Best 7 Apps To Learn Danish Fluently In 2023!

apps to learn Danish

Ever since I caught on the meaning of the word hygge, I have fallen in love with the Danish language. It’s one of those rare words from Danish vocabulary that doesn’t have a synonym in any other language, I bet! This novelty is what urged me to start learning this beautiful language, and I set out to find the best apps to learn Danish.

So, in this round up, we’ll take a quick look at some of the language apps to learn Danish which cater to learners from all walks of life. And maybe, once we start speaking Danish, it’ll give us a good excuse to let go of our collective childhood trauma of finding our mothers’ sewing supplies in a tin box of tantalizing Danish cookies!

Why Learn Danish

Danish could be hailed as the linguistic superhero of Denmark, based purely on the fact that it is spoken by around 6 million people! It is the official language of Denmark and belongs to the Scandinavian language family. What’s more, it is buddies with Swedish and Norwegian. And that’s why learning Danish is sure to open pathways to learning these two languages too!

The roots of this language can be traced back to Old Norse. Fast forward a few centuries, and voila! We’ve got a unique language blend influenced by German, English, and peppering some other languages. This gives the Danish language its unique character!

Still wondering why should you be learning Danish? Well, first off, it’s your ticket to unlock Denmark’s culture like a local. Imagine wandering through Copenhagen, having fika (coffee time) with new pals, and cheering “skål” (cheers) at a hyggelig (cozy) bar.

Plus, Danish is a gateway to the fantastic literature created by the unforgettable Hans Christian Andersen. And hey, if you’re into mind-blowing series like “Borgen” and “Matador”, learning Danish means no more subtitles. What a win-win situation!

Keeping all these reasons in mind, and then some more, let’s take a look at what this round up has in store for you. Remember, the goal is to find efficient and optimum ways to learn Danish online.

AppPrice Starting AtBest For
FunEasyLearn$2.49/ month for 6 months (Free Version Available)Beginners
Babbel$8.45/ month for 6 months (Free Trial Available)Learning To Speak Danish
Pimsleur$150 For Full Package (Free Trial Lesson Available)Audio Lessons
Drops$13/ month (Free Version Available)Danish Vocabulary
Ling$6.67/ month (Free Version Available)Gamified Experience
DanishClass101$3/ month (Free Version Available)Listening Skills
Memrise$7.50/ month (Free Version Available)Immersive Experience
Fun Easy Learn - apps to learn Danish

#1 FunEasyLearn: Best App For Beginners

For me, FunEasyLearn is an amazing stepping-stone when it comes to learning a new language. The app greets new Danish learners with simple Danish words and phrases that are easy enough to remember, thanks to the app’s interactive lessons and practice exercises.

Once you get used to the app – which won’t take a lot of time – you get a sense of progressing rapidly, especially with your listening skills and pronunciation skills. The audio lessons are recorded in the voices of native speakers, which makes your language-learning process a much more enriching journey.

Another thing to note is that you are not forced to trundle along a fixed path. Depending upon your proficiency level, you can choose to start your stint with this app at an intermediate or advanced level too.

The only gripe I have with this Danish learning app is that the lessons offered at higher levels are not challenging enough to sustain your interest. However, for a newbie, this app with a gamified approach works really well.

Stand Out Features

  1. FunEasyLearn boasts huge vocabulary lists (6000 words) and phrasebooks (5000 sentences).
  2. It’s not only restricted to English speakers. You can choose from 34 native languages to access the Danish course.
  3. Learners can track their progress through well-placed quizzes. Customizable learning module allows you the flexibility of pace and time.
  4. The app offers a very useful offline mode for learning Danish in a hassle-free manner.
  5. One of the stand-out features is the ‘Deaf Mode’ offered by the app. So, instead of learning through audio lessons, learners can choose to learn via an engaging letter-writing system.


$3.99 for a monthAll Features Unlocked
$2.49/ month for 6 monthsAll Features Unlocked
$1.79/ month for 12 monthsAll Features Unlocked
$49.99 for a lifetimeAll Features Unlocked
Babbel apps to learn Danish

#2 Babbel: Best App For Learning To Speak Danish

Babbel is one of the most popular language-learning apps across the world. Its Danish section is second to none. Like many other apps to learn Danish, Babbel also integrates audio and video lessons to enable learners mainly improve upon their speaking skills. The app also contextualizes its lessons by bringing in topics related to Danish culture.

Please note that you can start using the desktop version of this language learning app without having to subscribe to any plan. However, to use the Babbel mobile app, you are required to get a subscription. Though, you can choose to opt-out before the end of your 7-day free trial if you are not keen on spending any money.

Stand Out Features

  1. The user interface is quite straightforward, sporting a neat look, sans unnecessary clutter. Same is the case with the desktop version.
  2. Its integrated speech recognition tool allows you to work steadily through your Danish pronunciation skills.
  3. It’s a great tool that equally covers all aspects of language learning – listening, reading, speaking and writing.


$8.45/ month for 6 monthsAll Lessons Unlocked
$6.95/ month for 12 monthsAll Lessons Unlocked
$299.99 for lifetime accessAll Lessons Unlocked
Pimsleur apps to learn Danish

#3 Pimsleur: Best For Audio Lessons

Pimsleur is the OG when it comes to learning via podcast approach. Yes, it is somewhat restrictive, with its sole focus on listening exercises. However, whatever it does offer is worth your money. The audio lessons, totaling 16 hours, feature real-world context and flexible vocabulary pertaining to real-life, day-to-day conversations. Isn’t that the best way to learn any new language?

The biggest takeaway from Primsleur’s Danish lessons is the rapid yet sustainable progress. The Pimsleur Method is a seemingly time-tested, scientifically-proven spaced repetition method of vocabulary retention.

Its 30-minute audio lessons are all geared towards one goal – teach vocabulary in an organic method so that the learner doesn’t depend upon translation in order to hold a conversation in their target language.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app actually takes ‘learning on the go’ quite seriously, evident from its offering of portable and hands-free lessons.
  2. It offers compatibility with audio devices such as Amazon Echo, allowing you a greater degree of flexibility and ease of learning.


Free TrialOne Trial Lesson Available
$150Pimsleur Danish Level 1 Premium (30 Core Lessons)
Drops apps to learn Danish

#4 Drops: Best App To Learn Danish Vocabulary

Have the sole objective to learn Danish vocabulary? Drops have your back! Yes, when it comes to learning vocabulary in an all-encompassing manner, Drops bags the top spot. This vocabulary learning tool uses images and different activities to help you memorize and retain a wide variety of Danish words and phrases by just spending five minutes a day on the app, apparently.

You get to learn Danish ‘drop by drop’ in a fun and easy manner, all thanks to the app’s pretty simple and intuitive user interface. Of course, the entire focus is on teaching you vocabulary, not all the language skills, which makes it a good app to complement your ongoing Danish learning process.

Stand Out Features

  1. The app features ultra-short lessons and activities, emphasizing its ‘5 minutes is all you need’ philosophy.
  2. It features a visually-appealing design and interface which is easy on the eyes and enticing enough to make you spend time on it without getting bored.


$13/ monthPremium Content
$69.99/ yearPremium Content
$159.99 for lifetime accessPremium Content
Ling apps to learn Danish

#5 Ling: Best App For A Gamified Experience

When it comes to an all-in-one language learning app promising a great user experience, you can guess it to be the one and only Ling app. Ling has become one of the most downloaded language apps in the last few months, thanks to its gamified approach to language learning.

The bite-sized audio lessons recorded in the voice of a native speaker introduce the learner to the tone, inflection, and accent in which the target language, in this case Danish, is spoken. This is one of the biggest draws of the language course!

Stand Out Features

  1. The most enticing feature of the Ling app is its AI-powered voice chatbot that engages the learner in a meaningful conversation pertaining to a real-life scenario.
  2. The speech recognition feature allows them regular pronunciation practice.
  3. The reward system – in the form of bananas, crowns, and streaks – motivates the learner to log into the app for their daily lesson. This continuity is what makes a great difference in your language-learning progress.
  4. You can learn more than one language at a time on the Ling app.


Free VersionThe First 8 Lessons
$8.99 for 1 monthTo Unlock The Pro Version
$6.67/month for 12 monthsTo Unlock The Pro Version
$149.99 for a lifetimeTo Unlock The Pro Version
DanishClass101 apps to learn Danish

#6 DanishClass101: Best For Improving Listening Skills

Just like its most popular cousin, ThaiPod101, this Danish learning online course welcomes you to embrace its thoroughly exhaustive learning styles. DanishClass101 is a good enough option if you want to focus solely on improving your Danish listening skills.

The best part? Getting exposure to Danish culture through context-based dialogue lessons recorded by native speakers.

Stand Out Features

  1. The line-by-line dialogue helps you break down the conversation into its smallest part. You can choose to increase or decrease the pace of dialogue lessons to suit your proficiency level.
  2. Lesson notes, vocabulary lists, and grammar explanations are all available for downloading for offline learning.
  3. The Plus subscription enables you to get one-on-one sessions with a language expert/ tutor who clarifies your doubts on the spot and helps you bridge the gap in your learning methods.


Free7-day premium trial, first 3 lessons in each pathway, 50+ survival phrases course, 100+ vocabulary lists
$3/ monthBasic (Everything in Free Version + Access to All Lessons, In-Depth Lesson Notes)
$7/ monthPremium (Everything in Basic + Multiple-Choice Assessments, Line-by-Line Audio Dialogue, Premium Lesson Tracks, Personal Word Bank, Spaced Repetition Flashcards)
$14.87/ monthPremium Plus (Everything in Premium + 1-on-1 Access to a Teacher, Hand-Graded Assessments, Guidance & Personalized Assessment)
Memrise apps to learn Danish

#7 Memrise: Best App For An Immersive Experience

Memrise, with its engaging audio and video clips in native speakers’ voices, makes for a great language-immersion experience. I got enticed from the word go, all thanks to those snippets of real people talking in their native tongue. This makes for an authentic learning experience for the user and helps them keep motivated to come back for more.

Even though it’s a subscription-based learning experience, the free content available is enough to keep you hooked for more. Why? Because of the engaging audio and video lessons that carry within them a lot of cultural context. This ensures a smooth, immersive learning experience, and nothing stands out as a sore thumb.

Stand Out Features

  1. Memrise’s AI chatbot conversation feature is best for practicing pronunciation, reading, listening, and writing – all rolled into one.
  2. It offers opportunities to practice conversations in real-life situations, like ordering food in a restaurant, discussing a coffee order, introducing yourself to a new colleague, and so on. The best part? You can access all these lessons even in the free version!
  3. It rolls out Danish grammar content like verbs, adjectives, and related phrases in an engaging manner to ensure learning without monotony.


$8.49/ monthPremium Content
$5/ month for 12 monthsPremium Content
$119.99 for lifetime subscriptionPremium Content

Top Apps To Learn Danish? Try Ling!

Phew, what an exhaustive list! I am sure you have enough information on your hands now to make an informed choice about which apps to learn Danish makes a cut for you. So, which one are you going to choose as your go-to Danish app?

Might I suggest you give Ling app a chance? It is a fun way to learn a new language without feeling bogged down by huge vocabulary banks and intense grammar lessons. With Ling, language learning is a breeze. So, head straight to your Play Store or App Store and download the Ling app now!

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