For Russians Fleeing Russia: 6 Months Free Language Learning App

We have previously shared our support and advocacy for Ukraine. As our niche is language learning, we have the purpose to make people’s transition to a new country and culture more accessible by offering the opportunity to learn languages for free. We also want to show our empathy for all Russians fleeing Russia, who are now unfairly paying the consequences of their government leadership.

To have cultural understanding and peace, we need to empathize with others. If we do not accomplish this, the differences will continue, and the union that this world needs will never come. There is no point in blaming this situation on people who did not participate in it. A war that is not the citizens’ fault has caused pain in both countries. As The Guardian mentioned, young Russians have left Russia as they feel their future has been taken away from them.

Russians who have enough courage to protest are silenced and arrested in their country. Such is the case of Yelena Osipova, an elderly activist who was detained in St. Petersburg for protesting. The day Yelena knew that Russia invaded Ukraine, she couldn’t eat for three days because of the shock and anger.

Children in Moscow were also detained because they laid down flowers at the Ukrainian embassy. The children had a poster that said ‘No to War’, and yet, they were the ones silenced.

Putin is at war with children. In Ukraine, where his missiles hit kindergartens and orphanages, and also in Russia. These children spent this night behind bars in Moscow for their ‘NO TO WAR’ posters.

Dmytro Kuleba (Ukrainian foreign minister)

These are only a few examples of the number of people feeling unrepresented by their government.

In addition, Russian people living in other countries fear that the rest of the world will perceive all Russians as ‘bad’. Some parents worry their children will be bullied at school. As is the case of Ms. Severdova, who lives with her son in the UK, and has seen news of Russians suffering mistreatment and abuse abroad. And so, we can see that in addition to global isolation and sanctions, this situation brings with it an extreme social issue, which we do not accept.

Isolation And Russians Fleeing Russia

Several companies, including technology businesses, are suspending their services in Russia. In fact, the economic sanctions in Russia are the strongest ever imposed. The country is now isolated from the rest of the nations, putting that pressure and consequences on innocent people.

For that reason, and for the lack of freedom, many people no longer have the strength to continue living in Russia, and therefore have chosen to continue their lives in other countries. Taking the road through the Latvian border, Finland, and Estonia, they feel they can find more freedom and join the protest without fear. Some Russians have even found an escape from oppression in Istanbul, Turkey, a country that allows Russians to enter without a visa, and who have not banned flights.

According to a Russian person living in Istanbul, after they knew what was happening in Ukraine, they felt as if they have been living a lie. The oppression that they have been experiencing has taken a toll on many Russian citizens.

Russian Users In Ling App

During the past few days, we have noticed an increase in Russian users currently using Ling App to learn languages. It shows their interest in learning a new language, which at the same time, it is, most likely, because they must flee from their country.

russians fleeing russia

As a company whose goal is to help everyone learn something new every day, this insight allowed us to see and analyze the situation from the other side of the coin. On both sides of the war, those who don’t deserve it are suffering. The Russians fleeing Russia also need our support.

Free Ling App For Russians: Why Would We Help?

At Simya Solutions, we care about the people and we are always driven by helping others. Our firm belief that language learning has the power of achieving mutual respect among nations is stronger than ever. We want to make language learning experience easy and accessible to everyone. It is not about politics; it is about the innocent people who bear all repercussions of their governments. It is also about increasing empathy and achieving peace in the world. 

We have the desire to help all Russian citizens who have expressed their discontent about this war and who have had the courage to support Ukraine during this difficult time. Russians fleeing Russia, while leaving their family, friends, and jobs behind, are already expressing their support to the cause while also protesting for their freedom.

That being said, we want to encourage everyone to continue learning languages, as it is one of the most important paths to multicultural acceptance. It will open doors to start again and see the world with a broader perspective. 

How To Access The Offer

For the following six months, all 60 languages available in Ling App will be unlocked for people who speak Russian language. To access this offer, set your language to Russian and choose the language that you would like to learn. You can edit the target language at any time if you need to learn many languages.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the app.
  • Sign Up and log in.
  • Set your native language to Russian.
  • Then select the language you would like to learn.
  • Download the course to begin a lesson.

Spread The Word

Just like how we help the Ukrainian people, we also ask for support for the Russians fleeing Russia because of oppression and their objection to the war.

Please help everyone, especially younger generations, understand that the current war is not a Russian people’s war. That hatred and discrimination against Russian communities outside of Russia will not solve what has already happened in Ukraine, but will create even more unnecessary conflict.

I stand with Ukraine and every Russian person supporting Ukraine as an independent nation. We sincerely hope to ease the transitions that both parties will encounter in different countries by offering free and easy access to language learning. 

For more information about the free version of the app, please contact us at [email protected]

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