#1 Best Guide: Spring In Korea

#1 Best Guide Spring In Korea

Spring in Korea? Get ready for the most magical season ever! I should know – I’ve spent years exploring this country as a backpack traveler. And while South Korea is incredible all year round, springtime here is just something else. We’re talking candyfloss clouds of pink cherry blossoms or 벚꽃 beot-kkot…golden seas of rapeseed flowers shimmering in the breeze… misty hillsides blanketed with purple and white azaleas.

I’m not gonna lie… It’s like nature put on its best party dress and went all out!

In this complete guide, I’ll clue you in on everything you need to know to plan an amazing spring visit to Korea. No stone will be left unturned! I especially can’t wait to share some easy words in the Korean language that’ll immerse you like never before.

Curious? Let’s begin!

Gyeongbokgung during Spring in Korea

Visiting During Spring In Korea

If I had only two words to convince you why you should visit Korea during spring, they would be “vibrant flowers.” When you travel from March to May, you’ll literally see fiery floral displays everywhere, especially in iconic hotspots like Seoul, Busan, and Jeju.

And we’re not just talking plain cherry blossoms here! Spring in Korea brings…

  • Azaleas – 진달래 or jindallae
  • Yoshino Cherry Blossoms – 요시노 벚꽃 or yosino beojkkoch
  • Plum Blossoms – 매화 or maehwa
  • Cornelian Cherry Blossoms – 산수유 or sansuyu
  • Yuchae flower – 유채꽃 or yuchaekkoch
  • Roses – 장미 or jangmi

Picture having a sunny picnic under cotton candy clouds of pink cherry trees in Seoul or Jeju’s golden fields of rapeseed flowers sparkling in the breeze. I dare you not to feel delight!

The country also celebrates tons of spring flower festivals across cities and provinces during this time. So trust me, vibrant technicolor blooms are THE standout reason to visit Korea in the spring.

Weather And What To Pack

The season starts out a bit crisp in March with temps around 10°C (50°F) before rising to moderate 18°C (65°F) by May. Most days feature clear blue skies, but occasional light showers do happen, so bring an umbrella just in case. Evenings tend to remain on the cooler side of things.

With this mix of warm afternoons and cooler mornings/nights, I recommend packing layers over spring break in Korea. Bring light jackets, cardigans, and long sleeves to pull on as needed. And don’t forget a hat and sunscreen – those UV rays can be strong even with cooler temps!

Make sure to pack good walking shoes, too, for all the outdoor flower festival fun, hiking adventures, and city strolls to see vibrant spring scenery.

Gyeonghwa Station during spring in Korea

Top Activities And Events

Join Different Cherry Blossom Festivals

Spring in Korea means one thing: flowers, flowers, and more flowers! Make seeing vibrant cherry blossoms and other blooms a top priority by joining famous spring flower festivals across the country. Some mega-popular ones include:

Name of FestivalDateWhere
Jinhae Gunhangje FestivalEarly AprilJinhae
Jeju Cherry Blossom FestivalLate March to Early AprilJeju Island
Yeouido Spring Flower FestivalMid AprilSeoul
Gwangyang Maehwa FestivalEarly MarchGwangyang

Join The Everland Tulip Festival

Every spring, Yongin’s famous Everland amusement park unveils over 3 million vivid tulips blanketing the gardens. Don’t miss seeing this vibrant sea of red, pink, yellow, and white tulips during the festival in April.

Watch A KBO League Baseball Game

What better way to spend a nice spring day than watching Korea’s favorite sport? Catch live baseball action with top KBO league teams like LG Twins, SSG Landers, and LOTTE Giants, and see the infectious audience energy firsthand from March to October.

Ride Cable Cars For Instagrammable Snaps

View spring flowers from above by riding Korean cable cars! Top choices are Garden of Morning Calm’s Sun Cruise cable car to capture flowering landscapes in Gapyeong or Nami Island’s picturesque options to see the island’s cotton candy trees with mountain views.

Foods In-Season

Korean cuisine beautifully showcases ingredients at their peak – and spring delivers prime delicacies you have to try! Here’s what will be bursting with flavor during your spring food adventures:

Seafood (Haemul – 해물)

King crab and octopus hit their peak from March to April. Splurge on tender steamed crab (Wang-ge – 왕게) or spicy stir-fried octopus dishes (Jjukkumi – 쭈꾸미), especially webfoot octopus bursting with flavor this season.

Fresh Flower Rice Pancake (Hwajeon – 화전)

These special petite pancakes are topped with edible flowers like azaleas and drizzled with honey. The floral dessert perfectly captures spring’s essence!

Strawberries (Ttagi – 딸기)

Sweet, juicy strawberries emerge in spring, and you’ll find them in dishes everywhere – waffles, ice cream, shaved ice desserts, and more. Try unique strawberry Korean street food snacks.

Vegetables (Namul – 나물)

Korean side dishes bursting with leafy greens that grow abundantly in spring. Dip fresh spinach, herbs, fernbrake, and other veggie namul in the brown rice vinegar sauce for a healthy, seasonal treat.

Easy Korean Words For Spring

Can’t wait to see the King Cherry Blossoms and more? Before you book your ticket for the spring season, make sure to learn these handy Korean spring vocabulary!

Flower Viewing – 꽃구경 (Kkot Gukyeong)

Use this term when partaking in the popular spring tradition of flower viewing. “꽃구경 가 좋다” (Kkot gukyeong ga jota) means “(I) like flower viewing!”

Cherry Blossoms – 벚꽃 (Beot Kkot)

Admire Korea’s beloved cherry blossoms in spring and use this word to identify the delicate blooms. “벚꽃 너무 예쁘다” (beot kkot neo mu-opseumnida) means “cherry blossoms are so beautiful.”

Sunshine – 햇살 (Haessal)

Comment on the warmer spring weather and sunlight with this spring word. Say “햇살 또 다른 날” (haessal tto dareun nal), meaning “another sunny day!”

Walking – 산책 (San Chaek)

Enjoy pleasant weather for scenic walks using this term for walking. Greet people on your strolls with “산책 잘 지내세요” (san chaek jal jinaesseumnida) meaning “have a nice walk!”

Ready To Visit South Korea?

Well there you have itm the ultimate insider’s guide to experiencing a sensational spring in South Korea! Now that you’re all prepped with my Korean springtime tips, it’s time to start packing and get those flight tickets booked! Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on this magical season that offers incredible sights and memories waiting to be made in every corner of the country.

Want to learn even more about Korean language and culture for an upcoming trip? Be sure to download the Ling app for the best quick lessons at your fingertips!

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