6 Best Apps For Advanced Thai Learners To Boost Fluency

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Learning a new language goes beyond being a hobby. It’s a commitment. Research backs this up, too. DeKeyser’s 2020 study tells us that if you want to get really good at a language, you’ve got to use it a lot, especially at an advanced level.

So, you’re pretty good at Thai already? That’s good! But you’re not here to pat yourself on the back, are you? You’re looking for the next big thing to level up your skills. This article is all about that. Here, we’ll talk about six apps for advanced Thai learners and find the perfect one for you. We’ll also see how the Ling app stacks up with these giants. 

So, whether you’re looking to get your Thai grammar on point or have more natural conversations with native speakers, we’ve got something for you.

AppBest ForMonthly Starting Price
LingComprehensive Learning and Real-World Conversations$14.99 (Free Trial Available)
DropsVisual Learning and Cultural Insights$13.00
PimsleurAudio-Centric Learning and Real-World Conversations$19.99
MondlyConversation Focus and In-depth Grammar Lessons$9.99
FluentUReal-World Video Content and Contextual Learning$29.99
Rosetta StoneImmersive Learning and Speech Recognition$11.99

Ling: Best For Comprehensive Learning And Real-World Conversations

When it comes to advanced Thai learning, the Ling app is a force to be reckoned with. One of its standout features is the scaffolding learning approach, which systematically builds upon your existing knowledge. 

Say you’ve mastered the basics of Thai sentence structures. The app will then introduce you to complex grammatical elements like subordinate clauses and idiomatic expressions. This ensures that you’re continually challenged and growing rather than revisiting what you already know.

The Ling app’s AI-based chatbot sets it apart from the crowd, designed to simulate real-world interactions. You won’t only be discussing the weather. You’ll be diving into complex topics like Thai politics and social issues. This level of complexity is often missing in other language apps. 

And, of course, the instant feedback on pronunciation, a feature that’s invaluable for advanced learners looking to fine-tune their spoken Thai. Surely, the Ling app is the best for a more rounded experience, allowing you to listen and speak Thai, mimicking real-world interactions.

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Ling’s Standout Features

  • Customizable Learning Paths: Unlike many language apps offering a one-size-fits-all approach, the Ling app allows you to customize your learning path. You can choose the topics and difficulty levels that suit your needs, making your learning journey more personalized and effective.

  • Native Speaker Voice Recordings: The Ling app incorporates voice recordings from native Thai speakers in its lessons. This feature provides a more authentic learning experience, enabling you to understand the nuances of pronunciation and intonation in real-world conversations.

  • Interactive Grammar Challenges: The app includes a series of interactive grammar challenges that test your understanding of complex Thai grammatical structures. These challenges reinforce your learning and prepare you for advanced language usage.

What Are Users Saying About Ling?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars with 11.7K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users love the interactive nature of the app, which is a hit among those looking to master Thai. One review says, “The games make learning so much fun!”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users wish for a broader range of languages. A user mentioned, “Wish there were more languages available.” The Ling app already supports an extensive array of 60+ languages and is actively working on adding more, particularly less common ones.

How Much Does Ling Cost?

  • Free version with beginner lessons and an introductory chatbot.
  • $14.99 per month for the Premium Version, with access to all the lessons in 60+ languages and all features unlocked.
  • $79.99 per year for the Premium Version, with the same features as the monthly subscription.
  • $149.99 for lifetime access (one-time purchase).

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Drops: Best For Visual Learning And Cultural Insights

Drops is a visually engaging app that uses imagery and quick games to help you remember complex Thai idioms and slang. The app’s gamified approach is really effective, especially for visual learners. 

Drops also offers cultural insights that teach you about Thai customs, idioms, and folklore. This adds another layer to your language learning. 

But here’s the catch: Drops offers a more passive learning experience. Unlike the Ling app, which engages you in complex dialogues through its AI chatbot, Drops doesn’t provide the same level of interactive learning.

Drops’ Standout Features

  • Time-Limited Sessions: Drops offers time-limited learning sessions that encourage focused learning. Each session lasts just five minutes, making incorporating language learning into a busy schedule easy.

  • Relevant Vocabulary: Drops doesn’t waste your time with words and phrases you’re never going to use. It focuses on what you’ll actually need in real life.

  • Word Collection: The app features a unique word collection system where you can save new Thai words and idioms you encounter during your lessons. This allows for easier review and reinforcement later on.

What Are Users Saying About Drops?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.4 stars with 279K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: The app’s visual appeal is a standout feature, especially for those focusing on Thai vocabulary. A snippet from a review reads, “The graphics are amazing, and I’ve learned so many words.”

  • Room for Improvement: The limited free content is a drawback for those who want to delve deeper into Thai. One review states, “Wish there was more free content to explore.”

How Much Does Drops Cost?

  • Free version with limited features and one five-minute lesson per day.
  • $13.00/month for the Premium Version.
  • $69.99/year.
  • Lifetime access for $159.99 (one-time payment).

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Woman using tablet - Ling app Apps for advanced Thai learners

Pimsleur: Best For Audio-Centric Learning And Real-World Conversations

Pimsleur is an audio-centric app that immerses you in the natural pace and intonation of native Thai speakers. It’s particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their listening skills.

One notable feature of Pimsleur is its focus on real-world conversations. You’ll find yourself negotiating prices or discussing current events. 

While the Ling app also offers real-world conversations through its AI chatbot, Pimsleur lacks some of the comprehensive content that the Ling app provides.

Pimsleur’s Standout Features

  • Driving Mode: Pimsleur offers a driving mode that allows you to engage with audio lessons while on the road, making it convenient for those who want to utilize commute time for learning.

  • Multiple Languages: There are 51 languages available in Pimsleur, which means you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Its 30-minute lessons are also perfect for those learners with busy lives.

  • Role-Playing Exercises: Pimsleur incorporates role-playing exercises in its Thai courses, enabling you to practice real-world conversations in a controlled environment. This helps in improving both your speaking and listening skills.

What Are Users Saying About Pimsleur?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.2 stars with 10.6K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: Users appreciate the app’s focus on conversational Thai skills, which is crucial for those aiming for fluency. A review says, “I can actually speak sentences now!”

  • Room for Improvement: The subscription cost could be a hurdle for those committed to long-term Thai learning. “It’s a bit pricey,” notes a review.

How Much Does Pimsleur Cost?

  • Premium subscription (One Language): $19.99/month
  • All Access subscription (All Languages): $20.99/month
  • Courses can also be bought separately for around $119.95 per level, depending on the language.

Devices: Android, iOS, audio downloads.

Mondly: Best For Conversation Focus And In-Depth Grammar Lessons

Mondly offers both conversational practice and in-depth grammar lessons. It’s a well-rounded app that provides a variety of dialogues mimicking real-life situations. However, unlike other apps for advanced Thai learners, which allow you to customize your learning path, Mondly offers pre-set dialogues and lessons.

In addition to conversations, Mondly dives deep into Thai grammar, providing comprehensive lessons complete with examples and exercises. 

Mondly’s Standout Features

  • AR Learning: Mondly incorporates Augmented Reality (AR) in its Thai lessons, offering an immersive learning experience. You can interact with virtual objects and characters, making language learning more engaging.

  • Holistic Learning: Unlike apps that teach only vocabulary, Mondly’s method focuses on all areas of language learning: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. In that respect, it’s similar to the Ling app.

  • Language Certificates: Mondly provides you with a language certificate upon completing certain milestones. This can serve as a tangible record of your language proficiency.

What Are Users Saying About Mondly?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars with 832K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: The daily lessons and interactive features are well-received, especially for consistent Thai practice. “The daily lessons are a game-changer,” a review states.

  • Room for Improvement: Minor translation errors could be a concern for those who need precise Thai understanding. “Small translation errors but overall great,” a review mentions.

How Much Does Mondly Cost?

  • Free limited version.
  • Monthly subscription: $9.99
  • Yearly subscription: $47.99
  • Lifetime (41 languages): $99.99

Devices: iOS, Android, Web.

Man studying with phone - Ling app Apps for advanced Thai learners

FluentU: Best For Real-World Video Content And Contextual Learning

FluentU uses real-world video content like news clips and interviews to improve your comprehension skills. It’s an immersive experience that goes beyond traditional language learning. 

But, compared to the Ling app, which offers a gamified approach to keep you engaged, FluentU lacks such motivational elements. Still, it also focuses on contextual learning, providing interactive subtitles, quizzes, and vocabulary lists.

FluentU’s Standout Features

  • Interactive Captions: FluentU offers interactive captions for its real-world videos. You can click on any word to see an in-context definition and example sentences, enhancing your vocabulary and language comprehension skills.

  • Downloadable Audio Dialogues: The app allows you to download audio dialogues for offline listening, making it convenient for learning on the go.

  • Rich Quiz Content: FluentU offers quizzes that teach you using videos from the real world. These quizzes are designed to help you remember and learn Thai vocabulary more engagingly.

What Are Users Saying About FluentU?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.1 stars with 3.84K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: The real-world context is a hit among users aiming for practical Thai language skills. A user notes, “Love how it uses real videos to teach.”

  • Room for Improvement: Some users desire a more structured learning path, especially when focusing on Thai. “Needs more structured lessons,” a review mentions.

How Much Does FluentU Cost?

  • Free 14-day trial.
  • Monthly subscription: $29.99
  • Yearly subscription: $143.99

Devices: Android, iOS, web.

Rosetta Stone: Best For Immersive Learning And Speech Recognition

Rosetta Stone has been around for a while. It employs an immersion method, which means you won’t be seeing translations when using this app. Instead, it aims for you to learn in a more natural way, much like a child learning their first language.

This method, which is essentially throwing you into the deep end, can be good for some learners. But other apps, such as Ling, prefer a more gentle approach.

Another important tool Rosetta Stone has is its patented speech recognition technology, “TruAccent.” It provides real-time feedback on your pronunciation, ensuring you’re learning each word’s correct form.

Rosetta Stone’s Standout Features

  • Industry-Specific Lessons: The app offers industry-specific lessons and vocabulary, making it ideal for professionals who need to communicate in Thai for work.

  • Immersive Method: Rosetta Stone doesn’t rely on translations to teach you a language. Instead, it helps you derive each phrase’s meaning in a more intuitive way.

  • Multi-Device Sync: Rosetta Stone allows you to sync your progress across multiple devices, ensuring you can continue your lessons on your phone, tablet, or computer.

What Are Users Saying About Rosetta Stone?

  • Google Play Rating: 4.7 stars with 376K reviews.

  • Positive Feedback: The immersive experience is highly praised, particularly for those targeting Thai fluency. One review says, “It’s like having a tutor in my pocket.”

  • Room for Improvement: The mobile interface could be improved for those who rely on their phones for consistent Thai study. “The pictures on top of the screen are super tiny on a mobile phone,” a review notes.

How Much Does Rosetta Stone Cost?

  • 3 months for $47.97 ($15.99 per month).
  • One year for $126 ($10.50 per month).
  • Lifetime access for $199.

Devices: iOS, Android, and Web.

Person using phone - Ling app Apps for advanced Thai learners

Why Should You Use Apps For Advanced Thai Learners?

These apps for advanced Thai learners we’ve discussed have many benefits, making them an invaluable tool to elevate your Thai language skills.

For one, many of them help you practice conversations with chatbots. This can be very useful for advanced learners who just need a little practice before attempting to speak with the locals.

Additionally, their visual aids can be an excellent way to boost retention and ensure words and concepts you’re struggling with stay in your memory. What’s more, many of them provide grammar lessons that can help clarify topics you haven’t yet mastered.

But if you’re looking for an all-encompassing, comprehensive learning experience, the Ling app is your go-to choice.

Learn 60+ Languages With Ling!

The Ling app doesn’t just offer one or two standout features. It provides a well-rounded approach to language learning.

Whether you want to start learning Thai or already know the basics and want an app that can adapt to your evolving needs, look no further. The Ling app is available for download on Google Play and the App Store.

What’s more, if you’re a language enthusiast who loves learning about grammar or exploring different cultures, visit Ling’s blog for daily language articles you won’t want to miss.

So, what are you waiting for? Take the next step in your language-learning journey. Download the Ling app today and join our community of advanced learners!

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