6 Best Apps For Advanced Tagalog Learners in 2024!

Best Apps For Advanced Tagalog Learners- Featured Ling App

Native Tagalog speakers can be quite quick when they pronounce their words. They often get too excited to tell their stories! With the welcoming vibe that Filipinos radiate, building great relationships with them won’t make you sweat. Another way to captivate them is by learning their language. If you already know the basics, here’s a list of the best apps for advanced Tagalog learners you should check out!

When you hear the Philippines, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Most people will say that the country often reminds them of how optimistic people are. While others may be reminded of the hot and tropical weather of the country while also remembering the wonderful sandy beaches we have here.

Whatever your reason is for learning Tagalog, we know one thing for sure: learning the language comes with a love-and-hate relationship. Why? Well, for starters, it is a difficult language, but once you manage to crack the code of learning basic phrases, it gets easier. However, if you’re still looking for a language learning platform to help you improve your advanced skills, why not consider Ling? It has the perfect Tagalog course for both beginners and advanced learners. If you want other options, read further to learn more!

Quick Overview Of the Best Apps for Advanced Tagalog Learners

AppsPrice Starts AtBest For
Ling$14.99/month Learning Conversational Phrases
Duocards$6.99 (Remove ads)Practicing Basic and Complex Words
Learn Tagalog Fast$19.00 (One Time Payment)Enhancing Reading Skills
Pimsleur$19.95/monthEnhancing Listening Skills
Learn Filipino$3.00 (One-Time Payment)Enhancing Spelling Skills
Mango Languages$7.99/monthImproving Pronunciation Skills

Best Apps For Advanced Tagalog Learners

Language learners seem to be tireless when it comes to scavenging for the perfect app to help them learn Tagalog better. So, we’re saving you the trouble of finding these language-learning apps. Read further to see which app suits your taste!

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1. Ling: Best For Learning Conversational Phrases

If you want to improve your language skills in this native language after learning the basics, Ling is one of the best options that you have. With the app, you can juggle different kinds of categories, whether it’s for Tagalog grammar rules, simple and complex phrases, or improvement in speaking and listening skills. The app is an all-in-one package that focuses on different aspects of learning, making it the perfect partner for advanced Tagalog learners.

Additionally, you won’t need to bore yourself with passive learning styles. The app offers plenty of activities and quizzes that will challenge your competitive soul!


  • Enjoy the interactive games and exercises to gain full mastery of the language.
  • Learn with its retention-focused lessons.
  • Receive quick responses to rate your pronunciation.


  • Monthly:$14.99
  • 6 Months:$39.99
  • Yearly:$79.99 (7-day free trial available)
  • Lifetime: $149.99

Transform Your Tagalog Language Skills in a Week – Get the Ling app Today!

2. DuoCards: Best For Practicing Basic and Complex Words

As an advanced learner, you may occasionally still forget some words and phrases despite reaching a higher level of mastery. If you need a refresher that won’t take much of your time, DuoCards may suit your taste. This language app introduces different Tagalog vocabulary and phrases that will help you further understand and remember your target language. Moreover, you can create your own deck of cards once you come across other lessons with more difficult sets of words.


  • Uses spaced-repetition learning.
  • Has customizable decks to help you learn at your own pace.
  • Uses flashcards to promote active recall.


  • Free (limited features)
  • DuoCards Premium: $49.00
  • DuoCards Premium: $6.99
  • DuoCards Family: $79.99
  • DuoCards Plus: $29.99

3. Learn Tagalog Fast: Best For Enhancing Reading Skills

There are different types of learners. Some may prefer utilizing their listening skills, while others find it more convenient to read. If you’re more of a reader, language-learning apps like Learn Tagalog Fast sound like the perfect buddy for you. Here, you’ll first be introduced to the basics, and it’ll discuss the relevance of the word, allowing you to dig further into its roots and uses. You can also take a multiple-choice quiz to test your knowledge.


  • Offers quizzes to help you test your advanced skills in the language.
  • Offers straightforward and concise lessons.


  • Free (basic)
  • Premium-one-time payment: $19.99

4. Pimsleur: Best For Enhancing Listening Skills

Now, if earlier we had an app that specifically allowed you to use your reading skills, this time, we’d be utilizing your listening abilities. With Pimsleur and its lengthy sessions, you’ll end up with jam-packed knowledge of different Tagalog words and phrases, both basic and complex. So, if you’re still in doubt about your knowledge of the language’s basic vocabulary, don’t worry. You can always revisit the audio lessons and re-learn these words by listening and taking notes.


  • Improve your reading and listening skills through its interactive exercises.
  • Enjoy simple yet interactive games while learning.


  • Subscription: $19.95/month (one language)
  • Yearly: $164.95 (all languages)
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5. Learn Filipino: Best For Enhancing Spelling Skills

Having some fun while learning a foreign language is not a crime. So, if you don’t like dictionaries, here’s a language-learning app that almost does the same thing but with a twist. It’s a gamified version of the dictionary that helps you attain proficiency in the Tagalog language. Here, you can improve your writing, speaking, and reading skills like a native Tagalog speaker!


  • Offers interactive activities to train your mind.
  • You can use this app even without an internet connection!


Purchase: $3.00 (remove ads, customize your lesson reminders, and unlock more words.)

6. Mango Languages: Best For Improving Pronunciation Skills

If you want to improve your pronunciation and have a more in-depth background in the language, you can try Mango languages. They have a pronunciation practice that can help you check how well your pronunciation skills are. Plus, you can also learn at your own pace with this app, as you have the freedom to skip some words if you already know them.


  • Offers lessons that are practical and used in actual conversations.
  • Uses an individualized space-repetition system.
  • Lessons are downloadable offline.


  • Single language subscription (access to 1 language): $7.99/month (Monthly plan) and $6.67/ month (Annual- plan).
  • All languages subscription (access to 70+ languages): $17.99/month (Monthly plan) and $14.99/ month (Annual- plan).
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Why Learn Tagalog

If you’re a businessman who’s taking a trip to the Philippines, you probably want to gain mastery over the country’s native language. You see, once you learn their lexicon, you’ll be met with hospitable people and negotiable ones. Outside of business matters, you’d also find yourself fascinated by its beauty and how fun it is to talk to natives. We swear we talk non-stop! So, improving your conversational skills sounds like a must, don’t you think?

Which App Is The Best For Advanced Tagalog Learners?

“The Best” is quite subjective, don’t you think? Whichever app brings you the most comfort and convenience is what we call the best for ourselves. However, if you want an app that will challenge and entertain you, picking Ling sounds like a great plan.

With the app, you can utilize its interactive features to fully extract the app’s potential in helping you master the language. It can help you in all aspects of learning, whether it be grammar or phrases—you name it, we have it. So, run, don’t walk! Get Ling on the App Store and Google Play to experience these benefits today.

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