Support Russia: Free 6-Months Campaign Extended reports that Russians are leaving the nation in response to President Putin’s plan to deploy 300,000 military reservists to combat Ukraine. As a result, we must support Russia as citizens bear the brunt of the crisis, and few individuals are willing to risk abandoning their loved ones.

Many Ukrainians fled to neighboring nations to escape the Russian attack. At the same time, many Russians who refused to comply with their president’s call to arms emigrated to other countries, fearing that they would never see their family again if they enlisted in the armed forces. 

As a result, an estimated 200,000 Russians have fled the nation, creating chaos at its borders and raising security concerns in its neighbors. The size of the migrations is illustrated by statistics from Georgia, Kazakhstan, and the European Union. However, since popular destinations for Russians, such as Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Turkey, have not shared their visitor numbers, this is likely to be an undercount.

Unfortunately, this means they can’t further their education, advance their careers, and provide for their families in a safe and stable environment, all of which we believe everyone should be guaranteed no matter what.

Ling is dedicated to tracking the Russia-Ukraine crisis closely and doing all possible to help Russian families, wherever they may be in the world, stay up with their language studies, despite the fear of the current political scene. 

Therefore, it’s our pleasure to support Russia by making a free 6-month course available to the Russian people

Free 60+ Language Lessons For All Russians Worldwide!

Support Russia

During the next six months, all Russian citizens and native Russian speakers, inside or outside Russia, will have free access to the Ling App and its languages and lessons.

With the help of our app, Ling, any Russian citizen with a mobile device or tablet can pick up a new tongue whenever and wherever it suits them. Ling has many resources for learning a language through memorizing and practicing vocabulary and sentences with audio recordings of native speakers. Support Russia: Free #6 Months Campaign Extended! Download The App Now! So that you can comprehend the natural accents of that language. Due to the fact that you adapt to the lessons and simulated situations while using our app, you can learn the language quickly.

We understand that learning a new language should be fun and energetic. So, we provide mini-games, quizzes, and an intelligent chatbot to keep our users entertained and motivated.

How To Access 6-Months Offer

For the next six months, all 60 languages available in Ling App will be unlocked for Russian speakers. To access this offer, set your language to Russian and choose the language you want to learn. You can edit the target language anytime if you need to learn many languages.

Follow the steps below:

  • Download the app.
  • Sign up and log in.
  • Set your native language to Russian.
  • Then select the language you would like to learn.
  • Download the course to begin a lesson.

Download the Ling App from Google Play Store and Apple App Store now!

Support Russia

We Call For Community To Support Russia!

War Is Not The Path To Peace, And People Will Suffer

In times of conflict, many lose something in a war, whether property or loved ones. We stand with the people of Ukraine and Russia as they endure political turmoil that threatens to change their lives forever. 

Please help us support Russia by spreading the word to all Russian speakers so they won’t miss this excellent opportunity to access our free 6-month campaign and study more than 60 languages.

For more information about the free version of the app, please contact us at [email protected]

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