Best 6 Engaging Apps To Learn Malayalam In 2023!

apps to learn Malayalam

Drowning in the confusing ocean of ‘nan‘ (I) and ‘nanri‘ (thank you), and grappling with these tongue-twisting Malayalam words? Fret not, dear language explorers! At Ling, we present to you the optimal solutions to the perplexing inquiries concerning your language learning endeavors – the best apps to learn Malayalam!

Within this article, we shall acquaint you with meticulously selected user-friendly applications that cater to diverse categories of language enthusiasts. From novices seeking to conquer the fundamentals of pronunciation and greetings, to proficient learners aspiring to engage in fluent dialogues with native speakers, these apps offer something for one and all. Let us now plunge into this linguistic expedition and commence your Malayalam odyssey!

Why Learn Malayalam

Malayalam is the official language of the Indian state of Kerala and holds significant cultural value. Malayalam is spoken by approximately 38 million people worldwide, primarily in Kerala and its neighboring regions. Learning Malayalam allows you to communicate directly with native speakers and form meaningful connections with people from the Malayali community.

Whether you plan to travel to the palm-fringed beaches of Kerala or engage with the Malayalam-speaking diaspora, knowing the language can enhance your interactions and build stronger relationships. For an explorer, being able to speak the language allows them to connect more deeply with older generations, understand family stories, and participate in cultural practices, festivals, and rituals.

AppGetting Started PriceBest For
Learn Malayalam QuicklyFreeBeginners
Speak Malayalam 360FreeTravelers
Speak MalayalamFreeLearning Vocabulary
Write Malayalam AlphabetsFreeLearning Script
Cudoo$12.99Customized Learning
Ling$6.67/ month (Free Trial Available)Language Immersion
apps to learn Malayalam

#1 Learn Malayalam Quickly: Best App For Beginners

With the Learn Malayalam Quickly app, a beginner can learn the ropes of the Malayalam language quite rapidly and effectively. This language-learning app is specifically designed to assist users in quickly grasping the essentials of Malayalam. Featuring a user-friendly interface, it offers an array of vocabulary and phrases to enhance conversational abilities. Audio recordings by native speakers ensure precise pronunciation.

Similar to various other language apps, it incorporates interactive quizzes and exercises to make the Malayalam learning process fast, engaging, and successful. Learn Malayalam Quickly provides beginners with a convenient platform to delve into the fundamentals of this captivating language.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app’s remarkable feature is its rapid learning approach. Concentrating on vital vocabulary and Malayalam phrases enables users to swiftly acquire fundamental language skills, making it perfect for a complete beginner.
  2. Another standout aspect is the app’s utilization of native speaker audio recordings. Learners can listen to authentic pronunciation and intonation, developing a more natural and precise speaking ability, which is essential for effective communication with native Malayalam speakers.


Free versionThe entire content
$2.99To go ad-free
apps to learn Malayalam

#2 Speak Malayalam 360: Best Malayalam App For Travelers

The Speak Malayalam 360 app stands out as a fun and engaging tool that caters to travelers, language enthusiasts, and anyone else curious about exploring the beauty of Malayalam. The app introduces users to a wide array of commonly used Malayalam phrases and expressions. From greetings to conversational phrases, users can quickly grasp the essence of everyday speech in Malayalam. The interactive lessons allow learners to practice speaking these phrases with precision. The app also provides quick grammar lessons in the form of tense practice exercises.

Speak Malayalam 360 includes a comprehensive vocabulary builder with various categories, such as food, travel, and emotions. Each word comes with audio pronunciation and contextual usage, making it easier for users to remember and apply new words. What’s more? You can even practice writing the alphabet letters using the finger tracing method. All in all, it is a comprehensive 360-degree utility app, quite true to its name!

Stand Out Features

  1. The app users can refine their pronunciation through voice recognition technology. The app provides instant feedback, ensuring learners develop an authentic Malayalam accent.
  2. This app offers interactive conversation simulations that enable learners to practice their speaking and listening skills in different scenarios. This feature builds confidence and fluency in actual conversational situations.
  3. The skill test provided in the app is quite a useful feature for progress tracking.


The Speak Malayalam 360 app by Bigknol is 100% absolutely free! You would, however, be subjected to ads from time to time. Unfortunately, the app doesn’t provide an ad-free version at the moment.

apps to learn Malayalam

#3 Speak Malayalam: Best New Vocabulary Learning App

The Speak Malayalam app offers a unique and playful approach to learning the Malayalam language. It uses gamification to make the normally challenging language learning process fun and engaging. The app allows you to grasp the fundamentals of Malayalam effortlessly through its interactive lessons and exercises. From common phrases to pronunciation pertaining to shopping, restaurants, interactions, weather, ice-breakers, and so on, the Speak Malayalam app covers it all. Please note that once you download the necessary lessons, you can access them offline anytime.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app’s best asset is the category-based vocabulary bank that helps you learn new words in a new language. Various interactive quizzes allow you to practice listening and memorizing the new vocabulary that you have accumulated in a very efficient manner. You can even record the same Malayalam words in your own voice and compare the pronunciation with that of the native speaker.
  2. Even though the app may lack the usual ‘Malayalam flash cards’ to teach vocabulary to language learners, its visual aids do help you associate words with images to enable easier vocabulary retention.


The Speak Malayalam app by Edutainment is a free app with ads and is yet to release an ad-free version or provide an ad-free subscription plan.

apps to learn Malayalam

#4 Write Malayalam Alphabets: Best App For Learning The Malayalam Script

Tailored for beginners, the app offers step-by-step guidance in writing the Malayalam alphabet accurately. With interactive exercises and engaging content, learners can practice stroke order and proper letter formation. The app’s audio support aids in correct pronunciation, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience. Users can track their progress and review previous lessons, allowing for continuous improvement. The app aids individuals to build a strong foundation in writing and reading beautiful Malayalam.

Stand Out Features

The app breaks down the writing process, ensuring learners understand the stroke order and correct formation of each letter. This methodical approach aids learners in developing precise writing skills from the very beginning.


The Write Malayalam Alphabets app by Language Practices is an absolutely free app with ads appearing every now and then. And just like the two apps mentioned above, this app also doesn’t provide an ad-free version at the moment.

learn malayalam best app

#5 Cudoo: Best App For Customized Learning

Professionals with demanding schedules can benefit from Cudoo’s flexibility and accessibility, allowing them to fit language learning or skill development around their work commitments. This language learning app has a format conducive to self-directed learners who prefer to study Malayalam as per their schedule and at their own speed, offering flexibility and tailored learning experiences.

Learners have the freedom to personalize their learning journey with customizable paths. They can set specific goals, select courses aligned with their skill levels and interests, and advance through the material at a pace that suits them best.

Stand Out Features

  1. The Malayalam language courses come equipped with a progress tracker tool that continuously monitors learners’ progress, offering feedback on completed modules, quizzes, and assessments. This tracking mechanism allows learners to keep an eye on their advancement and pinpoint areas where they can improve.
  2. The learning experience is enriched, and active participation is encouraged through captivating and interactive study materials like videos, quizzes, assessments, and interactive exercises.


$12.99Learn Malayalam Online Level 1 (23 lessons)
$12.99Learn Malayalam Online Level 2 (24 lessons)
$24.99The Malayalam Language (bundle – 39 hours)
ling app to learn Malayalam

#6 Ling App: Best App For Language Immersion

The Ling app plays a significant role in helping language learners master Malayalam. It provides customized courses for Malayalam learners at all levels and skill sets. By incorporating interactive exercises, audio pronunciations, and vocabulary enhancement, Ling nurtures speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities in Malayalam. This comprehensive approach allows learners to fully immerse themselves in the Malayalam language and culture, boosting their confidence and proficiency in real-life situations.

What makes it even better is that all the lessons remain accessible to use as you progress on your learning journey. With its speech recognition technology, you can record your responses, enabling you to compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers. This advantageous feature ensures that you speak Malayalam accurately, with the right emphasis and enunciation.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app’s gamified interface, comprising quizzes, challenges, and rewards, is cleverly designed to captivate and motivate Malayalam learners on their language-learning adventure. With bite-sized lessons that are easy to digest, it’s an ideal fit for those with hectic schedules.
  2. The cherry on top is the AI chatbot, which provides learners with the opportunity to practice their conversation skills.


Free versionThe first 8 lessons
$8.99 for 1 monthTo unlock the pro version
$6.67/month for 12 monthsTo unlock the pro version
$149.99 for a lifetimeTo unlock the pro version

Best Apps To Learn Malayalam: Round Up

The realm of language learning has been transformed by technology, and these Malayalam language apps offer abundant opportunities for learners at all proficiency levels. Unlike before, when people had to depend on watching Malayalam movies to get to know the language, the world today is teeming with technically advanced apps to choose from! With these efficient tools, you can practice your Malayalam grammar lessons and improve your spoken Malayalam, and the day won’t be far when you might even teach Malayalam to other learners!

Whether you are a beginner seeking a strong foundation or a traveler on the lookout for a handy phrasebook, these apps offer a comprehensive and interactive learning experience. What’s more, you don’t even have to empty your pockets to learn Malayalam online!

apps to learn Malayalam

Learn Malayalam With Ling!

Now that you possess the navigational guide to chart your Malayalam course through an array of remarkable language-learning applications, why not embark on an enthralling and exhilarating journey by commencing your Malayalam lessons with Ling? Rest assured, you shall not be solitary in this endeavor!

Join the ranks of countless language enthusiasts worldwide who have unanimously chosen Ling from Simya Solutions Ltd as the foremost choice for mastering languages! As one of the most extensively downloaded language-learning apps, Ling provides an unparalleled experience with its gamified interface. With a selection of more than 60 languages, predominantly from the South Asian and South East Asian regions, you are truly spoiled for choice. The conveniently bite-sized lessons accommodate your bustling lifestyle, ensuring that learning becomes both accessible and efficient.

Beyond all else, you are exposed to interactive quizzes that infuse enthusiasm into your progress. Audio exercises by native language speakers enable you to refine your pronunciation, thereby guaranteeing an authentic linguistic expedition. Moreover, you can elevate your journey with Ling’s AI chatbot, engaging in real-life situational conversations for practical application.

Now who wouldn’t want to seize this incredible opportunity to metamorphose into a confident linguaphile? So, without wasting any more time, download Ling now from the Play Store and App Store, and embrace the boundless world of language!

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