Ling Partners With TASSEL At UC Berkeley For A Khmer Virtual Language Event

Ling Partners With TASSEL At UC Berkeley To Host An Enriching Khmer Virtual Language Event

CHIANG MAI, THAILAND, November 2023 — In a groundbreaking collaborative initiative, Ling, a leader in language learning, partnered with TASSEL at the University of California, Berkeley, to host the “Khmer Virtual Language Event.” This enlightening and culturally immersive session was held on November 14, 2023, from 7-8 PM PST (10-11 AM Thailand time), drawing a diverse international audience. The virtual Zoom session showcased the rich Khmer language and culture, captivating participants in a dynamic celebration of diversity.

Global Engagement In Language And Culture

The hour-long virtual event offered a unique platform for language learners and cultural enthusiasts to deepen their understanding of all things Cambodian. Designed to serve both as an enlightening educational experience and a vibrant celebration of linguistic diversity, the event also aimed to bridge cultural divides and foster global connections, underscoring the unifying power of language.

At the forefront of this initiative was Arielle Saechao, Communications Coordinator, who recognized the Ling app as an instrumental player in delivering high-quality Khmer language courses. Ling’s enthusiastic response to the collaboration proposal highlighted its dedication to promoting language learning as a tool for cultural exchange and global understanding.

Khmer Virtual Language Event - Tassel

The partnership with TASSEL, a non-profit organization founded in 2012, played a crucial role in the event’s success. TASSEL’s mission to empower rural Cambodians through English education, job skills training, and essential aid resonated with Ling’s goals. This collaboration effectively merged TASSEL’s commitment to educational development with Ling’s dedication to enhancing language learning and fostering cultural connections. 

Khmer Virtual Language Event

Led by Wen Hao Tan from Ling’s language team, along with native Cambodian speakers Dara Neb and Cheuchheang Sear, participants delved into the multifaceted aspects of Cambodian culture and the Khmer language. This comprehensive event offered attendees an immersive learning experience, covering:

  • Fundamental insights into Cambodia and its native language
  • How to introduce oneself in the Khmer language
  • Key words and phrases in Khmer to facilitate everyday conversations
  • In-depth cultural lessons, providing insights into the vibrant Khmer culture.
Khmer Virtual Language Event

Further enriching the experience, Ling extended a warm offer of one-month free access to Ling Premium for all attendees, aiming to boost their language learning journey. The event culminated with an interactive quiz, where the winner was rewarded with a coveted one-year subscription to Ling Premium.

Join Ling’s Future Language Events!

Didn’t get a chance to join us this time? Stay tuned for more exciting events and language resources from Ling. Follow us on social media and keep an eye on our website for updates on future events and language learning tips.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who contributed to this event’s phenomenal success. Together, let’s continue our journey of language learning, embracing and connecting through the rich diversity of languages and cultures worldwide.

Interested in hosting a language session or inviting Ling to participate in your event? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] for collaboration opportunities and inquiries.

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