences in an engaging way.

Overall, Memrise is a great English app that is beginner friendly, focuses on pronunciation practice, and memorization in a short period


  • Watch 30,000+ conversations between native speakers.
  • Speak with its AI language tutor.
  • Learn vocabulary relevant to your life.


  • Monthly subscription: $14.99
  • Yearly subscription: $89.99
  • Lifetime membership: $199.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iPhone, iPad, website

5. FluentU

FluentU is an English app that focuses on interacting and learning authentic English. One proven way to learn a new language fast is to be immersed in authentic day-to-day conversation and videos of that particular language. Fortunately, FluentU took that into consideration and came up with an application where both beginners and intermediates can become conversant with a language through authentic English videos.

The less than 5 minutes, subtitle-heavy FluentU videos range from news, music videos, interviews, advertisement,s and so on. So, you can decide on the type of videos you will like to interact with. These videos come with two subtitles that translate the video into your native language and also into the new language you are learning, which makes interacting with the video a seamless process. After each video, you get access to quizzes and flashcards based on what you’ve watched. Some of these quizzes are sound snippets and speaking questions that mandate you to reply by speaking which is great to practice pronunciation and English words.

Apart from these, FluentU doesn’t offer much more features. So, you’ve got to rely on other materials if you want to expand your writing skills and English grammar skills.


  • Video-based language instruction based on real-world situations.
  • Flashcard courses
  • Audio samples


  • Monthly subscription: $29.99
  • Yearly subscription: $359.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, website

6. ELSA speaks

One problem learners often encounter when practicing a new language is the speaking part. Learners may be able to read and write new languages but when it comes to speaking with native English speakers, it is sad to find out that their words cannot be deciphered by native speakers. However, ELSA Speaks, an English learning app, solves that problem by using advanced AI technology to give you detailed feedback on your English pronunciation and grade you on how much you sound like a native speaker

Getting started with ELSA, you will be required to read out some sentences, after doing that, you get instant detailed feedback about how well you did. One impressive thing I will like to point out is the detailed feedback. It grades you in percentage based on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency and gives you valuable tips on how to become better. The following lessons will automatically focus on your weaknesses.

ELSA speaks comes with a range of content including word pronunciation, dialogue, listening, and syllable stress. There are other supportive features such as Word Bank; which keep track of words and phrases you’ve worked on so far, Dictionary and Assessment.

If you are looking for an app that focuses on pronunciation and helps you to sound more like a native speaker, then ELSA Speaks is a great app. However, it doesn’t provide features geared towards improving your reading and writing skills.


  • AI scoring system upon pronunciation.
  • Give language learners individualized examinations that measure their technical and skill development.


  • ELSA PRO pack for 1-year: $59.99
  • ELSA PRO pack for lifetime: $98.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, website

7. Lingodeer

Lingodeer takes a gamified approach to learn English just like Duolingo. However, Lingodeer focuses more on advanced grammar lessons and more goal-oriented progress. The lesson structures were organized by experts so you rest assured that your learning progress will move from basic English to advanced English learning. Also, Lingodeer features high-quality native speaker audio to improve your listening skill.

One impressive feature is that lessons are categorized based on useful topics. For example, there are lessons on ‘Occupation and People’, ‘Greetings’ and so much more. You also get access to versatile practice by doing exercises such as fill in the gap, matching images with words, translations and so much more. It comes with other features like the ‘test out’ features that ensure you know what you’ve learned so far, the ‘review’ tab where all the words you’ve learned and grammar courses you’ve learned can be improved, and download section where you can download and keep your courses

Overall, Lingodeer is a great English app focusing on gamified experience and goal-oriented learning to move beginners to intermediate in 5 minutes per day.


  • Quick, easy, everyday lessons that only take 5 minutes
  • Offer travel phrasebook
  • Studio-recorded audio from native speakers


  • Monthly plan: $8.99
  • Quarter plan: $19.99
  • Yearly plan: $54.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, website

best apps to learn English-ling-app-woman studying 1

8. italki

italki is an online tutoring app that connects you with online tutors teaching your language. At the moment, italki is one of the best places to have access to professional and community online tutors where you can take online classes and improve your English.

As of now, there are over 4000 native speakers teaching English on italki, so you have limitless options to find that perfect online tutor that understands your goal. Also, you have the autonomy to choose the right online tutor based on price, country, review, age group, and much more. For example, there are online tutors that offer $60/hr for tutoring while others offer $4/hr.

Grammar exercises and lessons are based on your teacher and they take different approaches went teaching. You can find jovial, interracial teachers while others are straightforward and professional.

You can find tutors that are teaching your target language and still speaks your native language, in case you are more comfortable learning English through your language.

Lastly, italki has a helpful online community where you can ask questions, get your grammar corrected, and network with others who learned for language exchanges.

Overall, italki is the best place to find an online teacher that can help you achieve your english learning goals.


Price varies based on the online tutor

Device Compatibility

Website and Mobile

9. Busuu

Busuu is one of the great apps to learn English and it offers comprehensive tutorials and lessons that you will find helpful in your language learning journey.

When you join Busuu, you will be asked to choose your learning level from Beginner to Intermediate. Based on your choice, Busuu will create tailored, comprehensive courses. Also, a useful feature is the personalized learning curriculum where you can choose tailored lessons on certain topics. For example, if you are interested in learning traveling phrases and dialogue in Spanish because you travel to Spanish for vacation every year, you can find that on Busuu

The speech recognition system allows you to practice with native speakers and get useful feedback about your English pronunciation. You also get access to a writing practice session, a recording session, a lesson review, and interactive exercises. Some of the exercises are matching audio clips with pictures, fill in the gap, and matching words with definition

The Busuu Live feature connects you with an online tutor that works you through the Busuu content. It is particularly helpful if you are looking for an in-depth explanation of each Busuu content.

Overall, Busuu is a great app to advance your writing, listening, speaking, and reading skills.


  • The grammar and vocabulary you learn during lessons are neatly stored in Smart Review for later review.
  • Connect you with our community of native speakers.
  • Access specialized cultural-related courses


  • 1-month plan: $13.95
  • 6-month plan: $83.70
  • 12-month plan: $167.40

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, and website

10. Pimsleur

Looking for an aurally focused English app? Think Pimsleur. Pimsleur focuses heavily on audio lessons and passive learning and not much on grammar explanation or writing practice. However, Pimsleur did a great job in creating interactive, high-quality audio. The audio lessons are 30 minutes long and can be fit into any schedule, maybe when driving or doing chores. These lessons were designed to allow you to interact with the speakers, and practice your pronunciation as you listen.

Also, Pimsleur makes use of flashcards that displays a word and translation audio which can be a great help for committing what you’ve learned to memory.

When it comes to exercises and quizzes, Pimsleur is generous with its quizzes. You have access to a quick match that allows you to choose from multiple answers, speak way to help you listen to individual sentences, speed round exercise that displays words moving down the screen at a fast rate and you are expected to choose the right translation before the words get to the bottom of the screen. Lastly, Pimsleur gives you the opportunity to practice pronunciation by comparing your pronunciation with that of a native speaker.

Overall, Pimsleur is one of the best apps for learning English aurally, however, the tradeoff is writing, grammar explanation, and speaking skills.


  • Core conversational lessons
  • Digital flashcards
  • Role-play while reading through transcripts


  • Buy 1 level for $150
  • Buy the complete course (5 levels) for $575

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, and website

11. IELTS Prep

Owned by the British Council, the IELTS prep app is focused on preparing those preparing for the IELTS and it comes with loads of practice. You get to practice IELTS exams for each section such as Writing, Speaking, Reading, and Listening. One useful feature is that you can track your progress and find your weakness areas.

However, IELTS prep app is not a full-blown learning English app, so you won’t get much out of it if you are a complete beginner.


  • An in-depth look at the IELTS exams
  • Give several sample exams
  • Exercises that help you hone your grammatical skills


  • Free for practice tests 1-3
  • From practice test 4: $4.99/test

Device Compatibility

Android and iOS

12. Mondly

Mondly language learning app teaches English in a unique way different from other learning apps. Mondly integrated AR (augmented reality) functions into the app which means you can have a 3D teacher in your office teaching you various lessons in the target language.

Apart from this feature, Mondly has a supporting app called Mondly VR that serves as a complement to the main app. On Mondly VR, you can interact with the 3D teacher and use speech recognition to practice your pronunciation.

Mondly, just like every other language app breaks lessons down into digestible tips and also integrates reminders that notify you at a specific time. The lessons are categorized into themes such as travel, grammar, transportation, so you can get started with the theme you are interested in.

You have access to weekly quizzes, monthly challenges, and leaderboards to keep you motivated in your learning journey.

Lastly, the oxford learning course created in partnership with the Oxford University Press is a great English course that can be found on Mondly.


  • Everyday-life-focused chatbots.
  • Lessons aimed at expanding your vocabulary.
  • Enhance your pronunciation with the help of speech recognition technology.


  • 1-month/1-language plan: $9.99
  • 1-year/1-language plan: $47.99
  • Lifetime access/41 languages: $1999.99

Device Compatibility

13. Lingo Kids

If you are looking for a gamified, simple English learning app for children of age 2-8, then Lingo Kids is a great learning app to try out. It comes with loads of gamified activities, vocabulary-building lessons and engaging games to keep kids hooked. Apart from English building, Lingo Kids promises to develop critical thinking skills and collaboration skills in kids.


  • The app is designed for children between 2 and 8 years old.
  • Interactive activities.
  • Academics and modern life skill lessons come together.


  • Monthly plan: $14.99
  • Yearly plan: $89.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS

14. The Ling App

Ling App is one of the best language apps that offer an advanced gamified experience, grammar explanation, loads of quizzes and games, and a self-learning pace. The Ling English App focuses on all-around learning such as writing, reading, speaking, and listening skills.

Ling App comes with structured lessons you can complete in 10 minutes per day, and each lesson is built on the previous one, so you have a progressive learning journey. Also, the lessons are enriched with audio clips that you can listen to and practice along with the speakers and a review option that allows you to retake the lessons until you gain mastery.

Ling App is one of the English apps that comes with a lot of quiz options. Apart from the standard fill in the gap quizzes that every app has, Ling app comes with word sorting, writing tests, chatbot, flashcard, sentence completion, dialogue completion, and other quizzes that make learning enjoyable.


  • 200+ lessons per language
  • Beginner, intermediate, and advanced vocabulary, phrases, and topics
  • Grammar notes with practical examples
  • Audio from real native speakers


  • Free for beginner lessons
  • Monthly subscription: $8.99
  • Yearly subscription: $79.99
  • Lifetime membership: $149.99

Device Compatibility

Android, iOS, and website

We’ve Come To The End Of The Journey

I hate to conclude this article but I want to give you the time to check through the apps and find the right one for your learning goals. The above apps are the best apps to learn English and they guarantee an enjoyable and profitable learning experience.

Learn English With The Ling App

If you are wondering about the best platform where you can learn English and over 60+ languages, then it is the Ling App. Ling App provides intuitive courses that you can learn in 10 minutes per day. It comes with gamified experience and enjoyable quizzes that help to learn an enjoyable experience.

Most English learners chose the Ling app for their language journey, so why not join them? Download Ling from App Store or Google Play Store today, and choose subscription options to access the entire course!

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