Wild News For 2021: Ling Has Been Featured On The App Store

You read that right! Ling has been featured on the App Store! πŸš€

The excitement here at Simya Solutions is through the roof as we are proud to announce that the Ling won the 6th spot in the App Store’s “Great Apps For Education” this September 2021! With thousands of platforms listed on the App Store, being given the opportunity to be recognized as one of the bests is a big feat for an app development company like us. And of course, we couldn’t have made it without your support!

What Have We Got? 

With over 60+ foreign languages under our belt, we bagged spots on the App Store in the following countries and regions:
1. Germany
2. Switzerland
3. Austria
4. Singapore
5. The Philippines
6. Thailand
7. Malaysia
8. Vietnam
9. Indonesia
10. Cambodia
11. Laos
12. Brunei Darussalam
13. Sri Lanka
14. The Maldives
15. Myanmar

With quite a generous number of countries listed above, our team is truly pumped up to double our efforts and show to our community how committed we are in not just providing resources but helping you become fluent in your target language.

Advantages Of Ling Has Been Featured On The App Store

Ling Has Been Featured On The App Store

App Store is one of the massive digital platforms where millions of people download and spend money on applications. The fact that we are being featured there right next to stronger contenders like Memrise and Busuu is already an achievement on its own. If you are wondering what this means for our team and for you, we highly recommend that you continue reading below.

Ling Will Be Displayed To More People

When users search for apps and key in phrases like “language learning” or “foreign language apps”, Ling will automatically be listed above and will be a suggested app for users. So when people visit the App Store and can see our app, it is a chance for us to widen our scope and reach more language learners from across the globe. Over time, the app will significantly grow and this can pave the way for us to offer more promos, additional content, and get more features embedded within the app! After all, what better way to go than up, right?

Chance To Increase App Revenue

For sure, when more people easily find your app, they will check the app and download it. Moreover, they may purchase the packages in the app as well. This is the organic way without spending a lot of budget on marketing which means that we can set aside more time focusing on continuously supporting language learners and making the Ling App reach its full potential!


Learn Languages With Ling Today!

Ling Has Been Featured On The App Store

Today, the app has around 60+ foreign languages, and its range of language lessons is growing day by day, which means that the quality of courses you can get here are truly impressive! Aside from the popular languages, You can learn the less-spoken ones with Ling, such as Thai, Tagalog, Serbian, to the popular ones such as English, Spanish, and Chinese Mandarin.

Aside from the gamified design of the app, it has features that will keep language enthusiasts like you excited and motivated to learn by just using the app for 10 minutes a day. Perfect for professionals and all types of learners, the lessons from the inside are guaranteed correct as it is reviewed and developed by real native speakers and language professionals who truly understands your needs.

On top of it all, the highlight of the app is that it has bite-sized language lessons where you can master all language skills, including reading, speaking, writing, and listening. So what are you waiting for? Start progressing on the right foot and learn a new language in just a few minutes or so by downloading the Ling App. Check it out on iOSAndroid, and the web.

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What makes learning with Ling special

Interactive exercises

Improve your pronunciation by starting a conversation with our app’s interactive chatbot

Engaging activities

Practice your skills with mini-games and track your progress with fun quizzes

Mix of languages

Choose from over 60 languages, both big and small, and listen to audio from native speakers

Proven results

Backed by linguistic research, our learning methods can help you achieve fluency in record time